Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yoga, aging, work, hamstring, life...

this is a ranting, ramble and update on my life... I use to have a pretty cush life, working almost part time but doing well  use to be think I was working pretty hard and multitasking... but now I am.

My job has gotten crazy busy in really good way.... which means travel - back MSP next week, Frankfurt in May (before you think oooh how awesome I note it is for 3 days- but yes, still a cool destination, and just as cool is LA tonight and Hollywood the week after next... Portland sometime in June and not sure of what else.   Travel is tiring and a lot of work.   Travel means business is good an thus I LOVE travel.  Its all good...

My commitment to Yoga has been adjusted- 2x a week is all I can manage right now.  But let me tell is a broad term these days,  Athlete Yoga rocks, SCULPT is 1000 degrees and really hard and I cannot follow what i am doing, Core Power 1 is easy, Core Power 2 is not and is sometimes confusing for me...and every instructor says " I can see you are an athlete. are you new to Yoga?"  Does it show.... when the others are doing eagle pose and reaching toward Buddha I am trying to stand on one leg and not fall over.   The nice comments "option on this pose is xxx" really means "if you cannot come close to what I am doing here is the loser  other pose." there is not loser in yoga, yoga is not competitive, you cannot force yoga and you cannot assume you are better remember it is not competitive than your neighbor just because you are sure she cannot run or ride as fast as you but dang she can do the rabbit pose while  I am looking like pile of dog pooh pose.  It has become an adventure... and I will not give it up!!! Well I am traveling next week and based on the schedule I am fairly sure there will not be any time for yoga.  

Aging.... I need an exit plan!   Spending a lot of time touring facilities for dementia (no not for John) and wow.... i really wonder if all our wonderful medical intervention really plays we save the heart and then the mind shuts down.  Tough.... but i am thankful to be a support for my mom.  We used to go out for chardonnay and salad and now we tour homes and get candles as thank you gifts.  I considered a wine lunch along the way but figured showing up drunk is probably not ideal when touring future living domains.     On that note....if you need motivation to save for retirement- take a tour of a few lower end "senior living" options...see what $3k a month will get you... horrifying.   Ok off my pulpit.

Hamstring is still attached...I am still running slowly, but can ride without pain but am riding slowly so not sure what that is all about... good thing I don't have any real races scheduled....

no fluff!   Oh we did have a great brunch (missed my kids but they were together in CO).... yummy new egg dish, champagne and the Easter Bunny dropped of favorite Easter treats.

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  1. Did you change your yoga schedule because of your injury? I'm so sorry that it's caused you to have to readjust that! I do hope that you haven't been discouraged by other people being able to achieve the poses better. When I first started, I, too, wasn't comfortable. Everyone looked so much better than me, and I felt awkward! Practice makes perfect though, and I'm sure one day you'll look as good as you want to!