Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tired of me complaining.....

If you are tired of hearing about how tired I am then skip this blog.....because this is more about me winging (nice Aussie word for whining) BUT I am on the right track....finally!

Okay so we know my legs are fried, SB Tri was horrible for me and I am just not myself.  I have cancelled workouts in the last few weeks, eased off long rides all in the hope that I would feel better. But no....So KP called me Sunday after SB and I explained why I did so poorly and he listened and then finally let  me have it ( in a good way) He told me in no uncertain terms I am tired, over trained and in a big hole.  Now it is critical that I get rest or Kona will be much like SB.  He reminded me that a drive up to SB and a sub par race is not a big deal but hello this is Kona.  He was great and I listened and had another restless night.

Monday I woke up depressed, tired and trying to figure out what to do.  Light went on, check in the mail and I have a coach again.   What a relief...within hours he had analyzed all I had done (thankfully I kept track of all my training) and a plan is in place.  Here is where it gets hard- the plan begins with 4 days off.  Holy crap, 4 whole days - that is like after racing Ironman, yes, that is where my body thinks it is.  Okay....made it through day 3 and I don't like this.  But the bigger picture is there is a plan for the next 6 weeks but the plan begins with getting whole again and until that happens nothing else happens.  

This is the time, EVERYONE racing in Kona is piling on the miles and building for a great race ( well I think so anyway) and I am resting.  But I have to take a step backward before I can go forward.   I do know that plowing along and piling on training is NOT the answer but this is a huge leap of faith.  But well, I have faith in KP. I have raced well under his coaching so I just hope he can fix what I messed up.  

After my 4 days is it a lot of active recovery, 1 hour swim, 45 min bike and 30 minute run every day. For how many days? Not sure the schedule only goes until Sunday. Then we evaluate and tackle the next week.  I do know I will have a  "steep taper" New for me...that means a short taper- reserved for those who are under trained, lack the time for volume or those like me who are resting the the key weeks I should be training.  Oh boy...this is all new. 

But I have to say I am feeling better - after fluctuating from being starving and not able to eat enough, to not waning to eat to sleeping 9+ hours to sleeping 4+ hours....I slept well last night and woke up feeling pretty good. Depressed Training Peaks says DAY OFF (note the all caps - I think he may be yelling at me)  But I am embracing that the day off is part of the training.  Well- works for me right now anyway.  

I also realize that I am climbing back into my solo training cave.... partially because my Saturdays are now filled with X Country for Riley and soccer for JD but also because I need to follow my plan and well I get sucked into others training and love it - but not what I need right now. 

So one day at a time and I look forward to Thursday!!!!  

Monday, August 30, 2010

Santa Barbara Triathlon...

HomePresenting Sponsor Montecito Bank and Trust

What can I say.....it was a total blast, had great fun with Danielle, town is beautiful, course was awesome but my race was well flat.  I can dwell on it and get depressed or I can use this as a step in my training and be smart the next 6 weeks between now and Kona!

My heart was not in the race and my legs were not either....That was apparent soon after the bike started so I decided to make it a long training day and enjoy it for what it was.

The weather was chilly- 62 degrees and totally socked in.  The swim was tough- and for a swimmer to say that I can only imagine what it was like for others.  The water temp was 60- so chilly and we swam about about 25 yards and then paralleled the shore for .5 mile and rounded more buoys and swam back through major chop - it was a lot of work.

T1 was slow...rusty, good practice before IM-  and on the bike.  My legs were stiff from the cold and I waited for them to start firing but not happening.  I rode reasonably hard but the power was not there and instead of stressing, I reminded myself this was not an A race and really was for fun!  So when a few girls passed me I tried, really tried to not be bummed out but to take it for what it was. The bike is very fair as you are climbing or descending most of the ride.  Ride was longer than I expected 1- I was well riding slow and 2- was hillier than I thought.  But heck it was not Ironman and I soon on the run.

Here I could tell I had one gear and it was not a fast one.  My splits were slower than a 70.3 and should have been a lot faster, So I made it a nice 10 mile temp run after a solid ride.   Hard to really be disappointed running along the ocean and the sun was just coming out.

It was soon over....15 minutes slower than anticipated (ouch) but the finish was fun - in the sand on the beach and I was so excited to wait for Danielle.  This was her 5th triathlon and longest to date- so she was so excited and that kind of energy is infectious.

So when the race is not what you hoped.....it is good to focus on what was good! New friend, good road trip, beautiful place and a serious realization of where I am right now!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When the blogger goes quiet.....

Either she is busy making millions, training endless hours, has traveled to a remote country without Internet connection or is mildly depressed.  Today my friends the answer is #4.  Not depressed in a serous way or really in a big way, just well mildly.

Why.....I am tired.  Yes that is it- hard to understand the depression.   A combination of volume training, intensity, travel and not sufficient recover put me in a state of fatigue I hoped a few days would fix. (Thank you KP for helping me see this)   Apparently not- so I am NOT good at taking time off training and looking back a solid week of recovery here and there would not force time off.  Lesson #1.  I forced myself to take a few days off and was convinced my problem would be solved and when I resumed easy training I felt flat.  Okay for a day, but by the 3rd day I was depressed.  What is wrong with me...seriously I have had enough time start feeling better.  I would spin an hour and then walking up stairs would feel like I rode 6 hours and ran 1.   But alas....6 days later I headed out for a run, fully expecting fatigue, to be flat and already dealing with the depression but wait, my legs were springy and felt good. So my temptation (of course) go for it.  Lesson #2- take it ez for a few more days.

I enjoyed the run and the rest of the day. Wednesday is test set at UCSD  Masters and I usually dread seeing my times.  We do a 50, 100, 200 M Time Trial.  Yesterday I had that awesome feel for the water- felt strong and smooth and had my best 100 and 200 of the year!  Okay, we are on to something here.  Ride to and from swim was awesome- HR is back to normal and power is at PE (perceived effort).

So I am feeling better, eager to blog etc.!  And I am racing this weekend. Santa Barbara Long Course.  A cool distance 1M swim. 34M bike. 10M run.  Hilly course and I am really not sure what to expect.  Talking with KP he says I could feel great and go for it or since the race is a bit longer I may feel flat, tired and have a shitty race. Or may race well and re-enter the hole of fatigue I just exited.  On one hand, maybe I should skip the race?  But no, I have never done SB and am excited to head up there and 2- I need to race before Kona.  I have not raced since May and need to shake off the cobwebs of transition, remembering all the stuff and I have to try out my kit.  My sponsor Erin Baker Cookies is awesome with the monthly cookies and granola but the kits were delayed so I did on not 2010's kit for O'side or St George.  New kit can mean new rub spots and other issues you definitely want to figure out before an Ironman.

So I ran this morning and felt good...went a bit longer than planned but well- I just did.  Cleaned up my bike (still no name for the Kestrel- maybe K2 - since my first TT bike was  Kuota)  Okay, K2 is cleaned up and race wheel on.  He looks much better with Zipp 606's than the cheap training wheels he usually endures.  I had Speed fill on for the past few weeks but took it off- really 34 miles, don't need the whole contraption.

Okay so the Cobb Salad (Saddle) does NOT, does NOT work for me !  Really I cannot stand it. I tried, I really tried. I installed it and re-installed it, measured and remeasured.  Tilted it down a bit and even further until I was sliding off it, moved it forward and back.  Frankly the design is someone related to a torture device for women when you are aero. Works fine and comfy when riding up right- a lot of good that does me as a triathlete.  I gave it 3 weeks and tore it off.... Adamo back on and ahhhhh!  So the goal is no saddle sores- But I'm telling you, I'll take them over the other pain.  The Cobb Saddle can lead to marital problems... nuff said!

So we shall see how the weekend goes.  Really a good way to head to a race- zero expectations.  Goal is to have some fun, enjoy SB and hang with a new friend.

Kids are back in school..... kinda like the peace and quite at the house during the day. Riley was so excited to start HS and JD was not so eager to head back, but agreed it is a bit cool to be a Junior- an upperclassman.  Riley is fully engaged with Cross Country- practice every day after school and she is happy about that. New friends and a new start!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Coaching is not about pushing harder....

So why do people hire a coach?  Get faster, stay motivated, qualify for whatever they are hoping to qualify for, finish a longer distance and the list goes on.  All of these seem like the reason is to get strong, faster, better...  Right?  Yes and No.

I recently met a triathlete who has a successful coaching business yet he is coached by another coach, I was confused- Upon hearing this I was taken back...I mean come on how credible can you be as a coach if you have to hire someone to coach you???  He took some time to explain it was not so much to write the plan, to tell him how far and how fast to go, but someone who would "govern"  him. Someone to guide him to not train himself into the ground, to look at the big picture, the long term etc.  I gave it some thought but was not totally buying it.  A few months later when I decided to get my coaching certification and launch into this exciting world, I let my coach know that I was going to give it a go on my own for two reasons....1- can I do this and 2- spending money to become a coach and paying a coach adds up fast.  He gave me a similar perspective that having a coach is not a sign of weakness but is having someone look out for you while you look our for others.

Okay.....I can accept wisdom from successful veterans in the sport, but well, when someones says the stove is hot, I can accept it but at some point I have to touch it- just to be sure.

So here I am ...... 7+ weeks away from my next Ironman and I am baked.   Tired ? yes.  Fatigued? yes.   Over trained? yes.  I even sought some guidance a week ago and it made great sense,...freshen up now and then do a final block of training before Kona.  The 12 day freshening up was condensed into 5  (because I am impatient and greedy) and nearly all my workouts this week were tough- and not because I am laying out searing splits, high power or the fastest 100's ever, but because I am tired.   I like to be tired, but not this tired.

I have crossed the line from good tired to over tired.   I realize I am teetering on the delicate line of injury, sickness or something that could truly sabotage Kona.   As I was running this AM, not feeling good I got tough with myself.  My body does not feel right and I need to fix that- doing a long ride tomorrow is not the way to make that happen.  Running long on Sunday is not going to make this better.

I cancelled my ride tomorrow, sorry Beth and Liz, and took all workouts off the table for the weekend.  I am taking this one day at a time.  Looking back the 4 days of freshening up were not freshening up (as KP pointed out) they were forced due to fatigue.  I needed the next 6 days to recover and then ease back into volume and intensity.  Looking back- had I done that - I would be fresh and ready to tackle a phenomenal weekend of training and then freshen up for Santa Barbara.

So now I am not following the well laid plan and am frustrated..... The good news- I figured it out now, nothing is injured and I have plenty of time to right this.

Do I need  coach?  Maybe, not ready to concede yet, more determined to figure this out.  I know where I erred so it is not that I don't get periodaztion and training volume, I just did not listen to myself.

So Day 1- serious recovery.   Woke up, walked (not ran) with Zen and will make it a focused work day for maybe play hooky and go to the beach with the kids!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer has arrived with an attitude.....

  Okay so Saturday when we rode it was overcast and drizzling.  Wet and misty for most of the ride,  6 hour ride, 3 20 oz bottles and my arm coolers were more like arm warmers.  We saw the sun for 1 hour up around Lake Wolford but as soon as we dropped down in elevation and headed West back to the overcast, cool temps.  

Now this is really comfortable weather for living and training. Overcast and cool in the AM and sunny and mid 70's in the afternoon.  Not great for the beach ( but the kids have been gone anyway) but great for training.  Well great unless you are training for a hot, humid race. And last time I checked it was hot and humid in Kona.  

After a lot of reading and taking a webinar I learned you can get acclimated to the heat in 10 days and most likely end of September it will be hot.  But seriously we need some heat to begin the process, to remember what it is like to ride with sweat pouring down your face, to remember how much water I need to guzzle, how much salt, how hard it is to take in calories in the heat....etc.

Well I got my wish ( I think I wished for it)   Monday woke up to sunny skies and I knew it was going to be hot.   I usually need a long sleeve or even a sweatshirt to walk Zen at 6.  I rolled out to run with him and it was warm...after 15 min he was overheated and looking for the pool.   As the day progressed it warmed up.  So much that around 1pm I had to turn of the solar - the pool was over 90 degrees.   

Tuesday- same thing- warm, early.  Sickie had to move the pace clock to the other side of the pool due to the sun glare- something we have not dealt with since April I think.  After swim Jen and I headed out for a 90 minute run and we were dying...running up TPines, pouring sweat- feeling summer! 

As if that was not enough, after early swim we headed out East,  Time for a little Great Western Loop.   We rolled around 8:30 and it was a bit cloudy but hot.  Soon the sun emerged and it was Africa hot....over 100 degrees and we are slugging water, pouring sweat and wondering how we are going to run.  Well we wimped out and decided that was enough mid day heat training and hit the air conditioned Starbucks for recovery and decided to run later in the day.

4:00 was 89 degrees in my hood and I was too hot for the run....so I drove the gym and was going to log some treadmill time but then sucked it up and ran outside.  Hot, hot, hot......nice swim and cool down and feeling like I am heat acclimating.  Heart rate is high and pace is slow...but have some time to work on that. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Roasted Corn and Edamame Salad - for those who asked

  • 5 tablespoons red wine vinegar (or rice or apple cider- whatever is available) 
  • 3 tablespoons grapeseed oil
  • 1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • 1 teaspoon white sugar
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced (use frozen cubes from Trader Joes) 
  • 1 (1 pound) package frozen shelled edamame (green soybeans)
  • 3 cups frozen corn kernels ( Trader Joes roasted corn is the best) 
  • 1 pint cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • 4 green onions, thinly sliced ( I have used a red onion or whatever I have) 
  • 1 (15 ounce) can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1 red or yellow bell pepper chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a large serving bowl, whisk together the red wine vinegar, grapeseed oil, cilantro, lime juice, sugar, salt and garlic. Set aside.
  2. Add all ingredients into the bowl with the dressing. Gently mix in the cherry tomatoes, green onions and black beans. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving to chill and blend the flavors.
  3. Since corn and edamame are frozen I make and let sit on counter for a while or you have a frozen salad
  4. Lasts for days and gets better each day 

Nutrition Crisis....

Okay not in the real sense as in world famine or what should I eat...but in fueling for Kona!  In my best IM ever I had 1100 calories in one bottle- highly concentrated with lines 6 lines striped around the bottle.  Every 30 minutes I took a swig and that was approx 100 calories and on the hour made sure I drank to the appropriate line.  200K an hour and then at special needs I ate an entire PB Honey sandwich and ran  well and had my best IM to date. That was IM CdA 2009.

Okay so next race was Kona 2009....same nutrition plan BUT it was 100 million degrees, I was sick and my HR was hovering at 165 vs 140-145.  I stuck to my nutrition plan but someplace after the turn around in Havi I puked up what seemed like gallons of Preterm and Carbo Pro.   And lets just say the race went downhill from there.  Could not keep anything down and hit the pavement on the run...literally.

So I figure that was a fluke due to weather, sickness and the Queen K I made fun of when I saw her  photo in a Hotel.  I jinxed my race- island lore is for real.

Oceanside - same plan for for a 1/2 and had major stomach issues on the run!  Okay something is not right.  Hired a nutritionist who told me the osmolality of a highly concentrated drink was the issue. I was not getting enough water down with the intense calories and that was my issue.  Hmmmmm okay.

IM SG- filled my speed fill + one bottle with 60 oz of Infinit (special blend for my sweat rate and personal issues- how the figure that out online I am not really sure- but just go with it)   That was all fine and well but come special needs, which was on a descent (thank you very much) so I had to slam on my breaks and slow down and they handed me my bag which really should have been a roller bag on wheels as it has 3x24 oz of Infinit.   The idea of filling the speed fill and dropping the other bottles in my rear cages seemed doable but it was not.  So after peeing on the bike to save time I am now stopping to refill and manage my luggage.  Argh! And I still had to use the porta pottie on the run.  Issue NOT solved.

So here we are 8 weeks away and I am having a dilemma.  I was never able to take Gatorade on other IM courses as it does not stay in my body long enough (you get the picture)  but now Power Bar has a new drink Perform that they are using on all the courses.  So I learned that everyone doing at 2010 IM was send a case of Power Bar Perform to train with before their race- very cool!  Well everyone racing an IM unless your IM happens to be Kona- WTF.   So I have been meaning to order some to give it a try, but thanks to super fast Beth  who is on the Power Bar Elite Team I have some coming to give it a try.

Assuming it work....then I have to figure out how much to drink an hour to get the right number of calories.  Seems easy right- well sure it is sitting in your office but 2-3 hours into a 10+ hour race well let's just say the math skills start to slip.  I want to take off the rear cages and just use the speed fill.   Once I get the Perform I will have to start the training rides that simulate race nutrition to see if it works.

The good news is that I think I am more metabolically efficient!  Based on what you ask?  Well I use to take in and need 230-250k hour on long rides ( if I wanted to run well off the bike) and now I am taking in 150 and feeling great.  I have stuck with the wheat free and simple carb free lifestyle and it seems to work just fine.  The goal of that is if I need less calories per hour that will reduce my risk of gastro upset during Ironman.

I have been training with bananas and Cliff Shot Roks  which are low in carbs and high in protein and it works great.  My body respond well, I love the Shot Roks but well cannot imagine juggling the bags and eating them in the heat. So I have to go back to liquid as I test out the Perform.  My back up plan maybe to tape 9 GU Rocktane to my top tube take one every 45 minutes. But that too will require testing as I have never had that many and that too may give me issues.  

So that is what I am thinking about today!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Family is good.....

By tomorrow both kids will be back home and we are once again a foursome.  But I have to say - having their trips overlap 1 week was great as it gave us time to have just one kid at a time.  Very different dynamics when Riley was gone and it was just JD.  Lots of ACDC and lazy teenager roaming around the house. We played a lot of cards  and poker and he was eager for every errand so he can drive.  

And then JD left and it was just John, Zen and I and it was well quiet.... we enjoyed the time and during our week of no kids my Sis and nieces came to break up our solace.  Really fun to spend time with Jamie (7) and Willa (5) when Riley is not here.  See the worship Riley and Riley is a great big cousin.  So they are busy and engaged with her.  So they were left with boring ol' Aunt J.  We had some fun swimming and hanging out.  

Even got a bonus ride in with my sister.  See unusually is is my bro in law, hubby and I out riding.  Well my sis just joined the club.  2 weeks after she bought a sweet Scott Contessa she was in San Diego and eager to ride.  So we rented a bike from Nytro, Mom watched the girls and my sis and I rode Elfin.   She did great and how can you not love that ride and with a stunning finish along the coast for some good San Diego lovin!  What fun.   So that makes it an even number.... Both my siblings and in laws are riding. Only my sis-in-law and I are the tri-geeks....but maybe with time we can convert others.

Sis and kids left and we enjoyed our few days of quite and then we picked up Riley from the Tole Mour.  The trip was all we hoped for and more for her....She had the time of her life- new perspective on life and dearly missing her 17 best friends whom she lived with for 3 weeks.  She is easing back into social comforts of  hot shower vs jumping over the side of the boat at 6:30am into the Pacific for a Polar Bear Plunge  (PBP w/soap) as it was listed on the ship.   2 showers in 3 weeks but in the ocean every day, no laundry, no electrical products or technology but hours and hours of singing, sailing, proudly doing chores to keep the ship clean and so many adventures I hope she remembers forever.

We had a smashing ride on Saturday while she slept in....long and slow for me with great company! See Diana and Beth logged 100 miles the day before- darn impressive!!   And John hammered it out with Tati and Amy.  Sunday run along to coast in the mist and fog was again long and slow. Bonus add on with Marion so the run was a bit longer than planned but the socializing made up for it by far.

Finished the weekend with a great night of friends, food and wine at the Dunkle Casa!

Ah....and the week is starting again.   Training, working, getting the kids ready for school.  So much to do!  JD flies in tonight and we are eager to hear the tales of dining on guinea pigs, adventures in the Galapagos, how the English teaching went,  pick up soccer games locals in Ecuador, watching the meteor shower atop the volcano and salsa dancing with the locals!  More fun and stories.  I just hope he took as many pictures as Riley.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

If anyone has seen my legs....

So big volume is awesome!!  I finished the week tired but not decimated and ready for a few days off.  Generally I am reluctant to take 2 days off but I have say I relished Monday and Tuesday!

Wednesday I had a big swim and run....Big swim was fine - 4500 meters with some hard efforts and all was fine.  Run was to follow the swim and well let's just say I somehow rationalized Starbucks was a better option with the full intent of running after that.  Then I had work to do and let's just say I was very busy.   I was dreading the run- good sign that I should not have attempted it.  I am eager for most workouts....when I am not eager- I need to listen.  Well nevertheless I headed out around 3 and my legs were fatigued. Maybe because of the time off?  Maybe I needed a few miles to warm up....maybe I have so much fatigue they need more time off?  Bingo....sauntered home and called it a day.

So back in the pool today and logged nearly 5000meters.   Distance day and I was feeling it.  So I am committed to big swim volume tomorrow as well and then will see if my legs are eager to ride and run on the weekend.   Letting it all soak in I guess....really listening to what my body is saying and look forward to ramping it back up next week.

In the meantime I will reek of chlorine and have google marks all day!

More importantly......tomorrow I pick up Riley!!  I am so excited to see her again and hear about her 3 week adventure.  I so hope she had the time of her life.  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8 1/2 weeks is a long tine and not a long time....

Holy shit we are 8 1/2 weeks from Kona!  On the one hand I am feeling like I could race next month  but on the other hand my run is not where I want it to be. Broken record.....same story but what do I do to change that- gee I logged 15 hours last week on the bike, hard to lift run fitness with that.

I sat down to write a plan from now until race day....writers block, pain in my legs, aching and cranky. Gee the light went on- I am need in some serious recovery and now it a good time to do it.  1- I have time 2- I need it.  I went to see KP for some ART and I was like a car long overdue for a tune up.  There were so many pops and pain spots it was a marathon session but it was fantastic. And then I picked his super knowledgeable and grounded brain on how to approach the next 8 1/2 weeks.  I had laid out some preliminary weeks and key workouts and I just love his questions- what is your goal for that?  Uh...let me get back to you?  And are you planning any Kona specific rides? Aero, NOT major hill rides?  Race specific. Uh, let me get back to you.... so many good questions and the little voice inside me saying hey now is a good time to take a recovery week, was validated.  Seriously- 2 days off followed by target HR and Power that is so low I may not even break a sweat.  I may have to walk my bike up Torrey tomorrow to keep them in check.

But I am committed to this - get whole, let the weeks of hard work soak in, and then build from there.  Waking up with aching and a sore body is an indication that recovery is needed.  I am all about recovery when I train alone- the key for me is can I stick to MY plan when riding with the girls on Saturday, Can I fall off the back, stay in  my own zip code.....yes, yes I can!!!

And I miss my kids!! Riley is floating out in the Pacific, swimming with dolphin, whales and who knows what else.  2.5 weeks and I seriously miss her.  I miss the blasting Lady Gaga, the vibration every second for the 3000+ text messages she sends a month, I miss her wit and her company.  I cannot wait to pick her up on Friday!!! I just hope she had the time of her life.

Meanwhile JD is far away....the Galapagos is a long way away.  We did get an email from one of the chaperone's and all is going well. They finished their first day in the school teaching English and were playing soccer with the kids and exploring in the afternoon.  The fact there were going Salsa Dancing with the locals is quite interesting...that I am eager to hear more about.  He is gone for another week!

My non Tri friends ask if John and I are going out at night, living it up....sadly we are relishing in the fact we can go to bed at 8 and not be shamed by the kids.....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cobb Salad.....or saddle

So wanna make the guy at the bike shop laugh....ask him if he will put a Cobb Salad on your bike and how much will it cost? 

I digress.....so I have a love/hate and most recently a hate/hate relatinship with the Adamo saddle- really compfortable but has the possibility to give horrible saddle sores. So after the last eruption I had enough.

I have read and seen and asked a lot about the Cobb Saddle.  After a big week of training and cyling I made an iplulse buy and ordered one.  It arrived 2 days later and I was so excited.  I took it to HiTech bikes as I was in the neigborhood and asked the tech with a straight face if he could please put the Cobb Salad on my bike.  He looks dead pan back and says excuse me?  I repeat Cobb Salad.  I then realize my error and laugh uncotrollobaly....oh well maybe you had to be there.  But ever since I heard the name of the saddle I say salad and then laugh hysterically to myself about the idea of sitting on blue cheese, eggs and the like. 

I get a call later and he says my salad is ready!  Love the humor and then he asks why I have my powertap mount upside down.  Um.....well don't really know. Gee nothing like feeling like a complete moron.   So today.....when I put the computer on it slipped right in and I was not wondering why the fit was such a challenge.  Gee- right side up is helpful.

So the ride today was good....a new saddle is good and bad. New pressure points - good as they do not inflame the healing saddle sores and bad - well new pressure points.  But all in all I think I like it. 5 hours on it today and I feel great...now if only the rest of me felt so good.

Considering the monster week I had and the big one before that I feel pretty darn good.  I was dead tired Thur after my 3x5 and Friday was an easy day. Saturday, other than getting up at 3am to get JD to the airport, I was feeling pretty good.  Long run went smashing!  Started very conservatively for the first 1/3 and the picked it up to IM HR and pace for the 2nd 1/3 and was noticing I was feeling pretty good.  Knocked back a Pineapple GU Rocktane (serioulsly love that stuff) and kicked it up a knotch.  Last 1/3 was strong and I was excited!!!

Other than the fact I laid down at 5:30 to take a nap before going to party and well woke up at 9pm and realized I was down for the night.  Went back to sleep and woke up at 7am. Gee 13+ hours of sleep....maybe I was a week bit tired.  Felt good though!  And boy was I hungry....good motivation to get out of bed.

Leisurely AM- no rush to hop on our bikes since Riley is floating out somplace in the Pacific on a Tall Ship and JD is safely in Ecuador.   Nice phone call from him last night....Mom I made it here and it is really cool.  Small down, 2 lane roads, no traffic lights and very NOT San Diego. We are headed out for some food- going to eat the local delicacy....

  Yes indeed he was going to eat some guinea pigs....well I guess when in Rome!

So we rolled out of here around 8:30 and I was open to cutting the ride short- my legs are toast.  But we started easy and headed up the coast and soon got off the coast since it is summer and the crazies are all over.  We rolled through Elfin and went inland.   Did not have a Double Shot meltdown today but when I was bonking I did get some Pineapple Horchata (Horchata or orxata is the name of several kinds of traditional beverage, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts) It was sooooo good and was the boost I needed to ride the last hour!

Success big week #2 is done!!! And this week is a recovery week- hooray.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wanna try something fun.....

Famous last works....1- know the source of such a saying.  So back in November at an Endurance Corner Ironman recon camp in St George,  Gordo asked this question at least twice and I feel for it both times.  The first was at the end of a tough swim workout.  We had done over 4500 yards and tough descending set.  I was done, tired and ready to hop out and he lobs out who wants to try something fun?  Me, me,,,pick me!

I soon realize 2 of us have volunteered....what did they know that I did not know?  Well the "fun" was do another 400 faster than the 1st one, over 3000 yards ago.  No drafting. I accepted the challenge, went faster and surprised myself a bit. Fun? maybe....gratifying, definitely.

Well later in the camp, amongst talk about IM training etc. I hear the magic works...if you ever want to try something fun.... my ears perk up and I am intently listening.  Well this big of "fun" is 3 days of volume training.  3 consecutive days with 1 hour swim, 3 hours bike and 1 hour run.  Gee, does not sound too hard.  I filed it away and kept thinking about the "fun" I could have.

Well here we are 8 months later....and I decided to "have some fun."  I wrote Gordo with a million questions...1- what order swim/bike/run or does it matter? 2- transition time- is this a race simulation and do fast transitions 3- goal, how hard and fast  4- all together or split up the workouts over the day and I am sure more questions....he asks how often I have done 15 hours of training in 3 days?  Well, never.  Goal is do it.  OK seems simple.

So I am coming off a huge (for me) volume week and wonder if this really is the week to do this, but have already committed do I decide to give it a go.  I took Monday off!  24 hours is enough recovery from the last week- right?  We shall see.

I recruit (and begged)  Jen for all the "fun"   And that is why I love her...she says sure, why  not. Well she can commit to Tue and Wed, but has to work on Thursday.  Mind you I too have to work but luckily can work at 5am and then finish in the afternoon or evening (assuming I am alive)   So we lay out the plans for Tue and Wed,

Tue: ride to UCSD (1hour bike) Swim 1:15 Run:1:00 and then finish the ride.  Went well....swim was harder than planned- the set of 8x200's were tough but a good start to the block.  Run was tough to get going as legs are carrying a lot of fatigue.  Ride was fine- we kept it coastal and very social. Very cool- home by 12:15 and have logged 5 1/2 hours of training.  Felt good and rolled with the day.

Wed: Swim at 6:00AM at UCSD 1:15 - done. Drive to Great Western Loop and plan was to ride and then run.  Jen's brake cable snapped as she unloaded her bike- darn it!  So we ran, see I need all the company I can get.  Run was good 1:00 hour done.  Jen left and my iPod and I rode GWL.  It was hot, I mean Africa hot (not that I have been to Africa but it is what I imagine it would be like)  And see we have had zero summer in San Diego- marine layer nearly every day and chilly so this was a startling realization to what heat really feels like.  I am not having fun.... legs are tired, I am sweating a lot, running out of fluids and not loving this.   But then Black Eyed Peas I've Got a Feeling comes on and I am doing well.  Dropped a few boys and before I knew it was at the Bee Keepers- major climbing done.  I was going to Descanso for a Double Shot but that makes the ride 3:30 and well I just was not feeling like being an overachiever today.  So I turned around and kept riding.  It has been a long time since I ran out of water and today was a day that was going to happen. So I had to ration it and took the alternate descent down Lyons Valley and stopped for cold water and well guess what a Double Shot!   Rolled back to the car and ride time was just at 3 hours.  Day 2 done!  Not feeling quite as perky as day 1 and looking at my power file I now know why....pushed it a bit on the climbs.

Garmin on and off to run.  After 2 days of  street runs I hit the trails at UCSD and to my great surprise my legs felt pretty good.  Not sure how many laps or loops I did but kept running until my time was up and cruised back to the pool.  Almost done...2 hour ride and I have completed the mission.  Nice ride through Rancho Sante Fe and I had to stop for the bathroom and as I cruised by the refrigerated aisle I spotted my best friend....I could not say no and enjoyed a Double Shot on the last 30 minutes home. After all I had to go up the 3 sisters....rolled in at 3hours and 1 minute!

So..... 3:30 hours swim. 3:02 hours run.  9:20 hours bike in 3 days!    I feel good.  Legs are shot and arms are tired BUT shoulder does not hurt and nothing hurts in the wrong way and that is a good thing!

Tomorrow is yoga....and I will complete it this time as I need all the help I can get before the weekend.

So Gordo....thanks for the "fun"  I think I will do it again, but not next week.

Monday, August 2, 2010

So I fell asleep at Yoga....

And not at the end during Savasana.....shortly after we started.  Today was a planned day off with optional yoga.  I optioned for Yoga and failed.  After a solid week and one I am quite proud of I woke up feeling pretty good- tired, fatigue in my legs, starving, but other than that good.  Oh did I mention I slept until after 7am- which pretty much never happens!  Chilled in bed until nearly 8- did not even do that on vacation.   Headed to Yoga at 9 and well I shot my energy for the day getting up, eating and driving to Yoga, After my brief nap, seriously with a bit of drool and all I calmly grabbed my mat and left yoga, hightailed it to Starbucks for a triple latte and decided to go about the day caffeinated.

Going into the weekend I was feeling a tad tired but good.....Saturday rolled out the Dudley's with Tati, Colleen and some young hottie Tati had in tow (forgot his name).  Braman was supposed to roll with us but had to go to work for a minute which turned into 9 hours.  Bummer for him.  I was feeling good until we hit Scripps Poway Parkway and ouch, legs are tired and this is tough.  I figured it would be a long day!  Did not help that Tati has springs in her legs- she was on fire, felt great and zipping along.  My goal was to get to Dudley's- 1- most of the climbing is done by then and 2 - the have ice cold Starbucks Double Shot's.

Made it!! Banana and double shot and oddly enough I started to feel  a lot better. Had a solid finish to the ride and was darn pleased.   We went to a neighborhood party on Saturday night, about a mile away and we rode our bikes like good citizens.  The 1/2 mile climb in my jeans nearly killed me but riding home was so much fun. We were filled up with street tacos and a bit of sangria and we were like little kids flying down the neighborhood hill on our bikes.  We were laughing and felt like 15 year old..except well 15 year olds no longer ride their bikes places since it is just not very cool!  Unless you are JD and he rides the electric bike because we are very mean parents who will not drive him.

Sunday I had to work....seriously, I hardly work - right!  Or so everyone says.  I was up at 6 and dressed in real clothes and even had on shoes that were not flips, running or cycling shoes and was on the road for Laguna Beach by 6:30.  I had  client who was at the St Regis Monarch Beach for a meeting that I had contracted for her.  Sunday at 8 was the best time for her to meet with me.  She is a great client and I really enjoy working with her but learned the company has been purchased and she can no longer outsource her business to me.  Dang it!  Totally business, not anything I did, but losing a client is a real bummer and on a Sunday to boot.

So I slinked out of there...feeling dejected and sad!  Okay not really, a bit bummed yes.  And I had my long run to do and my legs were feeling like it was Sunday relax day. Ugh....I drove into Laguna Beach, changed in my car - so long dress clothes- they lasted um 3 hours and I put on the iPod and headed out for my run. I did an out and back and the 1st 30 minutes were tough and then I started to feel great.....on the water, sun was out (forgot my sunscreen and was stressing a bit about that), turned around and in about 10 minutes someone lobbed a piano on my back.  Holy cow.....heart rate went up, pace went down and I a ways from my car, no money and out of fluids and calories.  Hit the low point and the rallied and made the most of the stunning day and was back at the car before I knew it!!! Quick dip in the ocean, no towel to dry off but no worries!

I was feeling good now.....Monster iced coffee, 1.5 lbs of organic grapes from the Farmers Market and I was on the road.....

Came home to find JD and Braman all packed up headed to La Jolla Cove to go SCUBA diving.  Worked out the rest of my frustrations in the garden, took a nice swim in the pool and read a few magazines....good Sunday - yes!  Topped off with a very impromptu dinner with old friends and it was wonderful.  Only thing missing is Riley...hope she is having the time of her life on the high seas.  One week down, two to go and I am really missing her.