Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ironman Lake Placid

Okay so I committed to this race last July.....but with a broken fibula in February  and 12 week sabbatical from running I began to question my ability to race July 23.   I figured 6-8 weeks of no running and I would be back mid April no problem....not so much.  Seems the broken fibula was not so much the issue but the torn cartilage in the ankle that was preventing me from ruining.  I was riding and swimming pain free within a month of the injury.  I added the Elliptical at 6 weeks and was feeling good...but the more I saw Elliptical on training peaks is the more depressed I became...but I believe the monontony of the Elliptical eventually allowed my to increase my run volume faster, once my ankle was ready.

I did  a lot of testing of the ankle/fibula.  Run 10 minutes every other day and if that was doable I would then run 20 and it would swell and the bone would ache- back to the elliptical. Finally I was doing 20 min treadmill run +40 minute Elliptical to make a 1 hour run (sort of ) Did a lot of that and when the ankle/fibula was sore did more Elliptical and less running.  Personally I despise the treadmill but it was key in rehab as I was able to step off when the pain started but still continue my workout.  It is hard to quit ruining, walk home and drive to the gym - and you don't really get the 1 hour cardio.  So I was a gym rat for a good 6 weeks....Once I was at 30 minutes running regularly I remained outside as I have 10 month old Vizsla who is a runner by nature and needs to run....and well the dog and Elliptical don't really work.  4 legs, 2 pedals...just cannot see it.  Pretty soon I was pushing the runs to 45 min and one day I was elated....yeah 5+ miles and then was deflated thinking another 21 miles is a long ways off.

But I increased slowly 10-15% per week and now I am to 1:45 run.... I never run over 2:15 for an Ironman so I am within range....So I have re-committed.  IMLP is ON!!!   I still have 7 weeks and surely will get there..... it will not be ideal as far as run fitness but I think it will be pretty darn close, close enough that I am willing to toe the line and go for it!

But before Placid I get to go away to camp.....Been 30 years since I went to camp but I am headed to Boulder for an Endurance Corner 6 day camp! Epic riding, swimming and running- and the final day, an Olympic Distance Triathlon (how that will happen- not sure, but oh well- at least the other campers will be as tired as I) ....More on the camp later....I committed to the camp when I had to pull out of Oceanside and Wildflower due to my injury- I needed something to work for...not knowing if IMLP would be possible due to my ankle-  I knew I could do camp, at least the swim and bike and some of the run.    And now I see camp as the final top off to Ironman training,

So it as been Ironman training....6 hour rides, long runs, 4000 meter swims....and I LOVE it all. I am particularly pleased to have such a dedicated and flexible running partner. He is game for 5 miles or 12, prefers the trails but is happy to chug along on the street as well.   He sometimes pushes the pace but understands that 2 legs is harder than 4. 

Speaking of Lake Placid....we have room in our house.  With the kids going to China....we have 3 extra rooms in an awesome house! Walking distance to the start and finish and a really nice place.

Dates are July 19-29....$1000 per room for the week-  even if you don't stay all week  - it is a great deal!   Hotels are starting at $250/night and then you have to eat all your meals out.  Please have anyone interested contact me.....but NOTE,  athletes only or people willing to be in bed by 8 and up early Thursday - Sunday....after Ironman anything goes!!!

The Traveling Tire

John (my husband) rides a nice carbon Giant Bike that is has a tool bag the size of a small suitcase and is filled with tubes, patches, tools, cables ..almost everything you need for on the road bike maintenance.  And it has come in handy...during the Death Ride my front cable snapped, JB fixed it and off we need for SAG. He also carries a spare tire, not because he rides tubulars and needs an extra tire, but because he is prepared.

Thank God he does,..this tire has saved Cameron on the GWL after 4+ flats and a blown sidewall, Polly during Grand Fondo tear in the tire and 3+ flats, Liz riding up 78 and we had used a shim to deal with a tear early in the ride but it finally gave out and yesterday Amy after 3 flats and visible hole in the tire.  Yesterday could not have been more perfect...after Masters Swim we headed out on a recovery ride and soon had problems.  But we were about a mile from my house and John was within .5 miles of us on his bike, heading in our direction with the tire. I pedaled up to meet him, grabbed the tired, we fixed Amy's bike and finished our ride,

I like that each time the tire comes back....sort of like the Traveling Pants...  Anyway this tire has saved a lot of rides

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Growing up......

Its funny when your kids are little people ALWAYS say and I was always annoyed just wait and in the blink of any eye  he/she will be off to college. They would say this when JD was throwing a tantrum in the grocery store or Riley was wandering off and I was the totally frazzled Mom just trying to keep it together.  At the time, I would look at them and say promise, do you really promise oh I know I am enjoying them while I can.   You know what.......I hate to say it but they are right. 

I swear we went from total madness to Prom.... We went from not sleeping through the night to waiting up until 2am for him to come home.  How did this happen....wait I want to go back and snuggle more, read more stories in bed..... ok not really but I just wish I could have cherished that time more....but it is hard because you are going 100 miles an hour-

I was running all the time and I was not even a triathlete...I was chasing 2 kids and trying to manage life.   Really it's all good....he is growing up- graduating June 7th.  Off to China for a month in July to learn Mandarin and experience a radically different culture....home for a few weeks and then off to University of Northern Colorado!

Well I cannot go back but I can make the best of the next few months.... sniff, sniff

When 105 mile ride seems will I do an Ironman?

Liz and I paid, yes stupidly gave $100 to ride 100 miles, to do the Encinitas Century. Seemed like a great, fun idea..... we drove to Mira Costa College and rode a route that we do portions of pretty much every weekend...why did we sign up? We thought it would be fun to ride with others, which turned out to be more of a pain.  Ok I know people say triathletes are geeky but this ride brought out the cycling geek fest- every one was so official in their hand signals- stick, rock, tiny crack, leaf, slowing, slowing, stopping, rolling, on your left, approaching on your left- all signals followed with loud vocal calls. Really- can't we just ride our bikes, give a little distance and watch the road.  I was not getting caught up in the dynamics, Liz and I would just smile and roll along..making our little jokes along the way. 

I was not happy that  #1 the route was crappy and had lots of stopping (which I hate)  and #2 filled with a lot of yahoos....but I refused to let it get me down- I decide to get the most out of the ride and get my fill at the aid stations.....that offered luke warm water (except in Ramona where it was ice cold) and fruit flavored powerbars (which I have 5 cases of at home), PBJ's which I love and Coscto Trail Mix which I live on....okay so maybe not the culinary delights I hoped for- oh wait they did have tamales and lumpia at various stops- I don't know about you but neither of those work well with me while riding.  I did try and take 2 bags of PowerBar Energy Blasts and the volunteer said -1 per person please? Really, I paid $100 and I get 1 bag? It's not like I was taking 10.....hand slapped I put back the 1 extra bag I "stole"

Okay don't get the wrong idea....we did have fun and it as a solid 100+ mile ride.  The last 15 miles was dead into a head wine on super trafficky streets with lots of stoplights - really it sucked big time was a lot of fun.  Thank you Liz for being a good sport ....and we had some fun that last few miles riding on some fast wheels.

Oh wait more complaining....the ride was not a hammer fest and I was toast- dead tired after the ride- thinking how can I, will I run 26 miles....oh well not today.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Back in the Ocean

First real OW swim of the season and it was not forgiving....a beautiful day in San Diego but windy - and windy means choppy and swells.   Swam from LJ Shores at 12:15 and had to get past the break- not an issue but then it was like a washing machine all the way over- big swells and hard to even see La Jolla Cove.  I was feeling a big sea sick but got in my meditative groove and was at the cove in 22 min- decent.  I figured the return would be much faster as I was fighting the much for that theory, I finally found solid ground at 45 minutes.  Big swells and a continuous swim....oof! 

Challenging I would say and a reminder how much different a continuous swim is vs a master workout in a 25 yard pool.   I am committed 1x week, minimum, between now and Ironman Lake Placid.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recovery....dogs know how to do it!

After Makos 90 minute trail run on Sunday...he drank a big bowl of water and ate 2 bowls of food and then slept for 4-5 hours... he was recovered and recharged by 5pm. So much in fact he had a major wrestling match and tore is tongue...but I digress.  So I finished the same run, hydrated and ate- did a few hours of training plans, went to a movie with my mom. had a glass of wine and then came home walked the dogs, did laundry and prepped dinner.... hmmmmm- I need Mako's life to be a better Ironman.

Today- we did another long trail run..... we both hydrated well- he refused calories during the run - perhaps he is more metabolic efficient than I.  Post run we both re- hydrated and shared Gluten Free Pumpkin pancakes (he refused his dog food- I know if he is hungry enough he will eat it) but sharing breakfast with my running partner is fun.  Zen was outraged....see he is nearly 10 and his morning run is less than 1 mile and he already ate and napped while Mako and I ran.   Here we were are few hours post run and Mako is 2 hours into a recovery nap...I am on the phone, negotiating contracts, planning site inspections.... I need Mako's life! 

But I like my own too....especially since I get a massage at lunch :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

An expensive day......time and money

Major tune up on the Audi....they cover everything to 50,000 miles for reason...cause after that you may as well buy a new car - Free loaner car was great until I locked the keys in in in my garage and had to call AAA

Mako- torn tongue ....2 trips to the vet - $650 later...he is one sad puppy with sutures in his tongue

Poor Riley 7+ days of rash that is getting worse....pulled out of school and off to the Derm- Steroids for the poor girl and hoping she gets some relief. Recommended topical relief $49- ouch

So at 4:00.....I manged to see 3 Dr's, 1 Vet, 1 Car Mechanic, 1 AAA guy and get about 10% of the work done I need to....

Luckily today was a swim only day- got that baby done at 6:30 and nearly died....only 2 of us in the lane and well somehow in the middle of the main set the interval began to drop and I was also getting dropped.... I picked up the pace and hung on for a while, my 75's becoming 150's and then just swimming to stay alive.   Not really sure what the set was or the interval but I was very tired after that workout...see at 6:30 swim we have to be out by 7:30 - so we arrive around 6:20 but with 4200 we have to push at the end to get the workout done-

All missions accomplished I think.....

So much to catch up on.....

When I take a few days off it turns into a few weeks..... I keep thinking of blogging and then I have so much to say and how to say it all or not all or how what to forget...  So here is the long and short of it..

1- I am running!!!! yeah baby....pretty consistently- did a split run on Friday 45 min in the AM and 30 min in the pm and feeling good. Backed that up with a 90 min run up Black Mountain today and all is good.  So....I am pretty darn sure IM Lake Placid is going to happen!  So I have to stay smart and keep building- but I l see a 90 min run on my schedule for next week so that is good....and lots of short runs.  And I ran with my hubby and Mako- such fun!!! John and I fell in love running with Rocky so this is just perfect- so much fun!

2- Training is going well.....nuff said on that (see above)

3- Work is outstanding.....traveled to NO last week (for my real job)  with one of my fav clients and had some fun, did some business and did not return home too wiped out.  My coaching is going soooo well I am just elated!   I have over 7 swimming students right now and they are rockin it.  2 more new ones this week and I love it-   every one of them is eager to learn and improving rapidly. I just bought a new book  Swim Speed Secrets and am really excited about using some of Sheila's great insight.

4- ITU Triathlon Race....Riley, Amy and I worked the Women's Elite Aid Station on the run course and it was inspiring to see those women gutting it out and watching Laura Bennett earn her slot on the US Olympic Team- so so fun.....

5- Fire in the we were handing out water to elite triathletes JD was fighting a garage fire.   One of John's electric bikes caught on fire.... dogs went nuts - good fire alarm and JD was level headed and loaded the dogs in the car and backed it out of the garage, found a working fire extinguisher and was putting it out when the RSVP cruised by and called 911.  3 fire engines and 2 police cruisers (and the neighborhood looking on) and the fire was out..... He was calm, cool and collected. Well done boy scout...who is not really a boy scout
6 - Mother's Day....running with Mako and John and then Hunger Games + wine with my Mom and finally dinner with JD and RM after their 11 hour day of Lifeguard Certification. Tired kids.....but came through with sentimental cards + chocolate.  And my talented, devoted husband make me an amazing chair :)