Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pullups. burpees, 400 m sprint- repeat

That was my WOD (workout of the day) for CF on Friday..... 10 minutes all out- it does not seem like much but I'm telling you it is. On top of jump rope, knees to the bar (that is a fun one) and more "instructional" torture. But I graduated from "ramp" classes to real CrossFit.  7am Monday AM.... my mistakes on Friday.
Lisa - the only other (crazy) Nytro
team member who came out to

I wanted to get in a nice run but ran out of time so I ran park my car, ran 30 min to CF, nearly died, perfectly executed the workout and then had 30 min to run.  I had zero calories and zero fluids.  Ok I drank out of the faucet in the bathroom.  But I figured come on, suck it up, run slowly especially since my legs felt like lead.  I was passed the waves of feeling dizzy and was cruising along imagining my body dipping into fat stores for fuel, I look up and see a lady walking a really cute dog and whamo....I am face down on the concrete. Stunned, bleeding and ouch.  She is on her phone, steps around me and nods.... really?  Maybe she thought I was napping.  I pull myself up and asses for real pain vs the blood. Left shoulder and right knee - ouch.  The others are just superficial.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.....

All in all okay- bruised shoulder and right knee cap bruised so hurts to bend it.  Argh!
Living the dream.... riding and running
with my man! 

Perfect since all we had Saturday was the Pine Valley Duathalon...which was 24 mile bike (up kitchen creek ) and then a 4 mile uphill and hot trail run.  Basically it sucked....I went out hard and within minutes my legs were screaming.... I get the no crossfit and long rides.  But this was not a long ride, but a hard one. I got uncomfortable and tried to stay in that zone.  No zone 1. 2. 3 .....just uncomfortable- whatever that ended up being.   I had no idea how far the transition was from Kitchen Creek but it was much further than I thought (even though TCSD did a nice job of mapping it all out which I so rudely ignored) We had another few miles up to the summit and then down 5 miles- what???? I rode right by the turn off and then though hmmmm- orange cones and a lot of bikes- I bet that is the turn off.  Back I went and time to run.  1- trail run (not so sure about that with my hamstring) 2- knee-ouch, ouch, ouch 3- did I mention my legs were toast, on fire and screaming.  So I "raced" ...after digging deep last weekend and M/W/F for 10 min of CF  I was not going I kept the run pedestrian and was soooooo careful running like a Granny on the downhills.

It was "fun"..... awesome to be out there with friends and John!!

Sunday was hot yoga and a swim....both which helped me woulds and soreness tremendously.  I almost feel normal again!  Busy day of swim sessions.... 4 today! Earned enough to pay for that awesome yoga outfit I have been wanting I bought last week. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CrossFit (still in training)

After day 1 of Ramp UP I was sore...I mean really sore- but managed a run and a ride the next day.   Today was day 2 and I was prepared for more of the same but nope...(key of CF) always changing it up.  We learned how to do a proper dead lift and jump rope.  We practiced the dead lift with a pvc pipe- weighing nothing- not a big deal right....well 60+ times later oh yes it is a big deal.  Muscle memory- I am amazed at the attention and time paid to proper form so prevent injury.   We did it over and over and Chung would modify, adjust and encourage us.  Then came the jump rope.  Who knew how wrong I was doing it and hard hard it is to only move your wrists and how long 3 minutes can me when jump roping. 

After all this we did our AMRAP:  As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible – typically in a specified time frame and they consisted of 15 dead lifts, lunges from one side of the room to the other. 20 mountain climbers, lunges back and repeat.... okay so my arse is already worried about how it will feel tomorrow.

I am so worried about how sore I will be so my new MO is to cram all other workouts for the day in immediately after CF (before I get sore)  I went from CF for a run and was feeling pretty good for 20 min and the my calves were seizing up - jump roping, on your toes- that will do it.  From there I rushed to CorePower and as the time went by the muscle soreness was creeping in. But I am hoping the yoga (although the extended holds were challenging) will help loosen and stretch me out.  The power core moves in the middle of the class nearly put me over but my core was not sore today from CF so I went for it.  

Other acronyms I learned today
DU’s:  Double Unders – two turns of the jump rope per jump (see video) - nearly impossible (just sayin) 
WOD:  Workout of the Day
CU:  Chin Up – Bar is held with palms facing you (supinated grip)
Stabilize the midline:  Controlling the muscles around the spine to make it stable and strong during an exercise

Mixing it up....yes I am!!!  tomorrow....old school swim and bike ride. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

What next.....Cross Fit

Loving much I joined CorePower after my free week and have been obsessively going... 5 days last week and I nearly threw a tantrum on Saturday when I showed up to a cancelled class.  I want my YOGA!  The heat is getting tolerable, I am getting more flexible and stronger. I mix up the classes I take depending on how I am feeling and timing.  Some are amazing for flexibility and a bit of strength where as others I am so sore the next day I am amazed.  My hamstrings are crazy tight and my back is really flexible.  I am no longer worried about anyone else and just do my yoga!  My mat, my time and my hour.   It is therapeutic and simply amazing.... Sunday I did a yoga double.  1st class was a Sculpt Fusion- Yoga for Athletes- heated yoga but only to 90 and not too much work.  Considering I raced an Oly on Saturday I was a bit sore.... Riley wanted to do a class so I met here at CorePower Sculpt- heated yoga with weights.  Holy crap....103 degrees and it was a killer.  Did all I could and sometimes that was laying on my mat in a river of sweat trying to get my HR under 180.  We laughed and nearly cried but had a great class....

Considering our impromptu block party involved a beverage made by our neighbors 24yo I needed a heavy sweat.   It was a pomegranate type smoothie with a serious kick. Went down like a smoothie and the pitcher was full every time I looked and I kept saying sure.... John's Paella was amazing and the camaraderie in our hood was even better.  Fire pit, guitars and a little bit of crazy.  I am the planner in our house but this was Johns idea and it was great- low key, last minute and tons of fun..... too much (but that was my own fault)  So double hot yoga was the key and a nap for Sunday recovery.

On that note...I did race ITU Olympic on Saturday and was thrilled my hamstring held up!!  The downside was I felt it on the bike when I was aero (but the point of riding aero is well aerodynamic but also to engage your hamstrings more and help save your quads for the run) so I had to back off on the power a bit  - as I was not willing to re-injure the hamstring at this point.  So I was iffy on how the run would go- I started running hard and kept it up- darn pleased with my run split and the race. Lost to a girl from Boulder whom I now know is the AG Champion in the Olympic Distance for the US- so I'm okay with that.  The race was leaps of fun so many of the Nytro Women out rocking in!  Love the camaraderie of the team and the fun of seeing familiar faces out there.

And that brings me to CrossFit....I said I was going to do it and I admit I was scared, am scared...but there was a groupon for a local place and I joined and signed up.  This AM was #1 Ramp up - which is awesome.  There are 3 Ramp classes and they we are ready to jump in.  Today was mild but I am already sore.... we learned and practiced over 100 how do to a proper squat, all the way down.  How to do a push up and we did some really cool stretching, that felt a lot like yoga + strength training.   Once that was done and I was already sore  we did our first 10 minutes.  How CF works is you have a circuit of your own and you do it as many times as you can in the allotted time.  We did 15 jumping jacks, 6 squats, 3 push ups - repeat, as many times and as fast as you can (with proper technique for 10 minutes.  Each time you finish 1 set you move a poker chip to keep track. Seriously...I am sore.

Chang our instructor is great...he explained that CF is about reinforcing many of the muscles we use for daily movements.  Elongating them and everything stems from the core.  How CF differs from strength training is you are using all the muscles vs isolating single muscles.  Very cool....the gym is very raw and there is a lot of room for movement, bars, kettle balls- not a "pretty gym"  Clock goes on, music up and we are off!

Went from there to the pool....and that was my training for the day.  By the end of 4000 I was feeling my core and arms from all the push ups.  My goal post Cabo was to mix it up......and that is happening!  Hope I can run and ride as planned tomorrow- ouch! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

I think I am addicted

to hot yoga..and I am shocked!  I hear it from lots of yogi types, it is so
addicting, they love it...I was convinced it was a scam of some kind.  How could something so painful, hot and boring EVER be fun let alone addicting.  

It is.... 4 days this week and I actually was dressed in my suit to swim this AM, in the locker room, and got dressed and dashed over for a Hot Fusions class.  I was not going to do it today as I am still new and every class makes me sore but I was craving the good sweat and challenge.  My left side is so much weaker than my left AND my balance is horrifically off.  I know my left is worse but since the fibula break and ankle sprain last year it has just not come back miraculously on its own.    And I have not committed to working on it.  But in yoga I do... tree pose is much as I can do on my left leg, while I can do the airplane eagle on my right.... crazy ( love the lingo??) feel like you are missing out on the fun - get yourself to hot yoga and learn.  

The bonus is....Riley is digging it too!  She started with the 105 degrees rocking Sculpt class and has since done Hot Fusion and Core Power 2.  How fun is it to get a text from my 16yo "yoga?"  yes.... 

What is an Omegawave?

I registered for the ITU Triathlon in San Diego and most tri's these days have a major sponsor....this years sponsor is Omegawave.  When I saw the announcement I thought what is Omegawave?  A really big wave?  How does a big wave sponsor a triathlon ...most of us, well the non swimmers, hope for no waves when it comes to triathlon.  But here is an Omegawave...ok not really.

Luckily all I had to do was click on the logo and I was directed to the website.  So I read " Don't over train. Rest if you have to. Train with the Omegawave system. Know your readiness and optimize your training.Ok fair enough but really what is this..... upon further reading... By identifying an athlete´s physiological limiting factors, and providing guidelines to eliminate them, Omegawave helps in improving performance, preventing over training, decreasing injuries and improving physical condition and overall health. The non-invasive Omegawave method gives in two minutes data on cardiac, metabolic and central nervous systems, while the athlete is resting. The Omegawave configurations are based on both sports and space scientific research and applications. Still slightly confused but at least this makes more sense than some of the other sponsors of races....

Fast forward a few weeks and I am contacted by omegawave as they are looking for "active bloggers" better stay active  who are racing ITU to demo the product. 

IN!  So the unit arrives and it is basically a HR monitor strap with a charger.  Charge it up  (overnight) which drives people like me crazy as I want to do it now, right now.   Load the app on your phone, enable bluetooth and register - all done easily and without any issue.  AM is strap if on and take measurement...2 minutes and is is reading my cardiac, metabolic and central nervous systems - or so it says.  Sort of seems like my HR but I am going with this.  I am excited to see what it says.... and how metabolically efficient, tired and ready to go I am and I am "insufficient"  Really, how can 2 minutes of a HR monitor detect my entire physiological state..oh wait with further reading I have insufficient data.  As in not enough to make a recommendation.  

Ok....more waiting.  Will record Fri and Sat AM and then see what happens Sunday post race.  All humor aside if you found any  clearly we need to record data for some time to determine stress, fatigue and adaptation reserves.  I say it gives me a great excuse to hit it hard next week and see how my body responds. 

Also since they are a Finnish company you have to know your weight in kg and your height in cm.  I am a master a metric conversion so no worries and thankful i have google conversion on my toolbar. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Working like a dog....or a meeting planner

There is working and there is WORKING  

I like to think I work hard ( and I do at times and a lot..) but working a meeting is sort of like doing an Ironman. See I am a sales person , who are often perceived as lazy (according to convention service managers when I worked in the hotel )  I always was mildly, okay really offended, at those comments.  We had late nights drinking wine and having dinner,  really tough sight inspections drinking wine and eating and a lot of stress.  The stress is real…having a quota and having to make numbers is real stress.  Anyway I am not trying to decide who’s job is/was harder.  But I will say meeting planners work hard!!  Meeting planners are my clients. I do the sourcing, site selection and negotiating of contracts to save them time and money.  They do the REAL work!  When prospective clients say to me " you want my job ?"  I have always said NO, but now, I really mean NO!  I am happy with my job.  

This past week  I traveled  week to “work” (physically work)  one of my clients meetings.  I said OK, put me to work.  This is  all business….we meet at 6am (every day) for breakfast and a recap of the day and then we Day 1- stuffed bags for hours and hours. 1600 bags is a LOT. I will NEVER complain about my goodie bags at a race if one cliff bar is missing….it was an accident, truly you go bat shit crazy after a while.   When the bag stuffing became just too much it was a litany of other deeds, buying office supplies in downtown Minneapolis in 35 degree weather without a car 4 blocks away, running errands, finding staff, reviewing room set ups,  confirming dinner, karaoke machines, and the list goes one…. We did a final tour of the hotel and I literally could not stand up any more- my legs were Ironman tired.  Then a staff reception and then pizza…which I missed – 6am -8pm I was happy to swing by and pick up a salad and eat it laying in bed and falling asleep responding to the 77 emails from those who I am still working for. 

Day 2-  I really wanted to get a run in before the long day – because I am an idiot and had no idea how long and tiring the day would be.  Alarm went off at 4:30 and I was in the gym running at 4:45 – it is 30 something degrees and we  are downtown, so no running outside.  I was done by 5:30, showered and changed and ready for the day by 6am for briefing and breakfast.  More of the same chaos…. More bags, organization, and I was tasked with hiring ASL Interpreters – no problem.  Ha….24 hours notice is NOT sufficient , snow storm coming and not many interpreters can sign DRUPAL.   Meanwhile I am hunting down a  Dodge Ball and an Air Guitar.  Really does not seem too hard…again no car, 30 degrees and downtown….after walking many habitrals to stores it dawns on me- Amazon Prime- duh, we can have these tomorrow. Regrettably Amazon does not have ASL Interpreters but I managed by 5pm to have 2 line up for 9am Thursday!  Meanwhile Registration opened and I worked that for 3 hours and learned a LOT.   Adding the few items to the Tote Bags when handing them out is a major problem when you have a long line.  Just when you are sure you have memorized all the FAQ’s you get asked if on day 3 there will be any vegan options at the afternoon break.  Uh yes.    6pm and we are “done”.. dinner plans.  Hmmm – my phone is locked  in the office, my feet are swollen and hurt, I am hungry and want a big salad and wine.  I opt for room service  and my 87 emails that  I need to respond to the rest of my work that needs to be done.  I was salivating for my Greek salad and chardonnay when room service brings me a steak and Cabernet.  Really?.... Very apologetic and they leave the meal and go and get the Greek salad....well by the time the wimpy salad and cold wine arrive I am satiated on beef and red grapes!  

Day 3..... wake up call at 4:30, had to bang out anther short run on my swollen feet ( I am a psycho) and then it was Registration ....holy cow!  I learned a  lot... DO not have the coffee on the way to Registration - duh, everyone has hands filled with coffee cups and cannot possibly manage a badge and a tote bag.  And why does everyone need to put the badge in the badge holder with 5 people lined up behind them waiting to get their badge... At times it was jammed up like the free hot dog samples at Coscto.  And don't get me started on the bowl of pens... the grabbing and taking and taking more for a 3 color pen with a highlighter?  Really.... imagine if it was a bowl of shrimp.  

Bottom line....hard work, so appreciate my clients and so appreciate my job!!! 

I was so wiped out I was actually craving Yoga....OMG did I really say that.  I hate yoga, but here I am on week 4 and flying home I was dreaming about hot yoga.   Friday AM I was there....I loved it so much I stayed for round 2 of Sculpt and nearly died.... it's all good!!!  

Monday, April 8, 2013

Working family time in

Life has been nuts...but I am rolling with it and learning to let go of some things and focus on what I need to and sometimes what I want to.  I have to not react, not reply and sometimes just say no and that helps me keep my sanity. My blog used to look a lot better with lots of great pictures...and I would not write unless it was clever and I am writing when I can.
I love my teacher friends....excuse to ride bikes
mid week while they are on spring break! 

On my way to Minneapolis for some work I left a day early and spent the afternoon with JD and the evening and day with my sis and family.   It was perfect- sometimes the 24 hour visits are the $. I managed to have lunch with JD, take him to Costco to stock him up on food for the final 5 weeks (btw he is too thin), have a great dinner at home in Boulder, sleep in (huge bonus), powered through some work, caught a Core Power Yoga Class, birthday lunch with sis and bro-in-law, final reports done, 2 calls done, 90 minutes of  ideal chatting with my nieces. 15 minute birthday party for John with Rhubarb pie and off to the airport.... whamo! perfect
Nytro girls/women! 

I have to say I am not loving but starting to like hot yoga.   I committed 2x a week..with travel that is hard but I will get another one in on the weekend. Saturday was training plan so I am training as I feel like it and what seems like fun!! Great ride with part of the Nytro women's team... cruisy, socila and fun and the last hour home- I hit it hard and it felt good to red line a bit, see HR of 180+ and really hurt!  Followed the bike ride with a hike up Black Mtn with Riley and life is good!  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

If you live in San Diego you live with snakes!   If you run trails it is not if but when you will come across a rattler...and if you run with a dog off leash you really should get your dog trained....seeing we run frequently in the trails with Mako off leash we knew we had to get him trained.

Ironically just yesterday while hiking up Black Mountain with Riley, Mako stuck his nose in a bush and jumped back and we immediately heard the rattle... the snake was heading down the hill into the bushes and Mako was definitely cautious- did not seem interested in hunting.

Nevertheless we had scheduled aversion training this AM.  We arrived at a beautiful spot on Poway Road and there were lots of dogs "waiting"  They strap on a shock collar, the handler takes the dog (not Mako is shaking and almost whining already)  and they head into the field.  We followed to the other trainer and saw the rather large snake on the ground.  No fangs (so they say)  He walks Mako near the snake, the snake rattles and Mako is backing off and not
interested, hiding behind his legs.  Seems he knows on his own....but they want to be sure.  So the guy picks up the snake with his tongs and the snake is angry...they push it toward Mako and then they shock him....poor dogs leaps off the ground and is running away....we comfort him and within minutes he is fine.

Seems a bit harsh....but the risk of a snakebite on the trails miles from home coule kill him.  He was soon his old self....and I am 100% confident he will not be seeing out snakes!!   $75 and 10 minute and we were off to the airport...

Headed to Denver for an overnight and the Minneapolis for the week of work.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yoga, aging, work, hamstring, life...

this is a ranting, ramble and update on my life... I use to have a pretty cush life, working almost part time but doing well  use to be think I was working pretty hard and multitasking... but now I am.

My job has gotten crazy busy in really good way.... which means travel - back MSP next week, Frankfurt in May (before you think oooh how awesome I note it is for 3 days- but yes, still a cool destination, and just as cool is LA tonight and Hollywood the week after next... Portland sometime in June and not sure of what else.   Travel is tiring and a lot of work.   Travel means business is good an thus I LOVE travel.  Its all good...

My commitment to Yoga has been adjusted- 2x a week is all I can manage right now.  But let me tell is a broad term these days,  Athlete Yoga rocks, SCULPT is 1000 degrees and really hard and I cannot follow what i am doing, Core Power 1 is easy, Core Power 2 is not and is sometimes confusing for me...and every instructor says " I can see you are an athlete. are you new to Yoga?"  Does it show.... when the others are doing eagle pose and reaching toward Buddha I am trying to stand on one leg and not fall over.   The nice comments "option on this pose is xxx" really means "if you cannot come close to what I am doing here is the loser  other pose." there is not loser in yoga, yoga is not competitive, you cannot force yoga and you cannot assume you are better remember it is not competitive than your neighbor just because you are sure she cannot run or ride as fast as you but dang she can do the rabbit pose while  I am looking like pile of dog pooh pose.  It has become an adventure... and I will not give it up!!! Well I am traveling next week and based on the schedule I am fairly sure there will not be any time for yoga.  

Aging.... I need an exit plan!   Spending a lot of time touring facilities for dementia (no not for John) and wow.... i really wonder if all our wonderful medical intervention really plays we save the heart and then the mind shuts down.  Tough.... but i am thankful to be a support for my mom.  We used to go out for chardonnay and salad and now we tour homes and get candles as thank you gifts.  I considered a wine lunch along the way but figured showing up drunk is probably not ideal when touring future living domains.     On that note....if you need motivation to save for retirement- take a tour of a few lower end "senior living" options...see what $3k a month will get you... horrifying.   Ok off my pulpit.

Hamstring is still attached...I am still running slowly, but can ride without pain but am riding slowly so not sure what that is all about... good thing I don't have any real races scheduled....

no fluff!   Oh we did have a great brunch (missed my kids but they were together in CO).... yummy new egg dish, champagne and the Easter Bunny dropped of favorite Easter treats.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Oceanside 70.3

6 years ago I was prepping for my 1st 70.3 and my 2nd triathlon....I was so nervous and excited!!   ..... I did the race for the next 4 years and did better and better each year and in 2011 finally won my AG and secured a Kona Slot and the dream of winning my AG!

2012 I was ready to kill it ....but I broke my leg in February slipping on the stairs in a "race" with my dogs  in an epic bike accident where I went off a cliff and barely Oceanside was out, as was SuperSeal, Wildflower and what seemed like a hundreds of $$'s in race fees.  In any case...I survived Oceanside as a spectator in 2012 with schnapps in my coffee  and happily cheered everyone on.   2013 I did not register for O'side due to IM Cabo so not "participating" this year was not so emotionally painful.

I decided to volunteer when I could and was coaching 3 athletes who toed the line.  Friday was great fun at the Questions booth...seeing so many first timers loaded with anxiety and excitement about the big day. I remember the deer in headlights feeling at my first expo, every one looks so fast and calm.  It make me aware of how we build confidence and knowledge with years of racing.  What are the bags for? how will my gear get from T1 to T2, how do I get to T2, what about my wetsuit etc... once you have done a few races you figure it out and trust the system.  Friday was a long day but Saturday, race day, I got the memo to be there at 4am.

When my alarm went off at 3:15 I realized I was up earlier that I would be if I was racing.   More questions from athletes but mostly guided the volunteers and spectators.   We were just down from the swim so missed the excitement of the start but it was a great spot to see everyone riding out and on their way.   The energy of a race is amazing..I was sad I was not geeting ready to swim.  And watching the run is so inspiring to see how hard everyone was faces on,  working towards their goal and to see how they light up just a bit when you call their name or shout a few words of encouragement.  I know as a racer how much it helps but it is just as exciting to see as a spectator.

Weather was perfect... calm and sun came out but not too hot.  Swim was ideal as there were so many PR's.  After my shift ended at 10 it was time to find real food and coffee get on the course and find my athletes.  There are so many TCSD friends,  NYTRO women as well as my athletes it it seemed I saw someone I knew every few minutes.   Trying to spot people, track on line, cheer and not miss a feat of multitasking! was an awesome day.  13 hours later I was in my car heading home....exhausted, swollen feet and fulfilled.  For all of us who race, truly the volunteers and spectators are the ones who work the hardest.