Friday, February 7, 2020

Ragnar Del Sol

So staying home for the weekend was not an option... from triathlon camp to gravel camp to a Ragnar Running Race.   What the F?   I am not going to lie, I was worried. My run fitness is low, my hammie is mostly good, but what would Ragnar do to it?  I was 100% committed to NOT running if I was in pain.  We had some backup runners, so I would not have let the team down. But I was reallly really hopeful!

What is Ragnar? Ragnar relays are running events in which teams of 12, mostly insane people, take turns running 186 miles all day and through the night and into the next day until they are hangry, delirious with fatigue and smell like a rotting animal, all the while living, mostly in a van. It's the most fun you can imagine and a great way to "intimately" get to know your co-workers. After peeing in the desert together, changing in parking lots, wearing each other's sweaty night vests, discussing bodily functions, and marking them on the window..there is not much left to learn about each other. Can you say Team Building?

My team - Courtesy Standards (long back story) is comprised of my HPN co-workers, and we had a blast! This year I was in Van 1, which is the BOMB as you are done first.
Van 1

Then I ran 3 legs all-around 6 miles, and each one was faster than the last one!! And NO, can you read this, NO pain in my hamstring!!!  I was diligent with warm-up mobility, cool down, and the hypervolt, but I am elated!!!!   My pace was slow, but I have let go of that and am focused on building miles!

So this was a great test for my next slice of insanity.    Otillo SwimRun Catalina in less than 30 days.   Here my BFF and I will swimrun a total of 24 miles (19 miles running and 4.7 miles swimming) broken into 7 swims and 7 runs. Lucky for me, it is not this weekend.