Sunday, July 31, 2011

sashimi and pure fit bars are not Ironman training fuel

Delicious dinner on Friday with JD and John!  How we consumed $85 so quickly I am not sure...but we got out of the house and a a nice family dinner out. I was thinking healthy food, not long swim and ride fueling, so I ordered seaweed salad and sahimi (skit the rice)  I ate a lot of both and consumed a large Sapporo (carbs in that)

I did make a pancake before the swim.... but after that was fueling with PureFit bars- which are described as "The all-natural, gluten-free and wheat-free, dairy-free, vegan, kosher, high in protein, diabetic-friendly, that tastes great nutrition bar. But no where do you see selling references like "® C2MAX dual source energy blend, a 2:1 glucose to fructose blend found to deliver 20–50% more energy to muscles than glucose alone and improve endurance performance by 8%.* Performance Energy bars contain 200mg sodium — a key electrolyte lost in sweat that is associated with muscle cramping in some athletes."- which Power Bar offers. I had a glove box filled with both bars but I chose the PureFit bars. 

So somewhere long into the ride, near the Wild Animal Park with a Havi like head wind I am bonking badly....I fall off Beth and James's wheel and start the pity party.   Next stop I tell them to go ahead, I am riding the rest of the way really slowly and alone...Beth, God love her, tells me to F'ck off and we are riding togged.  James can go on but we are together.   We make out last fuel stop and I dump all remnants of anything that is sweet and fill one bottle with coke- real coke and ice and the other with ice water.  As we are waiting in line I snag a bag of salty, greasy potato chips and tear into them.  They are in such disrepair the guy cannot even scan them....As I a licking the bag strolling out we run into Trevor who says "bonk much" ?  I give him the finger and am happy about my fueling choices.  Within minutes..... my "wit" is back and I am feeling a million times better!  carbs, salt, caffeine and sugar!  We are rolling baby...... Thanks Beth for being a good friend! 

With ice bags on my legs, a bag of Frito's and a large coke I drove home! Pancakes for dinner

Friday, July 29, 2011

Music, friends, training...

On my ride this am....3 songs played in a row that most remind me of Riley. Brought a huge smile to my face thinking about her somewhere out on the Pacific sailing and enjoying life. I she is loving every day and minute of her adventure at sea!  Its' funny how songs can conjure up such vivid memories...pretty cool!

And while I am relatively sappy....I have to say I am so thankful for my friends!  My friends are diverse and I love them all...whether is is the girl talk while running on the beach or lamenting about teenagers over a glass of wine.  I love John and he is super supportive and loves me dearly I know but he just cannot replace a girlfriend. My girlfriends are good listeners, empathizers and sympathizers, are keen to call my bluff if necessary and are just fun to be with!   I appreciate you girls....

Well recovery week is ending and I wish I could say I am bouncing off the walls and am 100%...but I am feeling better every day and my legs are slowly coming around. Darn IT Band is wound up so tight and my left ankle has flared up...but with some good ART and Simone's healing hands they seem to be easing up.   I have no patience when it comes to down time...seriously after 4 days of recovery I want and expect to feel 100%- not happening....either I am getting old (yest that is a fact) or I have done more work than I realized.  Probably a bit of both...I keep sending coach reasons I may be tired and he nicely says yes right, then tells me why that is probably not it, and reminds me of the training I have done- okay, okay...maybe, just maybe I did this to myself?  I find myself surfing the Internet for cures for "dead" legs, fatigue.... funny I get sucked into all the ads...and then calmly shut the page down before I whip out my credit card to take advantage of "the final offer, money back guarantee...fountain of youth."

Oh well all is good....weekend is ramping training back up and rolling into a solid week and then we head to Vegas for our mini training camp. More girl time and should be awesome!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Energy? Legs? Anyone seen mine....

3 days of solid recovery and I am ready to have some spunk again....not happening.  One of the worst swims I can recall this AM- seriously when I cannot make the interval with paddles on- time to get out- and I did,  58 minutes into the workout, in the middle of the 500, I hopped out- done!  

Friday I took the day off. Saturday a cruisy social ride with Cathleen, hardly broke a sweat and Sunday day off- 2 naps, 9+ hours of sleep each night....eating well and hello?   So there you have it!

Riley is off on the Tole Mour for 3 weeks.....sniff -  I am so excited for her.  This is her 2nd time on the ship and so different from last year.  As a veteran she knew what to pack, over packed (seems all the returning sailors pack more each year) 1- they realize it does get cold out in middle of the Pacific even in the summer and 2- laundry 1 time in 3 weeks means laundry 1 time in 3 weeks.  Also washing clothes in salt water is not ideal.  Big change this year- only 3 girls and 13 dudes....last year was 11 and 11.  Interesting ...John asked me if I had the "sex talk" with her on the drive up :)  The girls all sailed last year and it was a great reunion.

Scuba diving, showers in the ocean- washing you hair with Dawn dish washing soap,  1 real shower, no electronics, night watches, scrubbing toilets and making memories of a lifetime!  

Asked JD last night if he will miss her....No.  FB post last night says "no sister for 3 weeks"  we will see - he may get lonely or miss her when he has to do all her chores.... 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Raising the white flag.....

Yup....flag is waiting..... what for? I am baked, cooked, tired....... and this flag is hard to raise and not fun to raise!   So when I said Ironman training officially began last week, well that was sort of not true.  In my mind it was true but when KP pulled data from Training Peaks seems that well...I was on my 4th week of big training.  See I had said come mid July game on for Kona, but seems the game unofficially started a few weeks ago and I was playing along and loving it!

Last week I finished well..... great ride on Saturday and my T Run was piece of cake. Sunday my 1 hour run was ugh painful.... I was checking my watch every few minutes to see how much longer.  Sign for me...tired!  I got it done and was ready mentally for one more big week.  But not physically.  Monday was okay, Tue long ride was a struggle and each day was yesterday when I was doing my long run- it was too hard for what it was and the warning signs were firing off.  Today I woke up, tired after 10 hours of sleep and starving....craving starving, and me legs just ached.  

So I raised the flag and emailed KP..... recovery week starts today!    If I am really good and follow with recovery as planned, my reward is a 7 hour Big Day Training on Saturday and a long run on Sunday!   Sick....really I know but well that seems to be how I roll.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eat to win....Eat to train....

Vacation is over.... less wine, more miles  and more power food!  Game on!

Last night I made my "Pot of Power" which included...sauteed scallions and celery, added garlic and then chopped  up kale, collard greens, spinach, swiss chard and added salt and some coconut water and a tad coconut mild.  Let it cook for 2 hours on low..... these greens need ALOT of cooking.  Added curry, cumin and more salt and it was delicious!!!   Topped with garbanzo beans and it was filling and I could just feel it mending my muscles.  

Today after a killer swim session....ouch!!!  I took a few scoops and mixed with egg whites and heated up!  Another good lunch....

I wish I could say it has been all good and healthy..... dark chocolate is sill lurking about- but he that has redeeming qualities too!

Tonight...Padre game with JD most likely less greens and more barley and hops!  It's all about balance anyway :)

Get your greens! Recovery and getting strong....

I eat a lot of greens....esp with Ironman training in full swing but there are days I need more or want a boost!  This stuff is the bomb!   Mixed with iced coffee......yum!  Yesterday after my long run mixed Green Super Food with  Fluid Chocolate Recovery and iced coffee-  Perfect!  All good and good for me!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shoes..... Merrell Barefoot Pure Glove

If you have any shin, foot or lower leg issues.....flip flops are a no-no!  Researchers found when you wear flip-flops, the muscles on the front of your shins work harder. Flip-flops were also found to shorten a person's stride. All of this can cause sore feet, ankles and legs.

Summer is here......and I love my flip flops!!!  But.... I want to be kind to my shins, feet etc.... I tried the Vibrams and 1- they are hard to put on and 2- my toes get I was wearing flip flops again.  Until I found these!!  Merrell Barefoot Pure Glove

They are the best!   Super comfortable, lightweight, grippy sole, easy to put on, a bit of arch support and super cute (many compliments on them)  Do your feet a favor and pick up a pair.  They claimMicrofiber lining and non-removable footbed treated with Aegis® antimicrobial solution resists odor. So far I can say it works pretty well.....time will tell- still highly recommend even if stinky   

Monday, July 11, 2011

Let Ironman Training begin.....

90 miles.....7900 ft of elevation and a great way to kick off "real" Ironman training.  3 months to Ironman.... time to get serious.  I convinced Beth and Liz to come along :)   and we had a grand time....Usual start of the Great Western Loop, onto Descanso and then we keep going... up to Gutay and on to Pine Valley and then the final 1 11 miles up to Mt Laguna!  If Beth was not racing Vineman this weekend we would have continued down the backside and around Cuyamaca to make it 103 miles but we "wimped" out and did an out and back and kept it at 90!

Top of Mt Laguna....most of the climbing is done and we all enjoyed cookies!!! 

You know it is a serious hill climb when it takes 3:45 out and 2:10 back...

Good times, good friends and let the training begin!  The best part of this sport is all the great friends and all the crazy rides we endure together!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Colorado calling my name......

My 1st house 
We arrived here on Saturday and took a trip down memory lane- went to visit the house I grew up in  in Denver and visited the pool I learned to swim in.  I was under 1 year old and was already a fish....the very pool I joined my first swim team as a 6 & Under and I was maybe 4. Swimming 25's in races for jelly beans.  So many great memories and a great place to grow up.

Hampton Heights Swim Club

From there we headed to Boulder and the drive alone calls my name....driving toward the mountains is just stunning and so peaceful.  I just love it.   We had a great day and arrival with my sis and bro-in law and nieces. How could we not be welcomed with open arms- we brought Super Soakers!!

Sunday my sis and I joined a local bike shop weekly ride.  Perfect as they had 3 groups and I headed off with the A group.   We had a great ride out to Hygiene and I pulled  train of girls who later thanked me for setting a new pace at the weekly ride. When the question was asked "should we stop" (those who ride with me know the answer) and said NOOOO- on we went and again they thanked me.  Come on girls speak up :) It was great- scenic and fun women.   Topped off the ride with coffee at Amante with K and headed home.  

Monday my bro in law and I headed to our next destination via bike.  60+ mile ride,. 4000+ feet of climbing- not a big deal right?  Well when you start at 5900 ft and end at 8200ft and you are not acclimated- it becomes a tough ride!
Here we are at the top of a sensational climb...snow capped Rockies in the background- stunning!  Thankfully DeRose was not killing it and was nice to me- many stops and lots of food along the way- even caved and chowed a bag of Frito's. Ride pretty much felt like a total bonk..... but was a lot of fun!

We met up with JD and Riley and my sis's family at the YMCA Camp in the Rockies- stunning views and we had a very remote cabin which was great.  Deer and Elk in the front yard and lots of fun to be had! The camp was .7 miles away and we could play miniature golf- where I clobbered JD- seems playing Golf for real does not translate to mini golf skills.  All good fun....made tie dye shirts and the girls painted ceramics.  

Great fun for 2 nights and then time to head home but not before a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park - 12,000 + ft and more fun!!!  And then the hail/rain ride home..... and here we are back in Boulder!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hail, rain, hail, road closures, wrong turn......and more!

  Fun with Archery!!!! 

Day 5 in Boulder and the trip is awesome....more on the previous days - but have to recap my ride today.  We spent the last 3 days in Estes Park- 8000+ feet near the Rock Mountain National Park.  Amazing cabin in the wilderness.  Here is what we found in our front yard!

Today was out last day and we started with Archery....for the record- 3 rounds of arrows, 4 each and 1, yes 1 of the 12 actually hit the paper- not the bulls eye or the 3 surrounding rings- but the white paper. The rest shot over, under, around, in the ground.... so the Biathlon will not be in my future.  I'm just sayin

We headed up to the Rocky Mountain National Park- 12,000 feet of stunning beauty!

  After the great fun and adventure of 12,000 feet we headed down and I decided to ride home to Boulder.  36 miles - 3000 ft down :) and a few rollers.  As I headed out it began to sprinkle which soon transitioned to rain- steady rain as I climbed out of Estes Park.  As I rode along Kathleen and the kids drove by...I decided if they stopped and asked I would definitely get in the car, but they waved.  On I climbed and climbed....the rain got heavier and heavier.  At the summit it dawned on me that the descent in the rain would not be fun- but it was pouring, no place for shelter and I soldiered on. A rock, or so I thought, hit me and then another and another....not rocks hail.   Soon it was painful and I was a bit scared...I wanted to stop by it was so slick I was not sure I could stop- eventually I had to stop as it was killing me- I saw a barren tree ahead and aimed for that, breaking slowly....I reached it and as I hit the gravel I slid into a branch and cut my nose.  Seeing shelter under a tree without leaves offers little respite-  I waited it out and considered calling for a ride, but there was no place to wait and it was pouring.   Back on the road, carefully riding, and hail returned.  This time I found 2 mailboxes to sit under and listen the the hail pummel the metal.  No pictures, phone would be ruined in a minute! 

Finally hail ceased and the rain was no big deal.   Eventually I saw the dry road but there were drops falling.... oh no, my worry was the storm was moving at the same pace as I.  No I out rode it and was soon in the sunshine and warming up fast.  I wanted to get off the highway and took a detour, longer than I thought, but took me to a nice spot I had visited on Sunday.  With the storm over and drying out I realized I was bonking hard.  Thankfully I found Mary's in the town of Hygiene and scarfed a turkey sandwich, espresso and was rolling.  Checked in with my sis and decided to meet her for coffee at the famous Amanti's

Good old iPhone directed me to another Amanti's in an office park....arh!  rain again, lost and grumpy!  Finally arrived, dry and enjoyed a much deserved iced latte and chilled with my sis!  

Friday, July 1, 2011

Riley turns 15!

Beach Cruiser!! Girls has wheels, finally 
Can my "baby" really be 15....gulp!  Hard to believe frankly.  2 days of parties and fun for Riley- 29th was the "girls" birthday and the 7 Wonders had a blast swimming, hanging out and enjoying each others company. Fun too see such great friends!!

The colors alone are enough!
And then onto the family birthday!  We are so thankful to have my parents and their spouses live so near!  Family really makes birthday celebrations so special!

Great fun with everyone!

Black and white seemed to be the theme color

I'm eating, leave me alone

3 generations

Riley's favorite! Strawberry cake made by Granny!

sucking the helium and singing ABC's

Helium fun! 
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