Friday, January 30, 2009


Another good training day! Tough workout at UCSD, today was sprint day. Nice long warm up and then... 8x75 all out @ 1:15. Tried to hold 53 but eventually was 54, 55's. Last one was agonizing. Arms are tired. 4400 yards. Refueled and headed out for a 30 minute run along Torrey Pines. Spectacular weather and beautiful view of the ocean. Was so hot I thought about taking a swim, until the 58 degree water lapped my feet and then not so much. Off to Starbucks, gotta love it and to the gym for some strength training. Last session of core was weak, there I was laying on the mat realizing I was about to fall asleep. Time to go and next thing I was stumbling around Vons looking for food of any kind. I actually ate a banana and then tried to pay for it. The look the checker gave me when the banana peel rolled along the belt was classic. I profusely apologized and offered $1, he was staring at me so I suggested weighing the other banana and charging me for that. Low fuel is not a good thing! Oh and to think it was all self inflicted. Since then I cannot stop eating.....yogurt, bananas, chicken and finally started on the cookies, something has to satiate me.

And then work....right gotta gets some done today. Got my HPN work done and then started on GO TRIbal....exciting project and we hope to launch it soon.

I still need to change the music in my iPod, playlists are too old, memorized them and how did Rockin Around the Christmas Tree sneak on there and why does it play every time I listed.

Procrastinating and decided to read the paper.....So the US is in a major recession, all I hear and read is record unemployment, layoffs, earnings down...and then I log onto and see this headline " Exxon Posts Record 2008 Profit Despite Slip in 4th Quarter" Gee what a surprise, think that $4.50/gallon had anything to do with it.

And before I dogs have the best darn life. Run, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep. If I slept 15 hours a day I would have the same energy they do in the afternoon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Craig Alexander

Just returned from the SD TRI Club meeting and listened to an interview with Craig Alexander, IM World Champion 10/08. Very, very cool guy. So humble and so real. Inspirational indeed. He made one great comment about training, the difference between IM training and 70.3 is that 70.3 is always hard and intense. HA!! That is my problem, I spend too much time taking it easy. Amazing to hear him talk about 4-5 hour AM workout and maybe another 1-2 hours in the evening. 12 races in 2008! All 70.3's and 1 Amazing Ironman Win!!! He is so complimentary and appreciative of his wife and daughter- very refreshing.

Loving San Diego Weather!

Beautiful sunrise swim at UCSD! Even though today was IM day, which I personally dislike, the swim was wonderful, watching the sunrise and feeling the warmth. Warm weather is back. Sickie (UCSD Swim Coach) says IM builds character, so I ask how? Well he dislike it right? Right I say, well when you do it, you then become stronger. Not sure if I buy it but it was good banter and we started the set. 4000 yards today, nothing really hard. Good recovery swim day I suppose. Lots of kicking these days in practice and I think that helps loosen up the quads and hammies from riding and running.Refueled with my new favorite, Henrys whole-wheat raspberry bars, and off to PQ Preserve for a 45 minute run. Warmed up and then cranked out 3 nice miles, 7:47, 7:37, 7:23, and easy back home. Nice tempo in the middle and reasonable pace for the rocks and potholes I was dodging. So I am rocking out to Toby Keith (ya, a little Country is good sometimes) and out runs a barking, jumping tiny dog. It was alarming, scared me to death, not that it would bite me, frankly I could have squashed it (not that I would) but just was startling. The dog was on a leash but it was like 100 feet long....hello zip your dog in! Says the person who usually runs with 2 dogs off leash. All in all great run, knees felt pretty good. Finished with KP and ART to get the knees 100%.Gotta get some work in. Priorities right....have to pay for the Triathlon habit somehow.

Great Western Loop

Awesome, awesome ride today! 3 hours and over 5000 ft of climbing. Great Western Loop is like a drug for me. Love the roads out there and it is so, spectacularly beautifully. Jen and I headed out at 8:30 and it was chilly- arm/leg warmers and full gloves. As we climbed it was getting warm and the sun was beating down on us. I felt great today, legs strong, bike newly tuned up so it was smooth and with the new chain it was nice. Jen rocked the Carlsbad 1/2 so she was felling it big time by the time we reached Fire truck Hill but she hung like a trooper. Screaming down the descent and I just had to add a bit so I went back up Jamul Drive, steep going up but great to get the extra mileage. My husband asks...why drive 40 minutes to ride when we live where we do. 1- 3 hour ride, stopped once at the light at the finish, continuous riding is hard to beat. Very little traffic and the views are spectacular. To be so close yet feel like we are riding out in the country.Starbucks at the finish and life is good. I started dreaming about the Iced Mocha on that last climb and enjoyed it on the way home.Life is good......and that is all for today. Well, other than work, life and other responsibilities!