Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working toward the weekend....

Thursday already! Really? Where does the week go. Woke up Tuesday and headed to UCSD for a swim only to find a huge sign on the door "major malfunction, pool closed" What the heck? It must be some malfunction as it is still closed and they have not identified what malfunctioned, but whatever it was it is big enough to close 2 pools. Bummer! I should have gone to the cove but well lost my will to swim. So I went for a run, a nice run around UCSD and called it a day. Tired for some reason so skipped the bike ride.

And Wed I was up at 4:30- ugh to swim with KP and T. Dark and early at KP's masters program. Small pool...6 lanes and loose lane lines so it was wavy, wavy. Ocean simulation. Good workout-new people and my lane was working hard so I worked with them. Out of the pool, starving....thanks EB for Breakfast Cookies- woofed down 2, yes 2, changed and we headed to KP's and hopped on our bikes. 3 hour ride....not intended to be tough but well T was coming off a few recovery days after a massive block of work and KP had recovered over the weekend and I was well, tired. I hung in there and it was not a hammer ride, but more than I anticipated. Consumed all my calories and more....indication I under fueled for the workout and proceeded to go home and take a nap. Worked for a few hours and then had a massage- one of the most painful massages ever. It was NOT relaxing but it was so very therapeutic. Hannah worked me over and I was so congested I could hardly breath and my throat was raspy. She worked out some serious stuff. Once I drank a gallon of water I started to feel normal again. Wow, hoping for a remarkable recovery.

New favorite food.....roasted sweet potatoes. Super food- yeah baby! Roast them in the oven and then brown up in a little olive oil, salt, pepper and good to go. Kids are loving them too. That and the green grapes are just to die for now... we are eating 5lbs a day. Amazing. While we are on food....lets talk beverages - I am so tired of anything that remotely tastes like a sports drink that I am seeking a new taste. And I found it- Pomegranate white tea. Trader Joes sells the bags and I make iced tea and it is delicious. I may just fill my water bottles on my long ride and see how it electrolytes, no salt. Maybe not- could lead to a major bonk fest.

Riding long tomorrow with KP and T. Not my kind of ride...I like hilly but this one is a Kona prep ride....long, flat and most likely windy when we hit Camp Pendleton. Lots of aero time, which IM will be. Just so boring....but I'll have some company for the 6+ hour ride. And the reprieve from the heat seems to be passing as it is very warm this afternoon. Yeah, heat training.

This is a power weekend....Saturday is my long run and Sunday is the double whammy in La Jolla. At 11:00 I do the 1 mile La Jolla Rough Water Swim and then at 1:30- the 3 mile Gatorman. 4 miles swimming. And then I rest, recover...survive :) It's all downhill after this weekend.

So I changed my flight to Kona- I was arriving on Tuesday and after all I have read about heat acclimation I decided I need one more day. I changed no problem, beauty of using miles. I went to change my car and rippin deal was no longer available. So bummed and then I realized I had booked the car for the wrong arrival day anyway, no wonder it was so cheap- I only rented for 4 days vs 6. So I looked and looked and found a roaring deal on a Jeep Rubicon! Gotta love that- Hawaii for a week in my favorite car.

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