Friday, January 30, 2015

Taking each workout as it comes

As an athlete I review my upcoming week on Sunday to plan for longer training sessions, plan work calls, prep for the workouts that scare me,  in general plan out my week so I can prioritize training my work and plan accordingly.
Roo chugging up the last repeat 

This week I saw on Thur I had a bike and a run.   90min-2 hour bike and a run off the bike 50 min.  Not a problem...

Bike:  Up to 2 hours. Good warm up and then 3-4x10" at 80-85% of threshold watts. Easy cool down - straight to the run!
unplanned matching outfits 
Run: 1:00  Right off the bike - either on treadmill or hill that's close by. Run 6x3' or 6x5' with 2' recovery (if on treadmill). Otherwise recovery will be your easy jog back to bottom of hill. Make these as close to race effort as you can. HR will rise up to LT by end of effort. Warm down properly for at least 10'.

I had 2 friends for the bike repeats and those were not problem....steady riding, was over the numbers a bit and all was good.  The run, Courtney and Roo suffered  with me.  Mako (slacker)  stopped the repeats after the first one, he hung in the shade of the Eucalyptus while we went up and down a  STEEP hill. Each time we came back he ran for a bit but as soon as we turned around he hung back.  #nohillrepeatsformako

Repeat 1 - solid and strong HR 172
Repeat 2 - solid a bit less strong  178
Repeat 3- the legs started to cramp (not from lack of salt) but worked.... HR 184 and 19 seconds slower
Repeat 4- was a slug fest- painful, HR 181 and 27 seconds slower- was I moving
Repeat 5 - survival- one foot in front of the other- HR 180 and 1:10 slower- DEAD

But I did it and without too much thought.... OUCH!!  secretly I loved it

First time for me run hill repeats after bike hill repeats.  I jumped on a conference call within 10 minutes- skaky legs, trying to recover and focus was a challenge.  I had a lunch meeting 45 min later but knew I needed some recovery in me ASAP.  Vitamix- greek yogurt, cacao powder, espresso powder, stevia and spinach smoothie- cannot taste the spinach and tasted like a chocolate creamy delight!  No pictures I was drunk in seconds....  Roo was rewarded with lots of cheese and Mako a tiny bit, slackers don't need recovery food.

Monday, January 26, 2015

What hasn't happened since my last blog....

Love my Groove Nytro tri girls 

Starting Jan 1,  26th I am back to blogging at least one time a week!  The problem with not blogging weekly is that I do do many amazing things  a lot happens and then it is hard to determine what is blog worthy.... so I sit and start to write and am overwhelmed with what to write so I go on facebook for hours instead.  Then I read someone elses's blog and have blog envy and try and start my blog and end of facebooking again.

Stop the madness.... Christmas happened with little fanfare.  JD and Riley did not come home and I survived.  They are both working and we had a great Thanksgiving together in Santa Cruz knowing that it was not likely we would have Christmas together.  Those who know me know that I am not a "santa's in my bathroom" kind of Christmas person so a quite few days with my husband and a few nice family dinner was perfect!!.  In fact our total decorations this year were 2 poinsettia's. Done and to be honest..I loved it.  

Anyway since it is almost Valentines Day....

December was NOT massive bike training as it has been in year past. But I did get a new bike..LOVE my Cervelo P3 with Di2! 

 Although I did swim 103,000 yards so it was massive swim month.  I rode when I could sneak it in. See my adoring husband was burning the candles at both ends getting Gainsborough Ave ready to sell.  I was busy packing and buying a house but the hours of labor he did was impressive.  I am a 100% klutz, lack skills with a hammer or really manual labor so my job was not to ride my bike every weekend but to keep the process going and cook for the hungry workers ( sound so domestic) .  It really was a team effort maybe but we got it done. packed, sold and moved 

1- we closed on the Encinitas House 12/23 - with HUGH thanks to Leah Green, the magical mortgage broker who made it happen along with Christine Kueneke our realtor- 2 gems IF you are buying a house!!!

2- we sold Gainsborough Ave FSBO - a process that saves us a lot of $ but has lead me to believe most (not ours) Realtor are bottom sucking pond scum.  The rudeness, the arrogance and insulting phone calls we received. I kid you not. "what makes you think you can sell you home over a real estate professional such as I" all said in a snarky voice.  We had over 60 calls from mostly jerks and jerkess (female jerk?)  telling us how awesome they were and we were fools to think we could do this.  And that they would be in touch in Jan so "help us out"  We did it ! closed on Jan 17th !  good bye

3- We moved and LOVE LOVE LOVE our new place.... the dogs love it ,we love it and are completely entrenched in the bubble.  ie: when driving more than 5 minutes seems so far. I used to drive 30 minutes to swim and now I go to Whole Foods because it is 1 mile closer than Sprouts.  Again- LOVING it.

4 Did I say we are happy?

5- no photos on this blog- next week, when i am back to weekly blogging it gets fun again....

6- Yoga- re-embracing it thanks to fitn Imagine you could go to any fitness studio with any friend and every time you helped a child get healthy… That's what Fitn does!  And now  you can do it for $1 for 30 days...more on my FITN adventures next week- but I HIGHLY endorse it!!

7- Training- ugh... well getting back into it and addressing my run.  Yup my run still sucks...thanks you Mike for taking this on.... 5k a month- done 2 and ouch!  pace work off the bike, week 1 was epic fail, but we have many more to try again.   Swimming- good. Biking- hard intervals- love them and SOOO glad to be working hard on the bike again.  My bike definitely slipped the last 2 years.  Run- please let this be my year of running- No injuries :) , its only Jan 26 and last year at this time I was running 20 min max.  New miracle worker coach.  It's all good.

Bam we are caught up ..... Ciao