Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Bad things come in 3's?

Do they?  Not sure but I had 3 +.  But let me start by saying when I say "bad" it is relative bad, North County Problems as we call them.  Evil is Cancer, living in Syria, being separated from your children at the border while seeking amnesty, so believe me, I understand that my life is blessed!

But in MY world...

1:  INJURY :3 weeks ago toward the end of a great run with some fast repeats, my hamstring was cranky, enough to notice but just a touch- not anything significant.  2 days later during some pickups it was barking at me, so I backed off the effort a bit and just ran.  Still, nothing that stressed me out.  I rolled it out and did not give it much thought.  Two days later I went out for a shakeout run - pre: race and it was searing pain in my glute/hamstring.  Stabbing pain - something is seriously wrong.   I walked home and hopped on the bike for short spin, and that was painful.   Something is "broken" I bailed out of the race, sad face, and hoped it would go away as quickly as it came here we are three weeks later and let's say it has not departed.  I have had ART, PT, massage, Acupuncture, and more.   I shut down running and biking at first, then was able to bike without pain, so that is good, I am running on the Alter G at 85% weight without pain but cannot run outside without pain.  I've been super positive, super negative,  level headed, over the top emotional about it and may have drunk a bottle of wine and had a tantrum or 5.    Boulder 70.3 is off the table, and the clock is ticking for the big show in October!  I have a hard date for making the call, if I am not running X by X date, then Kona is off the table. I will not go to go.  I have raced there enough to know I need to be at 100% to race the race I want to.    The MRI is Friday, and that may make the call for me, if it's something  "major" then I deal with that and go to plan B, whatever that may be.  Or maybe it just keeps getting better.  So for all of you who are complaining about your run workouts, "shut the F up"  I'd LOVE to be running!!!

2:  TOOTH:  You likely do not know or care, but I was hit in the face in college with a baseball, and one tooth was knocked out and three others "died"  My #2-4th teeth crowns + a bridge.  Well, in any case, shortly after I jacked my hamstring, I was eating dinner and realized my 2nd tooth was loose and out it came.   The crown fell off, and there you have a stump left.   I happen to be VERY anal about teeth, and the idea of the hillbilly look mortified me.  Of course, this was on a Tuesday night, and my dentist office has NO Dr in on Wednesdays. WTF?  So I had an appt for Thursday. I could wedge the tooth in and look presentable.  I  had to take it out to eat, so I was not eating out
DIY Dentistry
anywhere.  Wed AM I was swimming and realized it had fallen out. Nearly died, 1000% panic. Thankfully I was in a clean pool!!  I put on my fins and was skimming the bottom of the pool and whamo I found it.  So I carefully hid it.  I managed all day no issues.  Thur AM I go swimming and had to take it out to have my mouth.  So my lips are sealed to prevent anyone from seeing the gaping hole in my mouth. I am talking with my hand in front of my face, my paddle makes a good shield and then some guy who I don't know, says, "hey you have something in your tooth."  I nearly die....OMG, what??  How come I can go ALL day with kale between my teeth and NO one says anything but this guy, Captain Observant has to notice.   I just put my head in the water and swam away.   What I thought would be a quick re-glue appointment was a " the tooth that is left is broken, we have to rebuild it and make a new crown"  3.5 hours later and an $1800 bill I left!   And of course the temporary crown broke the following Saturday- again NO office open, so I superglued it back in.   DIY Dentistry at its best.

3: POISON OAK:  My husband is on a " journey across the US" He has wanted to drive to Rhode Island, his home state for a long time and I have 0 not even 1% interest in going but I 100% support him and his adventure.  He took off on July 4!  So I am a single mom with two high energy dogs, and I CAN'T run them!  So we get creative with dog beach, ball throwing, lots of trail walks - one memorable one at 4 am when Roo rolled in a dead snake and then the following day she caught a rabbit.  Fun times!   Last Thursday night I decided to take them on a hike up and around Double Peak. Great hike and they chose the route down which was undoubtedly a coyote trail and make for creatures under 2 feet tall, so I was doing a lot of bushwhacking.  Not once, ever did it occur to me that it was Poison Oak.

Well, 24 hours later, I realized it as it started breaking out ALL over my arms and legs.  PO is another of my nemesis.  I am highly reactive, so I knew I needed medical intervention + $150 of OTC products.   As soon as I realized it was loofing, scrubbing, with zanfel and Tecnu and applying anything to stop the itching.  All the OTC products  + some help from the Dr and I was able not to kill myself.  Double Benadryl and wine got me to sleep but only for a few hours.   And this continues.  See not realizing I was in PO, to begin with, I left the oils all OVER.   So sheet, towels, chairs, cars seats  etc-  so while the initial outbreak starts to get better,  I have new spots popping up all over, random places.  Can I say a complete F'ing nightmare?  And well my body loves PO so much that it becomes systemic, that is, it can spread throughout the body internally.   So that my friends is what I am dealing with now!

You could call the leak under the sink #4. But well we will let that go for now.

  Seriously it could be a lot worse I know....but I'm ready for things to lighten up.   John is somewhere in PA right now, eta back home Saturday.   Maybe by then the red oozing welts will be gone...