Sunday, March 29, 2009

6 days and counting....

Race week!!!! 6 days to Oceanside 70.3. I am as ready as I am going to be. Not going to be my best race, but should go reasonably well. Had a great run Saturday, legs are loosening up and my calves are not so tight and sore for a change.

Great ride today to LJ with John and had breakfast at Coffee Cup (yum!!) with S/N/T/J. Power Breakfast and I love it, love it.

Saturday felt like Spring, warm, bordering on hot and it felt so good. Sunday, cloudy and chilly again. Ahhh, well I have to remember how tired I get of the heat and appreciate the cool temperatures. Actually cool is good for the next week, considering we are heading to Mammoth next weekend for Spring Break and we want the snow to last as long as possible.

Checked out a new spot for dinner on Friday, Jai, on UCSD Campus, Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Butter Fish was delicious!!!! Hope the place makes it as it was nearly empty on a Friday. Good to get out once in a while and had a good time with Dad/K and S/N.

Heading to an easy training week, always bittersweet backing off. On one hand it is so great to not be working so hard, but on the other, it is so strange to have extra time, less training and more time to worry, have I done enough? What more can I do.....but as KP says, between now and the race, all I can do is sabotage it with too much training, no fitness to be gained with a week.

Still have not ventured into the ocean......thinking I should before race day, but every time I ponder it, I think about how cold 59 really is and what is there to be gained by a swim. But I will do it, I think Wed E and I are going for a swim. Cannot leave the shock to race day.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday again! sunny day and a reasonably good week.

Health is about 80% and that is a good thing. Went for a nice ride yesterday AM with John and we met Nancy, Scott bailed as he is now sick too. Cruised up to Starbucks and chilled over some coffee and then rode home. Nothing hard, but cleared my head and was a good 2:30 ride.

Great swim this morning! Sprint Friday and I was thinking there was nothing fast in me but was nicely surprised to feel strong in the water and extended my swim to 1:20. May have pushed it a bit with the run after as I could feel the fatigue from my cold, but kept the run easy and all was fine.

Exciting news.....Team Aquaphor offered me a spot on the Sponsored Triathlon Team. Nationwide team, should be pretty cool. Was ready to sign the forms and ErinBaker called, well no Erin but someone from her org who is putting together their Tri Team and I had filled out the application. They will be announcing the team 4/1 so I may just wait and see. Either way I will be racing for a team which is cool!

IM California 70.3 just about a week away, week from tomorrow! Cold should be gone and I hope to be well rested by then. Backing off on the training and hope to be fresh for the race next Saturday. Water is still cold.... 60 degrees, yikes. Hopefully the temp outside will be reasonably warm so it will not be a miserable day out there. KP is more optimistic than I going into this race....he feels I am in a great place to race well. I am not so sure.... with all the time off with my Achilles and being sick this week, it is hard to say. I have to keep reminding myself this is not my A race, this is not the focus of the season. That will come in June for IM CdA.

Busy weekend with kids and their games.... but works out well as this is not a huge training weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ironman St George, Utah May 2010

Hooray!!!! New race and I am in. Love it, love it- an Ironman earlier in the year and within driving distance. I am excited- course looks to be hilly and a tough one. I think hills are my strength on the bike so it should be good for me. And the training will be great, lots of Great Western Loop, Mt Palomar, Kitchen Creek, - all will be good training for the race.

Family, family, family

Huge weekend of family fun!!!!

Everyone was in town and we had a blast...Friday and Saturday nights we had 16-19 of us at our house eating and drinking and having fun. Sunday, Dad and Kathi took on the cooking and hosting and we celebrated a belated 50th for my brother and enjoyed a magnum of sparkling wine!! Delicious.

Everyone had fun and thankfully we all get along well!

Was able to get in a nice run Saturday AM, a bit foggy as I am not use to the wine anymore...but the run was good- 50 minutes and pushed the pace. Braman and I snuck out Sunday AM while everyone was sleeping and powered out a 90 minute ride at an aggressive pace. He was on my wheel most of the ride. Good start to the day and we chased the rain clouds home. Drops were hitting us as we pulled into the driveway.

Sunday night was wiped out.....some from training earlier in the week but mostly from cooking, cleaning and drinking wine. Back to normal schedule come Monday, but poor Riley picked up UJ's cold so she spent 2 days sleeping and is back on the mend.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Race Simulation

Thursday was a BTD ( as KP would say) A race simulation per se. Started with a 45 minute run, warm up for 15 and steady run. Jump on the bike for 2:30 ride with some pretty challenging longer intervals... just to the point of uncomfortable and then it was time to back off. Spectacular ride up Del Dios to Harmony Grove and then turned back and cruised home. Pea soup fog through RSF, very interesting.... Off the bike and off for 45 minute run. The 2nd run was not so enjoyable mostly due to my under fueling so I was bonking, but got the run in and even manged 30 minutes to be 5on/off and then a nice easy finish. 4 hours in total and I was starving.....basically was eating for the next 30 until I finally felt satiated. All in all it was great and I was not wiped out and my intervals were spot on for Power and my HR was where is should be, so I am feeling better about Oceanside for sure.

Friday.....hooray! Heading to the pool for a nice swim and then an ez spin with my Bro on his hot new Madone- cannot wait to check it out, all decked out with Sram Red. Will surely put my Ruby to shame on the 101.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's all good

Nice ride on Tuesday....3 hour solid ride, reasonable efforts up with John to his office bode him goodbye and I headed up Scripps Poway Pkwy, through Ramona and down Highland Valley Road - funny there are still remnants of the Tour of CA chalk markings- out through RB and back home. Hooray it was sunny, bad for skin, but fun to ride in after so many cold riding days. I was so shocked when i looked Warm day, not use to that - actually had to stop at the park and fill my bottles. What a luxury to be out riding on Tuesday and enjoying the day.

So so tired last pathetic turning in before the kids, but just could not keep my eyes open. Just for fun I read 1 whole page of my new book- Talent is Overated. Maybe the book is too as I fell fast asleep.....

So dark in the morning, 6am feels, well like 5am. Dark, dark.....but got up and went for a nice early run in the dark with the pups. Spring is coming and the poor rabbits were chased into their dens by the crazed dogs. And once they see 1 rabbit they are on total rabbit alert for the run. Rocky went charging after a Vons bag, poor dog, thought it was a rabbit. He charges the bag and then at the last minute changes course and looks back like "I knew that was a bag the whole time" funny dog....

Off to UCSD for Masters. My sis-in-law joined us today and she got a kick out of swim practice with Sickie. Sickie (coach) come over to me and reports "Nancy is doing fine, she just infomred me she does not speak swim, so I am translating, " Nothing better than breakfast after a run/swim and we met Scott at the Coffee Cup. Managed to pratically lick my plate of the Power Breakfast. Hungry, hungry today.

Great meeting with KM about my new exciting! Jen is the brainchild of the cool name but is not going to run with it. She has great creative ideas for the site and we are going to have great fun with it! KM loves the name and is going to help with the logo and design of the cycling jerseys and tri tops/shorts. I registered the website and am ugh trying to once again launch a site. People are loving the name......and any girl that has ever dropped a boy while cycling will certainly get a smile out of the name. I cannot wait for us to be out riding and hammer by some boys with idropboys on our tooshes! Great fun and we have some very cool ideas for the website- Droppie of the week. The website will be a great playground for good camaraderie and fun for women with a touch of attitude.

Getting ready for the big family am packing a lot of training into the week and I am feeling it. 8pm and I am ready for bed! Big day tomorrow.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Training is good....

What a difference a week makes.....within 7 days I go from thinking I am pulling out of Oceanside to thinking I can race well.

Saturday and Sunday were spend freezing in Temecula at JD's soccer tournament....very cold, windy and miserable and they lost all 3 games. Lots of time wasted for mediocre soccer at best. Today's practice was not pleasant.....boys paid the price for slacking off. They have a lot of work to do in 3 weeks before State Cup.

Since we lost, we were home by noon on Sunday. John was with Riley at her game...they won, Riley scored a goal. (shoulda been there) But I was home and went for an outstanding run. 90 minutes and ran up to the top of Black Mountain- beautiful sunny, clear day and a clear view out to the ocean. Spectacular.

Off we went to La Jolla for a dinner with S/N and the kids. So great having family all around, really nice to be in a comfortable groove with everyone!

The Hunter...

So there I am talking with AT&T about my outrageous phone/DSL bill and how reduce the money we are spending when I hear the Rocky, no Rocky.....Ahhhhhhhh (all from Riley) This goes on for a while and I finally get off the phone and go investigate only to fine Rocky frantically running around the sun room. Crashing into books, knocking over plants. Seems 2 lizards took up camp in Riley's swim bag and now they are on the loose. Zen is running outside looking for them and Rocky is now circling the couch and is on full patrol. He lunges and runs......chases one across the room. Now this is not a cute little Gecko with an Australian accent like on the GEICO commercials this more resembles a Monitor Lizard, okay minor exaggeration, but it is large and reptilian. My rational side is telling me lizards are good, they eat bugs, help our garden...the irrational side is telling me if that gets in the house I am going to lose it. Rocky is not giving up and well with a final lunge he scoops it up. Runs outside and well eats the head and decides it is not exactly steak quality and drops it, picks it up......looks at me. Tail wagging and he is so proud. Mom, look what I got! We trade him with a peanut butter biscuit and we think we will settle down. But no, his brother is still round two commences and of course the Black Lab victory dance is replayed. Quite the afternoon.....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

End of a great week.....

What a difference a week makes!

Today is my big Sis's bday....Happy B.Day Sis. Well Friday, when I started this post, it was her bday. Sorry we cannot be with her to celebrate but we sent a much wanted gift and all our good love and wishes. Looking forward to next weekend with K,J, M and W are in town and we get some good family time. Miss my neices and look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Ended up with a great training week. Did a terrific 3 hour ride on Thursday and a great swim Friday AM and then another 3 hour ride on Fiesta Island. Jen, E and I worked it hard- pushed it and felt great. I am feeling a lot more confident about Cali 70.3 after Friday's work out. I did not lose any strength and I think the forced rest may have been an okay thing.

JD had his first HS Lax game at Bonita Vista and they won! HS is a lot different, more aggressive and a much faster game. Fun to see and he played reasonably well.

Picked up D/K from their 5 week trip to Australia/Hong Kong/Japan and although weary, sounded like a wonderful trip. Will be nice to have them back in town.

Last night had such an enjoyable evening at my Mom's house with a long time friend of the family, Bob Herbold. My parents and the Herbolds spent so much time together and we did all kinds of crazy things together as families. From the wonderful ski trips to Breckenridge, jeeping in the summer in CO and of course riding on the toboggan behind the Jeepster at Christmas time on Dallas Ct and in the fields by the house. Great childhood memories and such a nice time connecting the Bob (Big Mouse) on an adult level.

Hancock's arrive in SD tomorrow. Hooray- will be fun to see them some more while at their rented house in La Jolla, same house as last year- Hope to see them for dinner Sunday night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 hours and on my way....

Got in a nice 2 hour ride today and it was pain free. So thrilled. Going to jump to a 3 hour ride tomorrow and all should be good for Cali 70.3. Have not tried my Tri be honest am a little afraid of it right now. But a 70.3 on a road bike would not be my preference so I am going to lower the saddle on the Kuota and see if all will be well tomorrow. Legs felt better today which is good.

Rode with John to work and then up Scripps Poway Pkwy, nice ride and kept the efforts in check on the climbs, just to be safe. Temperature dropped 7 degrees from when we left home until I returned. Hands and feet were freezing and rest of me was looking for a hot shower.

Eat, eat, eat....back in that mode and it feels good.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

90 minute ride....

Jumped on the Ruby road bike, saddle in it's original position....and voila 90 minutes with virtually no problem. While that is a short ride, considering what I have been able to do, this is a exciting for me. Well other than my cycling legs are um....someplace else. So I am going to ease back in with my low saddle and then try my Tri Bike Friday. At this point, miles is what I am after and will work on the position later. With just over 3 weeks to Cali 70.3 I need to be riding or I will have to pull our or have a sloooow bike split, neither option is really what I am looking for.

Great swim today- chilly this morning, 42 degrees. Thank goodness for a heated pool and heated showers. Nice long set this morning working with Terri on a tough interval with paddles. More much as I don't like it, I think the kick sets loosen up my legs and work some alternate muscles from the run and bike.

Aspen was dumped on last night 15 inches.....ugh, wish I could have been there for fresh tracks this AM. Scott called me from Sheer Bliss and it sounds heavenly. Oh well. The good news is rain and cold here in San Diego so that means Mammoth is getting snow and it is not too hot. Good news for Spring Break and the Dunkle's sneaking in some more days on the mountain.

Feeling Better

Finally.....good health is something to celebrate! Sunday woke up with some energy and went for a nice swim and started on a run, just to see. No AT pain on the run and pulled out a nice 1 hour run along the coast. Beautiful day and although I was tired as was not fueled for an hour, it felt great to be out running.

Rest of the day was an awesome Sunday....reading Malcom Gladwell's bood Outliers and read the majority of it all day crashed in the sun room with the pups. Truly a relaxing Sunday. Kids were with their Dad and came home Sunday night.

Going to rest the AT a few more days and jump on the bike for an easy spin and hope, hope we are good to go. Going to try my road bike and see if the different fit may not aggravate the AT.

Working on a very cool business idea....more to come very soon once the website is secured and I have a few meetings this week.

HPN is busy and am happy about that. My clients are doing meetings, planning and need my help. Keep the paychecks coming to support this ever so expensive habit I have acquired.

Off to walk the dogs and for a nice swim this morning.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Injured and frustrated....

Back home and in the groove. After 3 days of the flu, I felt reasonably well today and decided to ease back into training. John and I took off for an intended 2 hour ride. The flu is still hovering in my body and I was weak and was struggling with 160 watts....felt like 220. Clear sign of fatigue. So I took it slow and about 20 minutes in my Achilles began to swell, not much, but a reminder it is not healed. Took some time to lower my saddle and that helped a bit. But it was progressively getting worse. Bailed out at 90 minutes and the pain is lingering. I am at a critical point, this is not an injury to train through as it can lead to a tear or rupture and I will be out for months. So I am going to bail out on Oceanside 70.3 and take the next 2 weeks to heal and then get back in training and focus on Coeur d'Alene. I have plenty of time and can still be ready for the race. If healing goes well, I may look to do Wildflower May 2nd to get in a 70.3 prior to race day. Looks like a lot of time in the pool and at the gym and will start counting the days until I am back on the bike.

As for the rest of life.... JD is loving HS Lacrosse-practice is 6 days a week 2+ hours a day. He will be in phenomenal shape very soon. He is excited to be on the team, playing for the school and is focused. He had some good conversations this week. Soccer and lacrosse practice at the same time. He spoke to his LAX coach about missing one day a week to go to Soccer and he said he will still start but he may only start 3 quarters vs 4. He then spoke to Steve and asked if he comes one day a week will be lose his starting position for State Cup and Steve said no. So he is going to do both and hopefully be able to perform well. To give up on soccer for 4 months and then play in Spain may be tough. He has handled it well and has been talking with each coach and working it out. All excellent lessons for life. Few reminders about school....losing focus a bit in the academic department. We had some redirection to enforce there is no lacrosse unless grades are good.

Today he attended CIT (counselor in training) at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. He and a buddy will be working for 3 weeks over the summer- great place to be and great experience. Part of his training is to be certified in sailing as well so he has to take a class and pass the test as well as CPR. Overall will be excellent training and not a bad place to be for the summer.

Not much on Riles this week....recovered from Snowboarding and eager to get to Mammoth in April if we can swing it. Working hard and retaining her independence.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aspen Skiing

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Just returned from 4 fabulous days of skiing in Aspen with my Brother and his family. John, kids and I arrived late Friday and hit the slopes in Snowmass on Saturday by 9:15. Fantastic day of skiing and snowboarding. Sunny and chilly and snow that was fantastic. Riley took a lesson as she is still a beginner and JD and I were together most of the day. Skiing off Big Burn and Sheer Bliss we could ride up together and I could find the black bumpy runs and JD the groomed blacks or blues and meet a the lift. WE put in a full day. Got a call from Riley around 1:30, in tears, she had fallen hard just too many times so John went and picked her up. We hook up with Scott and Nancy around 2pm, slope side at their Condo. JD and I went for a few more runs and ended up at the wrong bottom of the Mtn and lifts were closed. No problem,….jumped on a shuttle to the town center and called a cab. $1 per person and we were back at the Condo by 4:30.

Spectacular Condo! Ski in/out and with 3 stories, 2 master suites and 2 rooms with bunk beds and single beds to max out accommodations. So fun to see Taz (3) and Jax (almost 2) they warmed to Riley within minutes and we all settled in nicely. Big pasta dinner, few games of Scattergories and off to bed and ready for another big day.

5:30am and Riley comes to tell me JD is puking…poor kid, spent the day throwing up and more…all day in bed and miserable. Riley and I head out and she was very tentative going up the Gondola but we had a few good runs and she took a break with Kristen, Taz and Jax. Scott and I found some great challenging skiing off Alpine Springs and High Alpine and then headed back to check on JD. Great to ski with S! Poor JD, he was still hating life! Bummer for him. Found some great skiing after lunch and finished the day with Riley, she was tired but a trooper and determined to get better on her board. Squeezed in a few more runs….just to be good and tired.

Monday JD was about 75% better and hit the slopes with Scott and John. They had an awesome morning while I rode with Riley…by 10am she was off the greens and handling the blues well. She has also committed to taking lessons in the future as she does not want to be left behind any more. Scott and Nancy spend the afternoon with Riley, made her day! Braman and kids in a cab at 3:15 and off to the airport. Great to hang with S/N and the kids. So glad they invited us to come.

Tuesday was the day for Scott and I to head to Aspen Highlands and do some hiking off the top to the peak, Highland Bowls. As we are getting to the lift, I realize I am going to be sick, quick stop, I lose my breakfast and we are on our way. I am feeling about 75% now….let’s hope for the best. 2 lifts and we are at the top, we then jump on a snowcat and ride a bit and then strap on our ski’s and start hiking. 45 minutes, 1200 feet on a narrow path with sheer drop offs bordering us. We make it- blowing hard, snowing and not exactly ideal. But the snow was pure bliss! Power, very few tracks and 45 degree pitch, it was steep and not too deep. I think the most challenging ever for me but was thrilling. Meanwhile I am feeling worse but the minute….I have to stop frequently and when we are ½ way down I realize I am not well. We get down, do another steep run and I surrender, need to get home. We stop for a break in a Chalet, we walk in side, are engulfed by the smell of cheese fondue and I nearly lose it. Miserable skiing down and finally we are heading back….but we have to take a bus. I literally fall asleep at the bus stop. Too much, after transferring busses, returning my skis I fall into a taxi and spend the rest of the day and night in bed. So much for my last night……Ah well- am glad I did not miss the day.

It was a quick trip but terrific. Great skiing and great fun. Back at home and low on energy. I was hoping for a great few days of training but need to get well, my energy is zapped and the flu is hovering over me. My Achilles responded well to skiing- no more swelling and minor pain. The rest of me is worked over… back is so sore (all the bumps), knees are tender (bumps as well), quads and hammies are stiff. Never ceases to amaze me….I can ride 112 miles and run a marathon but can get totally worked skiing downhill! Good cross training I hope.

Am beginning to worry about Oceanside 70.3. With my Achilles I have not ridden in over a week and will have to take another few days to recover and am not sure how it will react to the bike. Since IM CdA is my A race, I may need to sacrifice Oceanside, take it as a training day, and ensure I am healed. I have 10 weeks after Oceanside before IM and need to be 100% to maximize training efforts. Will take it as it comes….