Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last real run....

Had my last real run today!! Well last one of any serious distance, pace and substance and it rocked. Legs are feeling good and easy to keep the pace I needed. Finished and was tired though.....body getting used to 1 workout a day?? Hard to say. But nice to have extra time and getting all kinds of things done. And it was not blazing hot. As much as the heat training is good, I have to say I loved the cool weather today. Kona will be hot yes, but let me enjoy the cool weather for a few days.

Time to start making a list of all I need to bring. Well I started and then remembered I have an Ironman checklist from my last few races...kind of funny but it it fun to make a new list. Seems like I need a special Kona list, but then again, my old list has all the items I have learned along the way. Would hate to forget something major, but then again, I am sure they sell pretty much anything Triathlon at the Expo.

Still working on my goggle dilemma. Yup, tried 2 more pair and well, none are keepers. Am thinking that the dark goggles may be a good idea with the Hawaiin sun. Since I will be able to swim 5 days when I am there, I may just bring my 5 favorite pair and give them a test.

New gear....thank you to Speedfil! Gotta love sponsors. I was worried about drinking if it is really windy and KP and I were just talking about what to do. Thanks to the Erin Baker Team I am all set. Arrived today and we installed it- so the tube in between the aero bars is where I can take a drink when the wind is blowing 20-30 mph as it can in Kona and I am hanging on for dear life. Sounds like so much fun doesn't it!! Hell ya. Gonna be great!


idropboys.com shirts are here!!!! Picked them up on Friday and I love them. Logo is great and the shirt is comfortable, high quality. So excited. Trying to get my website set up to sell them but am really thinking this first batch will go to friend etc, sell them out of my car, the way people used to start businesses.

Now the whole idea of where to I store them...organize, shipping. Well thankfully I did major office overhaul and can make room for a lot of them. I am just going to have to be flexible and wing it and grow the space as I grow the business.

UCSD Pool is closed indefinitely and that is really disappointing. I like UCSD, Coach Sickie, my 7:30 workout ......So I am still roaming around for workouts. Swam at Scripps yesterday- 6:30 is just early, I know stop whining, some swim at 5:30 and then go to real work. Had a great workout, pushed it hard, and the pool was warm. Too warm. But instead of getting cranky I kept thinking, good Kona training. The ocean is warm, this is heat acclimation. Hopped on my bike for a nice spin and called it a day!

So hard to stay focused on work these days...my mind is drifting to Kona. But ah, I have a lot to get done and need to stay on track.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


How can you tell when you are tapering....well the workouts are shorter and suddenly you realize you have energy. I got more done this weekend in months. Cleaned my office, organized and cleaned the sun room, cleaned out the closet.....gee amazing the amoutn of energy I have when I don't ride all day Saturday and run long on Sunday. Yee Haw!!

Awesome weekend! Rolled at 6:15 on Saturday for a nice ride- totally foggy but it was good. JB and I headed out and about 30 in he says, why are you pushing the pace so hard. Felt normal to me but the legs are feeling the rest. I did not really think we were hammering but the power file does not lie. I looked at my average power about 2 hours into the ride and decided it would be prudent to back off a bit. Save the legs for Kona!!! Ah it feels good.

2 lacrosse games yesterday- Riley is playing on both teams- total of 5 goals for her and she was wiped out. Working hard and I was in the shade, drinking iced coffee, keeping score- the way it should be. It was great.

This weather pattern is freaky....totally foggy in the AM- socked in and wet riding. By 9/10 am it is getting hot and by noon, close to 90! As long as it cools as night I am okay with the hot days- drinking lots of water and thinking about being in Kona.

Favorite songs from my ride Saturday
- Black Eyed Peas: I've Got a Feeling
- Rogue Wave: Publish My Love
- Tom Petty: Saving Grace
- Keane: Is It Any Wonder
- Jay Sean: Down
- Beyonce: Single Ladies ( I know, I know but I love this song)
- James Blunt: So Long Jimmy

Friday, September 25, 2009


So I love the Speedo Hydrospex goggles but they lose their anti fog coating in less than a month and then it is horrible.....swimming in the fog, when it's not foggy. I try spitting in them - my saliva is not the right composition I guess, try the anti fog sprays, drops and clothes and they work so/so. But I inevitably forget and then I'm well, in a fog.

So I dug through my bag of goggles that have been given to me at events, sponsors etc. and have been trying a new one each time I swim. Most I donate to the pool deck or Cove deck for someone who forgot goggles. But I find a pair I love Blueseventy Nero RZR - they are awesome!!! Clear and feel great. So I am stoked about that until....I see a friend Wednesday who asks if I'm okay? Sure, great why....oh nothing you look a bit tired. Tired??? I'm tapering. I do a mental check, nope not tired today.

I immediately rush to the restroom to check out how I really look (mind you this is in Trader Joe's) and I peer into the mirror only to see big google marks that could be misconstrued for bags under my eyes. I run out of the bathroom and peruse the aisles to tell her, no I'm not tired those are just google imprints. She pauses, looks at me and asks me, Are you sure you're okay.....Clearly not a swimmer or triathlete. And today, Riley looks at me. Mom, I think your goggles are too tight...have you seen your eyes? I say I know, but they don't fog up....she stares back at me blank faced.

Fog + Swimming - not a good mix

I am up today at 5am, bleary eyed and grumbling.....how many more weeks of training? I walk the dogs in the dark and start to work on my attitude. Good friends, first light swim and it I'll be done by 7:45 and drinking coffee. Not so bad.... I'm on the 56 and it is a bit foggy and E texts me, cove is fogged in going back to bed. Gee, if I live in LJ then I too could wake up figure the weather and go back to bed. But I am awake, coffeed up, 2x espresso cliff shots and darn it I am going to swim. I get off the freeway and by the time I hit North Torrey Pines I cannot see the car in front of me, well if there was one. Totally socked in. Chances of the Cove being clear are well 0. Ugh, 2nd time this week. We showed up Wed at 10am and could not even see the 1/4 mile buoy. And after hearing about a guy who swim to the 1/2 mile, turned around to swim back, only to run into the 1/2 mile again 15 minutes later, because he was do disoriented, we bailed.

So this AM I turn around frustrated and wired..... I drove a bit until it was light enough and pulled off on the coast and went for a run. Beautiful foggy run. But the bummer is I still have to swim today!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I''m going to Hawaii, I'm going to Hawaii

I woke up this morning singing a little jingle...I'm going to Hawaii, I'm going to Hawaii and holy cow it finally hit me I'm REALLY GOING TO HAWAII! For Ironman. See this goes way back, back to before I ever considered doing a triathlon, before I knew what one was, back when I would ask questions like, what order are the 3 events, do you wear your wetsuit when you ride....

I had finished up my final season swimming at LSU and was in my (ahem) 5th year of school working to graduate. A good friend of my brothers was going Ironman Kona and my brother and my Mom and Step Dad were going to cheer him on. I was staying home and going to class. Well my step-dad had to bail at the last minute and I got a call from my Mom asking if I wanted to go. Let's see, Hawaii, you're paying? Of course this was back in the day when you could change the name on a plane ticket. So I was in.

Having no idea what was really going to happen....I was going for fun in the sun. Okay so this was 1989- 20 years ago. The first thing I remember as we were cruising around Kona was how frickin fit everyone looked. Coming from the pool deck I was accustomed to some fit bodies but these people were lean and ripped upper and lower body. I do remember swimming the course, thinking, not a big deal- even I can do that.

Race day we are up and at the start, it was mayhem and when the cannon went off, I was frozen in fascination watching the mass swim start. I had chills and knew this was something very special. Watching them come out and zoom away on the bike was awe inspiring. And seeing Dick Hoyt pulling his son in the boat was the first, of many times that day, my eyes sprung a leak.

Off they went and my brother was determined to go and see Bruce on the lava fields. I just remember driving and driving, for what seemed like forever, and then someone he negotiated us around a barricade and there we were out in Havi. It was hot and windy and frankly miserable. I remember thinking what drives someone to want and do this. We cheered for everyone as I remember it was so lonely out there.

We zoomed back to town and I remember the huge commotion about 2 guys dueling it out...Well this was the year Dave Scott won his first Ironman Hawaii after 7 previous attempts. These guys were flying, running 2:42 and 2:43 marathons- unthinkable. And I remember Mike Pigg- how could you not remember that name. And Paula Newby Frasier- small and incredibly fast. It was amazing.... For nostalgia I looked up Bruce. He finished 143rd 9:42...pretty darn fast.

As we stood there watching the runners come out of T2 and then watching the finish I had goosebumps, tears in my eyes and that was when the seed was planted. Someday I thought...I want to be here! That night at dinner we did a toast and my brother asked if I thought I would ever do Ironman and I said yes. He said he would be there.

So 3 years ago when I did my 1st Sprint and then an Olympic and then a 70.3, Ironman was knocking at my door. 3 Ironman's later, that seed is now running my life as I am about to do my 4th and this one in Hawaii. And yes, my brother will be there, all the way from Australia! Bruce Mace...I guess I have you to thank!

Monday, September 21, 2009

2 weeks from today.....

''ll be in Kona baby!!! I can hardly believe it. I am starting to get really excited. It's going to be so much fun. Taking the pressure off and looking forward to soaking it all in. Come on....just to be around all those Pro's will be awesome. There is so much happening....sponsor dinners, breakfasts, group get togethers and of course the famous underpants run http://www.usatoday.com/news/offbeat/2005-10-14-underpants-race_x.htm. Sounds like such a riot....I was shopping this weekend and found the perfect pair of skivvies. Totally cute and will do for the run.

Did a Cove to Pier swim this AM with NP and PD and it was tough....like a washing machine, not as bad as Gatorman but it was not a fun trip. But psyched I did it- good 3 miles can only make the swim in the bay in Kona seem easy. Training is all about making the race seem easy...I'm convinced. Had a great run- legs are feeling MUCH better than last week. Whew....

The crappy news is I have a toothache....not just a toothache but a dead tooth I have since learned. As much as I like my dentist....I really don’t like having to go because I’m in pain. X-rays and poking around and yes indeed, dead tooth and I am referred to the Endodontist for a root canal. Yee Haw! As much as I don’t want to go, I want to alleviate the throbbing that is manageable at times and miserable at others. This started last night- come on did the tooth up and die, was it murdered, suicide? What was the cause of death. Dr says it stems from trauma years ago. The baseball the smacked me in the face back when I was in college at LSU. Cracked one tooth and apparently rattled this one enough to die a slow death….20 years and now it dies. I actually considered not getting it fixed until after Kona. Maybe a throbbing tooth would distract me from the usual Ironman pain- but the whole infection, fever issue could really derail my race. Seriously that is how whacked us Ironman and women are. Hmmmm infected tooth or Ironman, which is better. Really? No, I love IM!!! Well most of it, until the pain starts….. No talk of that, back to dreams of warm water, Hawaii, coconuts and all the good times to come.

SD Tri Club put on a rockin party yesterday…over 500 ppl at San Dieguito Park- huge deal, Awesome live music- thanks to Steve Tally’s band- who knew, I thought he was just another triathlete but he has an awesome band. Tacos that were soo good. Started off the day with a Kick Ball Tournament that I did not play in- no thanks, I can see it now, torn ACL playing kickball. But John played and had some fun. We rode in the morning and rode to the park and he stayed and I came home, cleaned up and drove over. So many give a way’s it was crazy …and we won nothing- big bummer. There were some sweet schwag – oh well was very cool to see a guy who just did his 1st Sprint win the entry to Ironman Coeur d’Alene and the other newbie win the awesome bike case. Or the woman who won the Cyclops Trainer ( I wanted that) ask what is was for. It’s all good…Riley had a good time running the dunk tank and it was nearly 5 before we knew it. Fun, fun day with awesome people.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Was that the same ocean.....

You got it...idropboys is growing!!! we have swim, bike and run!! What's next- I hope idropboys will be the next Life is Good.... there are many more sports to add and oh what fun. Next, I need a website- a real one. Not the one I threw together and have once again struggled and struggled with. Time to pony up and make it real!

I have jerseys and cycling shorts on order...will be here soon! Cool shirts coming as well... and now with the new logos, time for more cool goods!!!

Swam cove to pier today, similar to Gatorman but was a completely different ocean. Mostly calm, warmer (well I had my wetsuit on) but wow what a difference. E and I jumped in at 9 and were back at the cove by 10:15. We chatted with one of the lifeguards and he said Sunday was mayhem for them. More rescues than ever before...what a day.

Other than that....pretty non eventful day. Summoned the energy for a run and well it was decent but not setting any speed records around here. Had a lovely afternoon date with JB! And then it was all about the kids.... Gotta love them right. Dogs thankfully did not try to eat any neighbors pets. Good boys!

And tomorrow is Friday...yeehaw! Heading to swim again and then for a short ride. The long ride was taken away...KP says NO - tired body needs rest. But, but I need to ride more, run more,train more...Kona is 3 weeks and 2 days away.....ah the panic is setting in. I am out of time! Ready to taper yes....but really want one more weekend of solid training to put in the bank.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I did it, I did it.....

3 biggest days of training to date are successfully completed!!!

6:30 bike ride. 2:30 run and 4 miles of swimming.. Fri/Sat/Sun.

The bike ride was awesome- long aero and not a lot of climbing. The goal was time and 120 miles. KP, T and I rode from my house to Dana Point- stopped and refueled big time....food, drinks caffeine and rolled back home. Had a tail wind most of the way- gosh I love that.

Saturday up and off for my run....but not too early. No early soccer to get to so it was all good. Tough at the end, but well so is Ironman and nice to be done for the day by 11. R and I went to pick up my gear for the LJ Roughwater and meanwhile the boys bit the bullet and bought a spankin new, beautiful BBQ. We are officially in the club. Long story but this has been a long time in the making and I cannot wait to cook outside. No dishes. We planned to grill up a storm . but had an unexpected treat. R's friend from Kyrgyzstan was over last weekend and told me she likes to cook. I had asked if she would come over sometime and make an ethnic meal for us with Riley. So I and R sent JB a shopping list and they went to work around 5. By 6:30 we sat down to a wonderful dinner of Borscht (they made a vegetarian version) and a delicous salad of beets, potatoes, pees, and dill pickles. Very impressive. It was great and we loved that they did it all on their own. We gladly cleaned up!

Sunday JD and I were up and out by 6:40 for a 7:50am soccer game. Tough game....tied 0-0 but
was disappointing. We outplayed the team significantly but the score did not reflect that. Kid you not, we had at least 20 shots on goal and over 10 of them directly to the goalie. The goalie was not a phenom, we just kicked them directly to them. Frustrating....at least it was a tie and not a loss. Welcome to the season.

Dropped off JD and off to La Jolla. Rough Water swim, 1 mile was first and it was well rough.... tough swim but over quickly and then had to sit and wait and worry about the 3 miler. Family came out for some moral support - love that! D/K thanks for making it out as well. JD had to get home to lacrosse.

Gatorman start was delayed by over an hour due to the longer swim times, thanks to the swells. So when we finally started I was hungry....not a good way to start. There we were lined up on the beach and one of the paddlers is surfing in on a wave. Hello, this is the cove, protected and calm. Once the set, yes set of waves, passed they started the group. The swim goes from the LJ Cove to the Scripps Pier- you swim over the Canyon....scary deep bottom of the ocean, round the buoys and come back. The swim across was awesome and I was loving it. Checked my watch at the buoy and was totally psyched. Much like a head wind on the bike, we had the current going against us and the swells heading back. Took me 35 minutes over and 47 minutes back. The differential was not fatigue but waves and chop. It was so hard...and eventually it was fatigue as well. Up and down and then I got cold. The cove was moving away it seemed....finally, finally I roll onto the beach and am done. NOT a fun swim, but hey, its over and now it doesn't seem so bad. Medals to show the hard work, cool t-shirt and arms that are as tired as my legs.

Broke down and went to Starbucks on the way back to my car....Got the biggest, hottest mocha they would make. Give me the caffeine, sugar and calories- I needed them all. Cranked the heat and ate my grapes and pita chips and cruised home. Awesome family evening...kids headed to bed early, love that, as I am right behind them!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working toward the weekend....

Thursday already! Really? Where does the week go. Woke up Tuesday and headed to UCSD for a swim only to find a huge sign on the door "major malfunction, pool closed" What the heck? It must be some malfunction as it is still closed and they have not identified what malfunctioned, but whatever it was it is big enough to close 2 pools. Bummer! I should have gone to the cove but well lost my will to swim. So I went for a run, a nice run around UCSD and called it a day. Tired for some reason so skipped the bike ride.

And Wed I was up at 4:30- ugh to swim with KP and T. Dark and early at KP's masters program. Small pool...6 lanes and loose lane lines so it was wavy, wavy. Ocean simulation. Good workout-new people and my lane was working hard so I worked with them. Out of the pool, starving....thanks EB for Breakfast Cookies- woofed down 2, yes 2, changed and we headed to KP's and hopped on our bikes. 3 hour ride....not intended to be tough but well T was coming off a few recovery days after a massive block of work and KP had recovered over the weekend and I was well, tired. I hung in there and it was not a hammer ride, but more than I anticipated. Consumed all my calories and more....indication I under fueled for the workout and proceeded to go home and take a nap. Worked for a few hours and then had a massage- one of the most painful massages ever. It was NOT relaxing but it was so very therapeutic. Hannah worked me over and I was so congested I could hardly breath and my throat was raspy. She worked out some serious stuff. Once I drank a gallon of water I started to feel normal again. Wow, hoping for a remarkable recovery.

New favorite food.....roasted sweet potatoes. Super food- yeah baby! Roast them in the oven and then brown up in a little olive oil, salt, pepper and good to go. Kids are loving them too. That and the green grapes are just to die for now... we are eating 5lbs a day. Amazing. While we are on food....lets talk beverages - I am so tired of anything that remotely tastes like a sports drink that I am seeking a new taste. And I found it- Pomegranate white tea. Trader Joes sells the bags and I make iced tea and it is delicious. I may just fill my water bottles on my long ride and see how it works....no electrolytes, no salt. Maybe not- could lead to a major bonk fest.

Riding long tomorrow with KP and T. Not my kind of ride...I like hilly but this one is a Kona prep ride....long, flat and most likely windy when we hit Camp Pendleton. Lots of aero time, which IM will be. Just so boring....but I'll have some company for the 6+ hour ride. And the reprieve from the heat seems to be passing as it is very warm this afternoon. Yeah, heat training.

This is a power weekend....Saturday is my long run and Sunday is the double whammy in La Jolla. At 11:00 I do the 1 mile La Jolla Rough Water Swim and then at 1:30- the 3 mile Gatorman. 4 miles swimming. And then I rest, recover...survive :) It's all downhill after this weekend.

So I changed my flight to Kona- I was arriving on Tuesday and after all I have read about heat acclimation I decided I need one more day. I changed no problem, beauty of using miles. I went to change my car and wham.....my rippin deal was no longer available. So bummed and then I realized I had booked the car for the wrong arrival day anyway, no wonder it was so cheap- I only rented for 4 days vs 6. So I looked and looked and found a roaring deal on a Jeep Rubicon! Gotta love that- Hawaii for a week in my favorite car.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Carmel Valley Manchester Wins!!!

Great weekend of soccer. JD's team, CVMSC won their division in the Nott's Forest Tourament. A few well fought games and some digging deep led them to win. We love soccer, have great fun with the families so it is a good way to spend a few days. Even the 8am Championship Game was okay. Worked well for me., up at 6:00, quick run with the dogs and we are out the door by 6:30, at the field by 6:50 and I had time for an hour run while the team warmed up. Iced coffee in the car and settled in for the game. Boys were thrilled and celebrated the win at a team mates swimming and playing pool all day.

Riley was up and around by the time we got home and was soon off with a friend and I found time for a bike ride. Yes, it was about 75 and absolutely delightful. So, so nice to not be pouring sweat. Sunscreen yes and covered up but wonderful temperatures.

3 day weekends are so nice. The extra day just takes the pressure off. Working up toward a solid training week and a big, big weekend. Need to get some serious work done early in the week as we are riding most of Friday. And since, well it is already Monday, that leaves me 3 days- really better get working.

Had some fun yesterday with some new friends..... great couple with kids 10 years younger than ours....gee where did the time go. Had a nice dinner, enjoyed the cooler weather and the kids loved the pool. JD and a buddy wanted to build a bridge over the pool to have a sword (noodle) fight upon. Well they asked Braman and he said, go for it (gotta love that about JB) So out came the tape measure, wood, nails, drill, saw.....and they worked and worked and dragged it to the back and John made some engineering improvements and they were ready to go. The group was eager with anticipation to see if the bridge would hold. They dragged it across and tentatively climbed on it. It actually held 2 teenage boys, bowed in the middle but they had their sword fight and fought until one plunged into the pool. This was repeated many times and some of the younger kids gave it a try until it bowed so much it touched the water. Never broke but it soggy... Great fun was had by all the boys, big and small, in the building and playing. Love to see the imagination come out and to fruition. He may be 15 but still likes a good sword fight :)

Sword Fight #1
Sword Fight on Bridge

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soccer, Ironman training...

It's hard to fit it all in sometimes....I did my long ride Friday since JD has a soccer tournament this weekend but of course his first game Saturday is 9am, has to be there at 8, leave the house 7:30, back up the time and I am up before 5 to get in my long run. Thankfully another team mate's parent gave him a ride so I had an extra hour!

Of course at 6 it was already warm....very humid, but I headed out with JB and the dogs....soon they left me and I was off on my own and I did a trail run and then headed up Black Mountain. Not an easy run and the pace was so very slow....but got the time in and a significant amount of elevation gain. And the bonus is I was done by 8! Showered, well pooled, changed, filled with pancakes and off to soccer. Nothing better than drinking iced coffee watching soccer, knowing I done for the day.

1st game was a loss that they really should have won. Outplayed them, had so many shots on goal and there was force field repelling the balls off and then they just faded....hate to lose to a lesser team. But game 2 at 5:20- ah much cooler outside, was awesome. There were on fire and came out fighting. The other team was quite physical, a higher ranked team and our guys got to business. 3-0, shut out and max points for the tournament in hopes to advance. It was great soccer. One game today and with a win, they move to the finals.

Rushed the boys home (we have an extra one this weekend) and off to M's for a nice dinner- we were late so we showed up, food was ready and everyone had eaten. So no issues about filling a plate and joining the group. Relaxing and enjoyable....especially the Internet dating topic. Good fun and home early and to bed not so early, but sleeping in Sunday :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sun, sun , go away....come again, well not sure

Enough already!!! 90+ degrees for over a week. I am again cranky! Yesterday was what KP refers to as BDT (big day training) and it entails, well a big day! Swim/Bike/Run and it was hot. In order to start as early as possible I swam at the local Y at 5:30- close is good, pool was not good. Water temp was 86, which is sweltering for a 1 hour swim. I was so hot and dehydrated when I finished I was on the verge of throwing up. Not a good sign when I still have to ride and run. But before the bike, headed home for pancakes with JD (birthday breakfast) Chocolate chip pancakes are the perfect fuel for the ride. Off to meet Marion and KP who thankfully rode part of the ride with me. It was bloody hot- Heeding my Dermatologist warnings I had on a jersey (shoulders covered) and my white arm coolers. Let me tell you, I have never been so hot on a ride. Sweat pouring down my face most of the ride, burning eyes...oh yes, it was just heaven. Bottles were hot within 15 minutes - gotta love hot carbo pro or hot Accelerade. It was a test, I tell you. I doubled my salt intake and still that was enough. The last bit of the ride, my feet started burning....oh boy. I was cursing Ironman, cursing Kona, cursing the fact I dreamed of doing this race. But ah...soon the ride was over and I had to take a swim before my transition run. Not really an option in Ironman, but it was self preservation. I headed out in wet clothes and an ice filled water bottle. Just get me through the run. I was doing prettey well and thinking, I can do this and all of a sudden I got the chills. Goose bumps, head tingling chills, as if I was freezing. Mind you, I have sweat pouring off my body. It was definitely a sign something is not right. I was near home, so I slowed way down, cut the run short and got back in side. I decided an ice bath was in order and I got in with all the ice, ice packs, anything cold ( well not the frozen peas) and sat in there watching the ice melt around my skin, while I was still sweating. The ice was gone and the water seemed to warm up so I jump in the cold shower only to have it feel warm too. I was dressed and still sweating....so I got in the car and cranked the air conditioning and went to Vons. Sure enough- coldest place in the county. That is how your bring your core temperature down - to to the grocery store.

No rest for the weary.....JD's birthday dinner- no reason to sit down and let the muscles tighten up. It was great, all the family came over and we had scrumptious Carnitas, grilled onions (thanks Kathi) and a wonderful cake (gratitude to my Mom) We ate, enjoyed and everyone was gone by 9! And I was in bed at 9:05!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where did the week go....

Thursday already!

Monday- day off. Needed and relished in it. I was sooo tired, legs tired, arms tired, me tired.

Good sleep Monday night- despite the miserable heat. Have I commented how much I despise this weather- hate it, hate it. My mother told me not to use that word, but I do hate it and it has been over a week. When do we get cooler temperatures...... Soon, please.

I have tried to be positive, good heat training, good for Kona....blah, blah, blah. I am hot and cranky most of the time. Today, I hung out in Vons for 45 minutes, not because I was grocery shopping, but because I was relishing the air conditioning. Funny, strolling up and down the aisles without a cart- just looking.

Tuesday I had a good swim and then off to the Dermatologist. She walks in and sighs...."does not look good, look at the tan lines.. what have you been doing??" Um, Ironman. I pull out my various sunscreens and she approves of 2 of the 3! Yeah but then says needs to be applied hourly and then let it settle in. Right when it is 100 degrees, I am dripping sweat and on the road. I am proud that I reapply, salt, dirt and all- it is kind of like an au nataural exfoliation. She says "cant you train before the sun comes up and after the sun goes down..." Right, so then I explain what Ironman is and her eyes get big and she leans in close... "really? Where is your race, will you be in the sun??" I ponder....do I tell her "no, racing in Antarctica, no worries. " No, I sheepishly say Kona.....she asks if there will be breaks that I can reapply sunscreen. I look at her....lady, I don't even stop to go to the bathroom. Instead I politely say, um no. She suggest I do my best and she gets down to work with the liquid nitrogen. She says my face looks good! Yeah......so I will continue to lather up and try to lather more. Bought some arm "coolers" will see how cool they are tomorrow in the 100+ degrees for my 51/2 hour ride. Ugh.... I ask you, where is fall, where are the clouds???

Wed was a good run and a short ride....active recovery and preparing for next few days. Good masters swim this AM- but ugh, my swim is not where it needs to be. Still my times are slow.....hoping 5.5 weeks is enough time. Yikes, 5.5 weeks!!!! Really, yes really. Great coastal ride today- hot yes, but good company with JN! Lots of chatting and catching up to do and the time just flies by, gotta love that.

And here we are on the eve of my oldest birthday- JD will be 15 tomorrow....that sounds so old! I remember 15 years ago, it was hot, bloody hot like this and I was feeling like a beached whale and was not happy. We lived in a loft downtown and our neighbors had a raging party and I was laying there in the heat, miserable, willing myself to sleep. Our place was shaking it was so loud. I thought I had indigestion for a while and then it occurred to me.....duh, pregnant, due date is soon, I think I am in labor. Hard to believe......Wow. Great kid. So far so good. Hope we make it through the next few years as painlessly as we have these past few. Love ya NOS! (number one son)

You know you are training for Ironman when....

- You can fit 1500 calories in one bottle

- Someone asks what you are doing next week and you say "I don't know, I am waiting for my schedule from my coach" Then you plan the rest of your life

- When people ask you how much you train you use up your fingers and toes counting the hours and you still have many more to add up

- You say things like " I can't wait to roll around on my foam roller" and the people you are with all agree

- When you see ice, all you can think about is where to put on your body to reduce inflammation

- Eating becomes a work out in itself.

- You wonder if it is good to have so many calories in liquid and gel and you have flashbacks to being a baby...the last time you received most nourishment out of of plastic bottles.

- The sunscreen begins to layer and you almost wonder if you can scrape down a few layers back to your natural skin

- The goggles leave semi permanent indentations on your face

- People wonder if someone spilled bleach and you realize it is the chlorine from the pool emanating off your skin

- The laundry room smells worse than most places you can imagine...running and cycling clothes piled up

- You visualize crawling into bed at night soon after you crawl out in the morning for your first workout of the day

- You cannot remember the last day you did not wear spandex

- Your garage looks like a Transition Area for a race- piled up running, cycling, swimming gear- why put it away when you need it all the next day.

- The back of your car could be a Sporting Goods Store- running, swimming and cycling gear - you never know when you can squeeze in one of the 3.

- You are training when your kids go to school and when they come home..they ask " Mom, really, what else did you do today?"

- Double espresso 4pm, no problem and still asleep at 9

- Anyone hungry in your car and you promptly offer bottles of water, power bars, gu? All readily available

-Your idea of staying up late is 9pm

- A short day of training is only 2 hours

- You find yourself doing google searches about recovery...there must be a magic pill

- You realize it has been weeks since you used your own shower.....you take a swim, shower at the pool or the cove, or my favorite a shower with 3 gallons of water in the parking lot after your hot ride.