Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ironman Lake Placid

Okay so I committed to this race last July.....but with a broken fibula in February  and 12 week sabbatical from running I began to question my ability to race July 23.   I figured 6-8 weeks of no running and I would be back mid April no problem....not so much.  Seems the broken fibula was not so much the issue but the torn cartilage in the ankle that was preventing me from ruining.  I was riding and swimming pain free within a month of the injury.  I added the Elliptical at 6 weeks and was feeling good...but the more I saw Elliptical on training peaks is the more depressed I became...but I believe the monontony of the Elliptical eventually allowed my to increase my run volume faster, once my ankle was ready.

I did  a lot of testing of the ankle/fibula.  Run 10 minutes every other day and if that was doable I would then run 20 and it would swell and the bone would ache- back to the elliptical. Finally I was doing 20 min treadmill run +40 minute Elliptical to make a 1 hour run (sort of ) Did a lot of that and when the ankle/fibula was sore did more Elliptical and less running.  Personally I despise the treadmill but it was key in rehab as I was able to step off when the pain started but still continue my workout.  It is hard to quit ruining, walk home and drive to the gym - and you don't really get the 1 hour cardio.  So I was a gym rat for a good 6 weeks....Once I was at 30 minutes running regularly I remained outside as I have 10 month old Vizsla who is a runner by nature and needs to run....and well the dog and Elliptical don't really work.  4 legs, 2 pedals...just cannot see it.  Pretty soon I was pushing the runs to 45 min and one day I was elated....yeah 5+ miles and then was deflated thinking another 21 miles is a long ways off.

But I increased slowly 10-15% per week and now I am to 1:45 run.... I never run over 2:15 for an Ironman so I am within range....So I have re-committed.  IMLP is ON!!!   I still have 7 weeks and surely will get there..... it will not be ideal as far as run fitness but I think it will be pretty darn close, close enough that I am willing to toe the line and go for it!

But before Placid I get to go away to camp.....Been 30 years since I went to camp but I am headed to Boulder for an Endurance Corner 6 day camp! Epic riding, swimming and running- and the final day, an Olympic Distance Triathlon (how that will happen- not sure, but oh well- at least the other campers will be as tired as I) ....More on the camp later....I committed to the camp when I had to pull out of Oceanside and Wildflower due to my injury- I needed something to work for...not knowing if IMLP would be possible due to my ankle-  I knew I could do camp, at least the swim and bike and some of the run.    And now I see camp as the final top off to Ironman training,

So it as been Ironman training....6 hour rides, long runs, 4000 meter swims....and I LOVE it all. I am particularly pleased to have such a dedicated and flexible running partner. He is game for 5 miles or 12, prefers the trails but is happy to chug along on the street as well.   He sometimes pushes the pace but understands that 2 legs is harder than 4. 

Speaking of Lake Placid....we have room in our house.  With the kids going to China....we have 3 extra rooms in an awesome house! Walking distance to the start and finish and a really nice place.

Dates are July 19-29....$1000 per room for the week-  even if you don't stay all week  - it is a great deal!   Hotels are starting at $250/night and then you have to eat all your meals out.  Please have anyone interested contact me.....but NOTE,  athletes only or people willing to be in bed by 8 and up early Thursday - Sunday....after Ironman anything goes!!!

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