Friday, October 30, 2009


so good to be back at ucsd! i love the 7:30 workout time- it's so civil. I can wake up, walk the dogs, even made waffles for the kids for breakfast and then head to swim. word was the lanes are really crowded as we are sharing the pool with ucsd swim team but the 7:30 was not crowded at all. in fact i had my own lane. i love that, still get the motivation from others but i can modify as i like. such as i really don't like to do any strokes but free so i skip the stroke, do all free, and when i am alone i can alter the interval as well. i end of doing an extra 50 or so but it's all good. so the nifty waterproof tape is not so waterproof after about 10 minutes so i had to do the entire workout with paddles, another good reason to be alone. but it was fine- some tough sets today and i was wiped out. after 4600 yards i was done and skipped my bike ride. well, just didn't feel like it and well it's the off season.....this is when i can do this. headed to starbucks instead!

see i gave up starbucks but since my birthday and my buddies and my dad gave me gift cards i can go again and it is such a treat, especially after swimming. so nice to have a toffee nut latte and read the paper.

clearly a few people were going to work in costume as I saw the tooth fairy and easter bunny shopping at vons, a pumpkin getting gas and a hilarious costume at starbucks. as i was coming in she was walking out and she was a "one night stand" she had a party dress on, lampshade on her head and was wearing a sign for a good time call xxx. glued to the sign was martini glass, bottle of booze, huge bra, thong was cute but i got to thinking that is really a nighttime costume, where was this woman going? work??? where does she work. surely she is not a teacher. well i elected not to follow her but am curious where such a costume is acceptable, maybe a bar?

reminds me of the pregnant nun that came to school when i was in high school...seeing i went to a catholic high school and our teachers were nun's the costume did not go over so well.

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