Saturday, April 18, 2015

EAS Protein Powder and Electrolytes

Last week I received an invite to "test" a new product- Go Me!  I love this kind of thing... the marketing guy was great, "check it out and blog about it if you love it or even if you just like it"  If you don't you don't have to "fake" it. Fair enough.  EAS is not a sponsor of mine (disclaimer) and I don't make any $$ ( that I am aware of LOL)  from this.

So by nature I am not a protein powder kind of girl..... I use it when I am training hard for quick recovery when I cannot stomach real food.  When possible I go for real food.  I have a hard time with the artificial flavors and additives- but they serve a purpose and EAS is a cleaner product than many out there!  It comes with a nifty shaker to make your shake - so to speak.

Once the product arrived I saw the "testing" was not so much about the product but the new packaging.

1- square container- okay indifferent about that
2- when I took off the lid the scoop is on top of the foil-  genius - NO digging through powder for the scoop. I HATE digging through stick powder for the "hidden" scoop.
3- there is an ez way to store the scoop in the lid.   another genius move.

4 - foil comes right off with the little tab vs pulling and twisting and ultimately using scissors.

So- winner right there.  Easy to use, store and re-use.

I have the vanilla powder- and it is not too chalky and has a nice flavor.

If you need for "on the go" put the powder in the cup and keep H20 separate. Mix and shake when ready (post workout) to ensure it is fresh. Ez- good recovery on the spot.

For the record- I only use a protein drink like this for 3+ hours and when working hard.  Or  if I have back to back workouts ie: AM masters swim and than a bike or run- this works really well for that.  Liquid calories are easier to digest.

RE: Tri Club SD members- EAS is big sponsor. (click here) and log into the TCSD site to get your discount.

More on the electrolyte powder next time... 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

And the MRI says...

Micro tears in the Periosteum :  periosteum, a thin sheath that covers all bones whose function is to be provide nourishment to the bones. This sheath is rich in nerve endings, so it feels pain. When the periosteum is over-strained and irritated, it gets inflamed causing pain. In the case of shin splints, it is the sheath covering the tibia.  In my case the sheath has tears and lumps of inflammation.  

Really is sounds like shin splints but I guess the tears and lumps are the bigger problem and why it it taking so long.... 6 weeks today of NO running. It is getting better, 60-70% better according the the Dr via the MRI, she can see the healing. 

So with another 3-4 weeks my season will have to adjusted and I may kill someone  of not running I should be, (note should be) running again.  Or with PRP, I may be running in a week to 10 days.  So guess what I am doing today?  PRP. 

What is PRP:  Patellae Rich Plasma. PRP is the injection of the patients own platelets, in high concentration into an injured tendon, ligament or Muscle tear. The Platelets contain growth factors which help stimulate natural healing.First a small amount of blood is taken and placed in our office centrifuge. The centrifuge separates and concentrates the platelets. Dr  will then use the ultrasound to visualize the damaged tissue. The area is injected with a numbing agent, followed by the injection of PRP all done under direct MSK ultrasound guidance.

The idea is to "encourage" the shin to heal faster. It cannot hurt it.  Most likely it will increase the inflammation and pain for a few days and then as it clears out the idea is that it heals faster.  

At least I know what the injury is.I am still dumbfounded at how painful this is.  I've deal with and and run on shin splints for months in my former runners life. Yes they are painful but this is extreme- which I guess is good as it probably saved me from a stress fracture.

If you ever get PRP know it is not a picnic... with terms like "peppering the bone" and 17 shots you can expect it to be mildly uncomfortable.  But it it done and I left the office achy and sore.  But by last night it was feeling better and this AM is agitated but not painful.   She warned me the pain could go from a 3 to a 10 after the PRP for a few days, so I am quite thankful it did not.  Rest today,  no swimming 48 hours due to the 17+ deep holes in my leg (infection is the last thing I need) and if all is okay I can be spinning by the weekend.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coach, I am sick!

I'm not really, or at least physically anyway, but as a Coach I get this from time to time. And as an athlete I do get sick occasionally.  As I have a few athletes who are sick this week I was thinking about this today...

So the question is what should you do.

- define sick? under the weather, tired, hacking up a lung, fever, minor sniffles ...the degree of illness does matter.

I like the "neck rule" for starters.  Symptoms below the neck (chest cold, bronchial stuff, body ache) require time off vs above the neck (runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing don't pose much of a risk if you keep training.   That being said even if above the neck, it maybe wise to dial it back, go aerobic for the day and see how you are tomorrow.  The risk is that the "above" the neck cold escalates into a lower respiratory infection and than you are looking at days off.  

I also like the really scientific approach of a "gut check".  If you are 100% honest with yourself (not thinking about an upcoming race/your competition/your sub par workout last week)  how do you feel?  Do you want to go out and crush it training or are your worried about missing a day so feeling like you SHOULD train?   Any triathlete most are very fine tuned to their body and knows when something is OFF. so think about how you really feel.

Many times we (athletes and I) agree to 1 or 2 day's off and then they are back crushing it later in the week- maybe it was just necessary recovery.   Being able to back off or skip a workout occasionally when something is not right will allow you to keep training.

We all have little voices in our heads.  Come admit it. ( I have many)

There is a voice that speaks to us  when you see intervals @ xx pace and you are like "wtf"  That's when you have to think about this image above.   Are you worried about the workout? well suck it up buttercup :)

And then there is that other voice when you are feeling crappy or something hurts- LISTEN to that voice too!   I WISH I had listened to that little voice when I did my last run (6 weeks ago)  But I digress..

Think about it this way, a day for 2 off will NOT affect your upcoming race or season.  But training through sickness, logging 2-3 days of sub par workouts, and than falling really sick can by 10-14 days - now depending on where you are in the season and your training this can mess you up.   Knowing how hard my athletes train, a day or 2 off, will not affect much. We readjust the week and go forward when you are feeling well.  

Monday, April 6, 2015


Less training times leaves me time to feel sorry for myself  or take advantage of the extra time.... Really I understand that in the big scheme of things that being sidelined for a month or 2 or a year is not a big deal  I am being petulant, pouty and will soon get over it.  It's just taking me longer than past injuries as I was sort of blind sighted by this, as in, I did not ignore the twinges and weird pain hoping it would go away. I treated, rested, backed off and babied it, until i did that 10 mile run with intervals- okay I deserve it- NOT.

I spent a great weekend in Boulder with my sis and her family and 2 days with JD- he is almost 21.  It was great to spend Easter with my boy :)  He missed the Easter egg hunt with his cousins but was happy about his Easter basket (even if the candy was organic)  We celebrated my sisters tenure at School of Mines- Go K!! with lots of wine and champagne.... Sunday we had to dry out in prep for a day of work in Denver before heading home. 

 The original dates were perfect- 1 week post Oceanside- good break and continued recovery.... plan B (since I did not race O'side) was to  bring my bike and ride.  This was derailed due to injury ( when your ART guys posts a comment under me boasting about my double peak repeats " it keeps me in business"  Thanks Dan Selstad. The bulb went off- maybe uber cycling is NOT helping recovery. It just as well as it was 31 and dumping now when I arrived on Thursday.  Friday was a great lunch with my coach- bonus face to face time is always a win, even if I am in a "lame" state.  

So instead I did 3 Yoga sessions. Got in a killer swim- Jane Scott is a kick as masters coach.  5200 yards (at altitude) mind you with a LOT of hard work, no mercy!   Loved it.  At the start of the 800 for time, she says if you are about go get lapped "get the f out of the way" otherwise the lapper "slap, scratch, claw or pull the one you are lapping"  "it is about lane awareness"  I like her style :) that was util we did a 600 TT and 75's on base -5 and 50's all out.   

Following swim is "dryland"  as I recall "dryland" was some core work, bands and functional strength,  In Boulder is starts with 200 crunches as a warm up and went from there.... 45 min planks, lunges, squats, sit ups, crunches, toe raises, calf raises, plank was our recovery.  I left the pool 2 1/2 hours later tanked... it was awesome!  my kinda sick.  

In my "recovery"  I am channeling or really trying  positive engergy vs negative energy!  

So:  Goals are

1: Coaching- I need a new name for my business/group.  I want to build a brand and to do that I need a name that works... dontgetdropped is, well lame.  I know,  idropboys does not work for male/female coaching.  The recent Dunklette name will not work either.   I welcome any input.
- once I nail that down I will work on a logo, website and than can do fun things like line up sponsors for my athletes, have awesome kits make, start a coaching blog, which I have wanted to do for a LONG time, and streamline this a bit more. Plus I want a coaching blog.... specific to triathlon, fitness, racing etc- 

2: CORE - many of the Dunkle's have accepted the Core Challenge for April.  We started a closed FB group and have the challenge laid out. 30 days!  All that complete it get dinner on me and maybe a few prizes.... but really you will get 1- strong core 2- 6 pack if you are lucky,  We do have a few "outsiders" so if you are interested, let me know, you can jump on the challenge. We are on day 6 and it is getting real!   After dryland and sculpt yoga it hurts to sneeze or cough so I guess I am working my core. 

3:  Yoga- yes I talk about it a LOT but I am committed and well this is the time to do it.  More time, less triathlon so more yoga.  Time to work on strength, work out imbalances and increase flexibility.  5x last week!  #committedtoyoga

4:  Education -  a really smart guy who happens to be my coach asked me what 5 books are on my list to read?  hmmmmm let me get back to you.  I stole a few of his and added a few. Finished 1 and 2 and 3!  working on 4 and #5 was recenlty recommended- should be fun. 

Great by Choice, JIm Collins.  I am 75% through this and it is good for anyone.   It's not just a book about business it is about life, success, learning and following cues.   More on the 20 miles per day approach. (Dunkle athletes don't freak out this is not running 140 miles a week)

EMyth - a book about being an entrepreneur.  50% through that.  The big take-a-way there are 3 of you in your business the Entrepreneur, the Manger and the Technician.  The technician is doing the job, the work, what we love.  But we need more time being an entrepreneur to grow the business.  Still rolling this around but working on it and have laid out some goals and ideas on how to make this happen. For me it's a complex, I have 2 businesses- HPN and Coaching.   Holy cow that makes 6x Julie - 2 in each wonder I wake up at 4am :)  

Ready to Run don't I f'ing wish  Unlocking your potential to run!.  Author is Kelly  Starrett who is a big CrossFit guy but his big initative is about mobility and he offers Mobility WOD's. The book is good, really good, maybe soon required ready for my athletes.  It just makes sense.  I've read it twice and highlighted, tagged pages and am following protocol each day.  While I don't expect it to cure me now, it will help make me stronger, balanced and "bullet proof"   There GOLD in this book.  I just signed up for the Mobility WOD of the day. $7.99/month. Kelly says commit to 20 min a day- NO DAYS OFF.

Spartan Up By the founder of Spartan Races and the Death Race.  Principle of the book De Sena offers a simple philosophy: commit to a goal, put in the work, and get it done. Hard to argue with that.  Good read and fun too.

Girl Boss  " success is about trusting your instincts and following your gut, knowing which rules to follow and which to break."   Like it so far! 

So there you have it..hopefully not to whiny.... 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tales of the mysterious calf/shin

3 weeks NO running!
7 days in my lovely new boot
Pain level the same as it was 21 days ago

Actions: 12 ART sessions, 3 massages, 6 laser treatments
Result: nothing

Time spent in Dr's offices/treatment locations:  10+ hours
$$ spent:  No disclosure

Mental State: up and down ( more down than up these days)

I was relishing in the fact I could ride by bike all I wanted... I was taking my bike to Boulder for some epic rides. Working on my swim stroke and getting in touch with my inner yogi (who is so tiny and buried so deep we are having a hard time connecting)

This weekend between being on my feet for 8 hours on Saturday and consecutive days of riding my shin is not getting better but possible worse. More aching and I feel it more often that not.

It took Dr D and a good friend  to say... " have you considered not riding ?"  NOOOOOOOO Okay the rational side of me gets this.  No running and a boot is not leading to relief so take out the other possible aggravater... why can't that be swimming.  It only makes sense but also makes me very sad.

I love my bike :( 
Riding is my favorite f the 2 sports!  Riding is my sanity and my social life.    But of course I want this to get better to night night bikes.... no biking in Boulder this weekend.

Bring on the wine, yoga, wine, swimming, wine.....