Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hunter...

So there I am talking with AT&T about my outrageous phone/DSL bill and how reduce the money we are spending when I hear the Rocky, no Rocky.....Ahhhhhhhh (all from Riley) This goes on for a while and I finally get off the phone and go investigate only to fine Rocky frantically running around the sun room. Crashing into books, knocking over plants. Seems 2 lizards took up camp in Riley's swim bag and now they are on the loose. Zen is running outside looking for them and Rocky is now circling the couch and is on full patrol. He lunges and runs......chases one across the room. Now this is not a cute little Gecko with an Australian accent like on the GEICO commercials this more resembles a Monitor Lizard, okay minor exaggeration, but it is large and reptilian. My rational side is telling me lizards are good, they eat bugs, help our garden...the irrational side is telling me if that gets in the house I am going to lose it. Rocky is not giving up and well with a final lunge he scoops it up. Runs outside and well eats the head and decides it is not exactly steak quality and drops it, picks it up......looks at me. Tail wagging and he is so proud. Mom, look what I got! We trade him with a peanut butter biscuit and we think we will settle down. But no, his brother is still round two commences and of course the Black Lab victory dance is replayed. Quite the afternoon.....

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  1. Julie, like you said, that sounds like it was quite the afternoon! I'm sorry to hear about the huge AT&T bill. Great way to build customer loyalty, right? At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I'd suggest that you check out the website that I work for,, where we slash the average cell bill by 22 percent. Through the site, which is powered by a company called Validas, we have currently audited over 26,000 cell lines and have saved consumers nearly $5 million off their wireless bills. You can check out Validas’s in the national news media, most recently on Good Morning America at

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