Thursday, November 27, 2014


My first sentiments about thanksgiving or about Christmas....back off!   I find it amusing that Starubucks had its Thanksgiving blend out 11/1-12 and then it was swarmed, swallowed and covered by 10 different variations of Holiday blend, and red cups.... bah humbug!

I am thankful for....don't worry not a list of the usual sentiments or maybe it will be.

Waking up in Santa Cruz in our funky Air BnB hippy love shack with my best friend and number on fan John is the way to begin a day of thanks....of course sharing overtaking  the bed is Roo and Mako.  One big family in a very small bed.  JD is upstairs- so great to see my boy!  Poor Riley got called into work at dinner last night but it is so good to see her...she is thriving in SC and happier than I have ever seen her.  We rolled into town and checked out her place, while definitely a college house, its 1 block from the beach and pretty sweet.   6 girls in a 900 sq house- 2 to a room, but location, location, location,

How we ended up on the hippy love shack it a nightmare....once again a rental scam.  Long story, we thought we vetted the listing on CL, used paypal etc. come to find out the house is owned and lived in and NOT rented to us for Thanksgiving  Us meaning my family of 4, my 81 yo Mom, Sister and family from Boulder....the idea one big house for 4 days.  We scrambled and are making the best of this... so far its all good.

So what in general.  I am blessed to have both my parents alive and well and in San Diego!   We lost my step father last January but my mom is doing well and I cherish that we are so close.  My dad and step mother are  in LJ and we see them regularly.
 Seeing my mom and dad on a semi regular basis is really important to me and I am thankful in so many ways.... My siblings although in Boulder and Hong Kong we are very close. I talk to my sis a few times a week and we are like best girlfriends but more.  My bro and I are close even with the miles.... Thanks mom and dad for having all 3 of us :)

My friends.... you know who you are...we may talk 4x a day and have each other on speed dial or maybe once a month but each one plays a special role in my life.  Surrounded by good friends is anther blessing. We rode 1000+ miles this yards together, traveled to races, drank wine and shared many a Bonk girls make triathlon amazing but really complete my life.

My athletes....I am honored and thrilled to have coached and be coaching so many amazing people- most for Ironman, my passion.  Seeing them grow, get stronger and faster, crossing the finish line is what keeps me motivated every day.  Each one is different and I thank them for allowing me lead the journey!

Sooo happy to see my baby!! 

kids and Mom
Dinner was 14 of us.... 3 families and a giant joint effort of cooking and fun! And a HUGE surprise from my bro- flew in from Hong Kong!      We started the day with the Run for Pie in Aptos...10k in the trails and it was hard and fun!  Kids and sis did the 5k with the dogs.... family and running = happy mom  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Off Season - what is that?

a time of suspended or reduced activity; especially :  the time during which an athlete is not training or competing

What does the off season mean or look like? Depends on the athlete, your current season and next season.  After your last big race of the year is when you  "off season" begins.  My advice don't make any decisions about the off season for 2 weeks. 1 week post race you either still have not unpacked your gear and bike or you maybe dreaming of not losing all this great fitness and feel ready to go.  Generally 2 weeks post IM are a better indicator.  Also consider when is your first A race in 15?  March vs May is very different.

The goal for the off season is to physically heal up but really mentally to take a break from a rigid schedule of swim/bike/run- early AM's, long weekends.  If you want to swim swim, if you don't don't.  2 weeks post IM I don't like any schedule- just cap your workouts at an hour and no running for at least a week.   If you are nursing any injuries NOW is the time to let them heal.  4 weeks off running now is doable but mid season is a game changer.
Now is the time to plan...if you do nothing that is okay but be sure to include that in your build phase for your next season- it will take longer.

 If you want to work on a weakness- have a plan for 4-8 weeks a strategy. This is a great time to work on your swim technique while you are not worried about fitness- commit to 4-6 swims a week 30-40 min and work on technique- get a few swim lessons and really commit to getting more efficient.  Do a few running races- 10K's or 1/2 marathons.  Bike 5-6 times a week.  A single sport focus on your weakness is ideal and back off on the other 2, it's okay.  Have fun... relax and don't be so regulated.
Ride without power, leave your Garmin at home- just run, hit the trails. Swim OW or get out early - less stress now allows for a serious season. 

Do yoga, work on strength It's okay to gain a few pounds, especially if you got really lean for your last race. Now is the time to have some wine, more dark chocolate, be less vigilant. Why?  So when it comes time you are ready and willing.

What does my offseason look like?  Been on my bike 5x in 5 weeks, swimming 1x a week max, running in the trails nearly every day with my dogs... go garmin and no clue how hard or ez, just having fun! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

The only thing you can control is your attitude

This was what Mike Reilly (voice of Ironman) into the loud speaker minutes before I started my first Ironman.  And he is is a long day with a lot of unknowns, keep your attitude in check and the journey is more pleasant. Will you still suffer? yes.  May you consider quitting? maybe.  But you will prevail....

With the cancellation of Ironman Tahoe due to fire and the cancellation of the swim this weekend at Ironman Florida due to severe riptides and high winds we need to be prepared mentally for anything. Ironman is about months of training and sacrifice.  You have missed social engagements, stayed at home when others went out for happy hours, skipped the dessert to get to race weight, been tired, hungry, sore and grumpy for weeks all in anticipation of the big day!   You have sacrificed! 

You visualize the big day...but what it the big day brings 4 flat tires, 30 mph winds, rain, hail, cancellations...what will you do?  Other than a cancellation you will persevere, pull up your tri shorts, suck it up and enjoy the journey.  You are privileged to be doing such an epic event. This is your choice, your dream and about your goals- so live it, embrace it and enjoy it what the day brings.  

When Tahoe was cancelled I had athletes racing and it was devastating, I now I would have been angry, sad, frustrated.....but my favorite comment back to me from Tracy "yes I am disappointed, but I feel much worse for the people who have lost their homes"    In the scheme of things....yes we are lucky!  

So for those of you toeing the line int he next few weeks in Arizona, Cozumel etc.... be ready for ANYTHING!   Embrace it all and know if you can prevail you will be an Ironman!