Friday, September 25, 2009

Fog + Swimming - not a good mix

I am up today at 5am, bleary eyed and many more weeks of training? I walk the dogs in the dark and start to work on my attitude. Good friends, first light swim and it I'll be done by 7:45 and drinking coffee. Not so bad.... I'm on the 56 and it is a bit foggy and E texts me, cove is fogged in going back to bed. Gee, if I live in LJ then I too could wake up figure the weather and go back to bed. But I am awake, coffeed up, 2x espresso cliff shots and darn it I am going to swim. I get off the freeway and by the time I hit North Torrey Pines I cannot see the car in front of me, well if there was one. Totally socked in. Chances of the Cove being clear are well 0. Ugh, 2nd time this week. We showed up Wed at 10am and could not even see the 1/4 mile buoy. And after hearing about a guy who swim to the 1/2 mile, turned around to swim back, only to run into the 1/2 mile again 15 minutes later, because he was do disoriented, we bailed.

So this AM I turn around frustrated and wired..... I drove a bit until it was light enough and pulled off on the coast and went for a run. Beautiful foggy run. But the bummer is I still have to swim today!

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