Thursday, August 26, 2010

When the blogger goes quiet.....

Either she is busy making millions, training endless hours, has traveled to a remote country without Internet connection or is mildly depressed.  Today my friends the answer is #4.  Not depressed in a serous way or really in a big way, just well mildly.

Why.....I am tired.  Yes that is it- hard to understand the depression.   A combination of volume training, intensity, travel and not sufficient recover put me in a state of fatigue I hoped a few days would fix. (Thank you KP for helping me see this)   Apparently not- so I am NOT good at taking time off training and looking back a solid week of recovery here and there would not force time off.  Lesson #1.  I forced myself to take a few days off and was convinced my problem would be solved and when I resumed easy training I felt flat.  Okay for a day, but by the 3rd day I was depressed.  What is wrong with me...seriously I have had enough time start feeling better.  I would spin an hour and then walking up stairs would feel like I rode 6 hours and ran 1.   But alas....6 days later I headed out for a run, fully expecting fatigue, to be flat and already dealing with the depression but wait, my legs were springy and felt good. So my temptation (of course) go for it.  Lesson #2- take it ez for a few more days.

I enjoyed the run and the rest of the day. Wednesday is test set at UCSD  Masters and I usually dread seeing my times.  We do a 50, 100, 200 M Time Trial.  Yesterday I had that awesome feel for the water- felt strong and smooth and had my best 100 and 200 of the year!  Okay, we are on to something here.  Ride to and from swim was awesome- HR is back to normal and power is at PE (perceived effort).

So I am feeling better, eager to blog etc.!  And I am racing this weekend. Santa Barbara Long Course.  A cool distance 1M swim. 34M bike. 10M run.  Hilly course and I am really not sure what to expect.  Talking with KP he says I could feel great and go for it or since the race is a bit longer I may feel flat, tired and have a shitty race. Or may race well and re-enter the hole of fatigue I just exited.  On one hand, maybe I should skip the race?  But no, I have never done SB and am excited to head up there and 2- I need to race before Kona.  I have not raced since May and need to shake off the cobwebs of transition, remembering all the stuff and I have to try out my kit.  My sponsor Erin Baker Cookies is awesome with the monthly cookies and granola but the kits were delayed so I did on not 2010's kit for O'side or St George.  New kit can mean new rub spots and other issues you definitely want to figure out before an Ironman.

So I ran this morning and felt good...went a bit longer than planned but well- I just did.  Cleaned up my bike (still no name for the Kestrel- maybe K2 - since my first TT bike was  Kuota)  Okay, K2 is cleaned up and race wheel on.  He looks much better with Zipp 606's than the cheap training wheels he usually endures.  I had Speed fill on for the past few weeks but took it off- really 34 miles, don't need the whole contraption.

Okay so the Cobb Salad (Saddle) does NOT, does NOT work for me !  Really I cannot stand it. I tried, I really tried. I installed it and re-installed it, measured and remeasured.  Tilted it down a bit and even further until I was sliding off it, moved it forward and back.  Frankly the design is someone related to a torture device for women when you are aero. Works fine and comfy when riding up right- a lot of good that does me as a triathlete.  I gave it 3 weeks and tore it off.... Adamo back on and ahhhhh!  So the goal is no saddle sores- But I'm telling you, I'll take them over the other pain.  The Cobb Saddle can lead to marital problems... nuff said!

So we shall see how the weekend goes.  Really a good way to head to a race- zero expectations.  Goal is to have some fun, enjoy SB and hang with a new friend.

Kids are back in school..... kinda like the peace and quite at the house during the day. Riley was so excited to start HS and JD was not so eager to head back, but agreed it is a bit cool to be a Junior- an upperclassman.  Riley is fully engaged with Cross Country- practice every day after school and she is happy about that. New friends and a new start!

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