Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I learned today

Extreme heat index.
Outdoor exposure should be limited. Riding a bike for 4:45 is a really, really stupid idea

Mostly Sunny          
Feels Like: 118°

1- When you do a ride in 2010 and comments in Training Peaks say never again- pay heed to that
2- Don't pick the hottest day of the summer to ride out there
3- Ride inland San Diego where it was still hot, we did not have to drive 90 miles....
4- When you realize your the number you have been focusing on as power is actually your HR and it is reading 175-180 for over an hour.... you are in trouble
5- UCAN in 110+ degrees is possibly the most disgusting fueling option I can imagine
6- When trying a "new"product, bring back up when you are riding in the desolate desert with 1 fueling stop over 90 miles-
7- When your coach turns back because he looks like he may die.... good idea to do the same versus persevering on to the planned turn around
8- Check the other store you plan to stop at on your way out.... because when it closed on the way back and the hose is pumping out water that is 90+ degrees you will be very sad
9- Delete I Had a Bad Day from my iPod
10- 5 hour energy shot + fein in 110+ degree weather, at the same time, is a really bad idea..being delusional one makes such errors
11- sometime walking you bike is okay when your HR is over 180 and you are seeing black spots
12- Beth is a good friend and training partner 
13- My husband was really smart to go scuba diving in the cool, refreshing ocean
14- KP was a savior when he came out to get us
15- We were the ONLY cyclists on the road today 
16- Before you dump nearly a gallon of water down your back....make sure your phone is in a zip lock bag.. email me or try 858 829-7161 until further notice :) 
16- Vegas and Kona HAVE to be easier than the 80 miles we logged today

Rolling along well here.... only 98 degrees and optimistic

 KP not feeling so well..... is my HR 180 or my power? 

The ugly beautiful desert- Ocotillo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rest for the weary....

Saturday's ride was one of the best I have had all year!   KP, JB and I headed out to Elfin Forest...KP wanted me to do a flatter and more aero ride- time to start logging the Ironman rides so come race day the shock of being aero for 5.5-6 hours is  not a shock.  Developing those muscles, getting the gut used to processing calories folded in half etc....he suggested riding to Dana Point and back- 1: I hate that ride, but will do it on occasion but not in the summer and especially not on a weekend.  Too many cars, people and beach crazies and car doors...... So after a great ride through Elfin on Tuesday I had the grand idea of doing laps in Elfin.  So we warmed up on the way to the coast and held a steady pace up La Costa and into San Elijo Hills- as soon as we crested the 1st hill, hammer down and time trial to the other side...17 minutes and a solid ride.  U turn and back we went, even stronger.  KP says " that stung a little" and then the final one was just plain hard-  but able to push all that harder knowing it was the last one.  All said and done - just about an hour of near threshold riding.   Can you say baked....really quiet for the next 20 min or so.  As we climbed up after the awesome Del Dios descent my legs were back and I was feeling okay.  At the turn towards home I rolled up to John to let him know I was riding back to the coast on Lomas Sante Fe and then a loop home...he said no thanks and left.   All was good for the next 30 minutes or so and then I felt the 20+ hours of training that week, the brutal hour in that ride and I was changing my iPod frantically trying to find motivation.  Found the Black Eyed Peas, and AMPM for a Monster Java + a Red Bull and I was back in business and finished the 90 mile ride feeling pretty okay.

Came home and made a grilled cheese...absolutely perfect carb loaded fat loaded meal I was craving, went for a quick swim in the back yard and back on the bike ( mtn bike this time) for a spin to the Farmers Market.  I have to stay the Cat1 climb out of my neighborhood was um painful..... ate my way thorough he market and began to feel normal again.

And now.....5 days of recovery.  They are welcomed and not forced (which is how they usually are)  2 solid weeks of big volume with some intensity thrown in there...manged a cold that did NOT get out of control.,
As soon as I felt the cold....I started it all- Congaplex , increased my daily dose of the Wellness Formula to 3xpill/3 hours, Zicam as directed. Chinese Herbs and the Nasal Cleansing Pot.   Overkill?  I had a wicked sore throat and 90% congestion one day and was nearly gone the next- did not have to back off training and kicked the cold! 
Monday- day off and I was okay with that.  Today had  nice swim and an evening run and I am feeling pretty good.  Going to roll with the recovery all week and hit it hard again this weekend!  Heading to the heat of Ocotillo - 110+ temps here we come.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mid Week Fun!

Mid week fun with the girls..... Liz, Riika and me off to ride GWL + Descanso

 54 miles
4,770 ft of elevation 
Nice views of
max temperature 102 

Lots of fun on the climbs
iced Mocha at the bottom! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swimming with Friends

I ride with friends and sometimes run with friends but usually don't swim with friends. I swim in a lane at UCSD with people I have met swimming but other than a name I know nothing about them.  Occasionally I swim with Kim and Terry and they are friends.  Today I swam with friends.... Liz and Amy.  I did not want to to to UCSD because the hot water was turned off and that pool is cold!   Cold pool followed by cold shower in the morning marine layer is just not my way to start the day.  So I planned to swim at Frogs and swam with friends.

We did an awesome workout!  600/6x00, 500/5x100. 400/4x100, 300/3x100, 200/2x100, 100/100 I swam the continuous distance and pulled the 100's. The funny thing about this workout  is Beth suggested in for Vegas last week and I was in.  Jen said she would do any workout but that exact work out Beth has suggested hours earlier- it was quite funny! Do we did not do it, but it has been on my mind to do.  Funny even though we all had out own lanes. swim different paces it was motivating to be together!  Of course we had the pre and post workout chatting so that makes it all the better.  Company is good!

Training is going great..... not feeling 100% today due to a summer cold (what the heck?)  - has been slowly coming on- one of those colds where you sound really bad but feel okay, just all congested. I had an awesome ride yesterday with the girls (Rachel, Riikka, Liz) and KP and felt spot on.  Somewhere along the ride I got stung by a bee right near my armpit- usual burning and stinging, but usually it just goes away. This time it swelled up and is still itchy today.  I had felt another pain on my chest but did not bother with it too much.  When I took my jersey off I found a mashed up bee and the stinger sticking out.  Double whammy!   Well that's what I get for riding with my jersey wide open - letting friend come in.

Despite the cold- my swim was great and the run following was terrific as well.  Its when I stop exercising my head fill up and I don't feel so well....what is the message here?   I finally gave in and took a sudafed.  I was contemplating a Beadryl for the bee stings...but that seems like a lot, I can just complain instead.

Kids are registered for school....long gone are the days we do this together- they print all the forms and ensure that I don't need to be near them during the process....sniff, sniff.  1 week from today and school is back in.   Where did the summer go? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Las Vegas 70.3 Just the facts.....

So I was asked for a Vegas 70.3 recap...less all the personal stuff.  So if you are not racing Vegas or not a triathlete, you probably want to skip this blog post!

SWIM: No clue....Lake Las Vegas is not open to swimming year round so we were not able to do any recon.   Looking at the area it was hard to tell where T1 will be, where the swim takes place etc.  The question will be wetsuits or not?  We felt the lake and it was NOT hot but since I did not have a thermometer with me it is hard to say if the temperature is within the wetsuit legal range or not. Word on the street is no wetsuit, so get a swim skin. If you are wondering if it is worth it - YES they do make a difference and hello you are at the World Championship.  Don't give me, but they are expensive- take a look at what you spend to save less than 1lb on your bike- do it, get one!  I hear Zoot will have theirs ready and I hope they do!!!  I love my Prophet Wetsuit so can only assume the swim skin will rock too.

BIKE:  So you can see the map and the profile..... what do you notice?  The most amount of climbing is mile 40-56 and this is hard to imagine when your ride the course.  As you exit T1 and Lake Las Vegas you are climbing almost immediately out to the highway, good time to settle in and not go crazy, Although there will be many hammering out, eager to ride, there is no need, you will have plenty of time to climb hard.  First you  turn right toward Henderson for a bit and then get on the River Trail and head back towards Lake Mead. You enter the National Park and do an out and back. The roads are good. Rolling hills and if there is no wind this will be a fast course, if there is wind, not so much.  The climbs are reasonable all can be done aero - nothing as steep as the Oceanside or Wildflower Climbs. Great for sighting competition as you turn around at mile 18.   Once you exit the park you are on the highway for a bit and then the stair step turns through the neighborhoods begin.  It reminded me a bit of St George neighborhoods - bleak, desert like and not that exciting, But you are climbing the whole way. Here is where I think people will feel the ride...if you over ride in the park this will be tough. Still aero but a lot of turns and not exciting.  I don't image there will be many crowds back there either.  No shade and may be really hot.  We missed the last 2 miles but I am sure they meander through the neighborhood to T2.

T2 and the finish are in a big park/amphitheater area- with shade.   Rolling in T2 should be easy and nice to be on the grass.   Getting out to the run course was hard to navigate so I am unsure of the route,  But the run is odd, really more like an L.  You run ~1 mile net downhill and turn around at a park, run back up past T2 and then run up hill ~1 mile- steeper climb for sure, turn around and run back down- that is lap 1.  There will be no shade so expect it to be hot.  I think the run is fair, can be broken into 1/3's and gives you 6 opportunities to see your competition as you are out and back each segment.  I imagine crowd support will be tremendous so the run will go by quickly.   The last downhill mile is of course better than uphill but tough on the quads.

So there you have it.....where to stay? We are staying at Green Valley Ranch, at the finish, Bike check in is on Saturday so race AM I assume there will be shuttles- there is not much near Lake Las Vegas- hotels and restaurants but all expensive.  At the finish you have lots of shopping and more to do.  Plus we will all be hanging at the pool bar Sunday post come join us.

Any specific away!   Cheers and good luck.

Oh and was it hot- yes it was f'ing hot!  Well over 100 degrees- but definitely a dry heat.  Sort of like running or riding into a hair dryer. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Smashed in Las Vegas....Girls Weekend

I am sure this headline conjures up many images....drunken nights, shows, strip clubs, gambling, night clubs and the list goes on.  Well this girls trip did include lots of girl times, getting smashed, chugging liquids, passing out....but in a very triathlon sort of a way.

I think we drank 4 beers and 1.5 bottles of wine  between the 4 of us over 3 nights.... Instead of going to sleep at dawn, our goal was to be in bed before it was dark (ie before 9pm) and up before it was hot (ie 5:15am)

We rented a very cool condo in Lake Las Vegas... 1.2 miles from the start of Vegas 70.3 World Championships. Wicked cheap.... amazing the discounts you can get when it is 117- not kidding. We rolled in on Monday night around 5 and it was 117.  First stop- Whole Foods- Beth and I stopped on the way in and ate our way through the store  went shopping for the next 24 hours and headed to the condo where Brandy was settled in.  We could not figure out the gate nor the lock box but managed to get in somehow.   Relaxed night and I picked up Jen at the airport- late night bike assembly and all of us (less Brandy) realized how much we rely on our husbands for this kind of a thing.

Up at 5:15, coffee brewing and GF pancakes on griddle. Riikka, Ian and Brain arrived on time at 6 and after Ian's strong hands helped with the new tire..we were rolling at 6:10 to ride the course. We skipped the swim as there is no do much other than float around in Lake Las Vegas- not set up for swimming.  So here is the recon on the course.....
Bike Course.....beautiful ride, great roads!  Challenging but not a Wildflower or IMSG. 

As soon as you get on your bike you are climbing out of Lake Las Vegas  and then again into the National Park- we had to pay $5 but assuming on race day it will be free.  Immediate left turn to head North, we headed South for a bit because we were completely lost,  to see how the other direction looked.   We righted ourselves and rode on....rolling hills, NOTHING steep or grinding, all very, very manageable- will be very fair and a great ride- VERY fast IF there is no wind....Tuesday was calm and fast, Thursday was wicked, wicked, did I say wicked, head wind going out and a a tail wind for part of the ride back- then shifted again.  I digress..the first 36 miles are in the park on great roads, not technical and allow for lots of aero riding.  As you exit the park, climb out- it is actually the steepest climb of the course, but does not look that way at all.   Down the highway you go and quickly start the neighborhood climbs to T2- 16 miles of dogleg lefts, false flats and views similar to the neighborhoods of St George. This will be the more challenging part of the course...and if you are not careful will leave you wiped out.

T1 and T2 are separate locations....T2/Finish have a lot to offer-Whole Foods and lots of restaurants, hotels and cool spots-

We left T2 and rode back to the condo to cool down...temp was reading 114 outside.  I have to say for as hot as it did not feel all that hot.   Good news.  We chowed down, showered, ate and napped!  AH! Such is the life..... 20 minutes into my nap work called....but hey 20 minutes, is 20 minutes.  Next up we went to the pool for a swim sesh.... really nice outdoor pool for $2.  Downside the pool temp was close to 85 and it was over 110 outside.  A bit sick feeling but we got in a solid 4500yard workout.... We had  our own lanes for 30+ minutes and then swim team came and we had to pile into 1 lane with a really agro dude.  He was NOT happy he had to share, swam down the middle of the lane, sprinting and knocking hands- He ran over e one too many times and the next time we passed I smacked him hard  accidentally hit him with my hand paddle!

Back to Whole Foods for dinner food!

Run Course....not really a loop- but you get the picture
Hitting the run course

Gotta love it.... worked for us.  In bed early and then we slept in....6am.  And off to the run course.  Again I was pleasantly surprised- I heard hilly, hilly...the course is 3 loops which on paper is not too desirable but in theory it is not a loop. You leave T2 and somehow get out of the parking lot, we missed this, but then a nice mile mostly down hill, turn around in a park and back up, past T2 and up hill 1 mile - much steeper climb and then turn around and back.  Loop 1 will be fine, loop 2 not so fun and the final loop just get up the hill and then a nice downhill finish.   Very fair run, spectator friendly for sure and great for seeing your competitors.  I would recommend some downhill running so you can smash that final mile- running down on sore quads is a bit tough.

We swam again without the nightmare dude.....and then enjoyed a nice afternoon.  Hammered out some work and we had a so-so dinner at a Mexican Place in Lake Las Vegas....the company was good!   food- eh,. margaritas not so good.  Early to bed....and up at 5- Pancakes and coffee on deck and out to ride again....

This ride was much different.....big wind changed the course a lot!!!  Hills were the same, obviously....but wind adds to the day. Someone asked me about gearing...I would not say you need "special" gearing-  as in Wildflower but my new motto is better to have too many than not enough.  I will probably roll my 11-27 only because I have it and have only used it for Wildflower.

The other question for the race is where to stay....Lake Las Vegas has some great resorts- Loews, Aston Condos... and a lot of other great condos and you are at the start!  But the finish has Whole Foods :)  We are staying Green Valley Ranch..... awesome pools and spot for some post race RnR. Either way you will be fine!

We did a T run in 114 degree weather, rode over 8 hours in temps well over 100 degrees and it felt like the hair dryer was on high in your face...but it was not horrible- very doable. Dry heat so you are not dripping sweat- and as longs as you hydrate, take salt and get in calories...all is well.  After all it is only a 70.3.

Thursday ride we added on to the Marina....screaming descent and we were all hot and a bit bonky....dreading the climb out we stocked up.
monster rehab, Frito's, frozen snickers, trail mix, gummy bears....please get us up this hill
The only thing missing is the gigantic dill pickle which Jen bought, drank the juice and ditched the pickle.  Jen lives in Tulsa where it is 114 and humid...she knows how to replace sodium!   We had such a screamin tail wind coming up the hill the climb was nothing.... either that or we were super powered.

As for the rest of the time.....the group of girls was perfect!  Beth is an ideal travel partner- always has to pee (like me), always up for a Starbucks stop and is happy to eat bags of carrots in the car.   Brandy, whom I met at the condo just rolls with it.... met us all for the first time and was perfect.  Jen and I have stayed together at races so we already knew it would work.  We all gelled, laughed a lot, bitched praised our husbands, ate like we trained and did not want to go home.  I see another trip like this in the future.... love you girls!

So we are nearly home.....45 minutes. Withing riding distance and we have to make one last frantic bathroom stop. So frantic I cannot find or get to a gas station...exit Old 395 and drive uphill and throw on the brake, turn off the car, open both doors and go.  Feeling 10000% better I hear this odd a rattle.  Holy Crap I look to my left to see the 2nd 1/2 of a big fat Rattler slinking up into the bushes. Beth nearly climbs in my arms, screams get in the car.....then wants me to back up so see if we can see it.  Talk about the adrenaline shot I needed for the final drive home.

Thanks girls....for the good training and good fun! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

More of the same....

Heading to Vegas for 3 days of heat training and girl fun!   Rolling out with Beth and picking up Jen later tonight- we have a condo in Lake Las Vegas and the plan is meet up with Noko and Brian and roll at 6am for a 70is mile ride on the Vegas 70.3 World Champs course... eat and recover a bit and hit the 50 meter pool for a long swim session and then its RnR!

Wednesday we hit the run course early...beat the heat and since it is 3 loops and we are varied runners- Beth being wicked fast, Jen really fast, Noko fast and me well, anyway. we will probably run laps and reconvene at the end.  Hit the pool again and then avoid the heat.

Thursday we are riding again and hitting the road!  Going to be fun, fun, fun!!!

Last few days have been about and hanging with JD and John.  Good fun and nice movie time... Movies we have seen- Limitless: highly recommend. Soul Surfer - another thumbs up and Unknown- another good spy movie.   Yes we have nice summer evenings and we should be at the beach, well we did that Thursday, but we are all tired..... weekdays me from working and training, JD is working and up early and is beat and John is putting in long hours- so we are happy to eat outside by the pool and pile on the couch for movies.  

We are all eating the best of summer....more corn. tomatoes every night, Alaskan salmon, grilled chicken and purple potatoes, spinach and lemonade Popsicles for dessert!  Last night I did make cookies for JD- my going way present for him. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Ironman Train....

Survived Saturday's ride thanks to coke and chips!   Sunday was a trail run... off and on issues with my dang foot- the one I sliced open in November with the broken plate- something seriously happened as the injury comes and goes and it has come again.... but the run was successful and with pancakes and an ice bath I was ready for the 2nd half of the day.  Farmers Market... yuuum and Jen's baby shower.  So much fun!  She is adorable and beaming with all the good pregnancy hormones.

I am so excited for them and just stunned to think it was nearly 17 years ago for me....really, really am I that old?  Ugh- yes.  The shower was great run and thanks to the Daubner's for hosting-  but you could see the wiped out, over trained triathletes vs the young parents who have a balance in life now.  The tired kids (me being one, ate, hung out, cleaned up and left) meanwhile the young parents and kids were swimming.  This is why you don't have kids at 45...well my siblings did but not me.  

Monday was a well earned and appreciated recovery day and then the train began..... swim and run, swim and GWL + Descanso in the heat- okay not the 110+ degrees in Tulsa, but close to 90 and hot, hairdryer hot- eyes drying out hot, water is hot hot, and so hot and dry there is really no sweat on the descents hot- and this is nothing...not 110 Vegas hot, but we are easing into the heat.  Today was another swim- 12,000 yards in 3 days and I am feeling it- Wednesday swim was a hard one and today was, well not so hard!   Mid week runs on the treadmill to monitor the foot and so far so good!

Wednesday was a classic day....up at 5- 1 hour solid work and hit the pool,  post swim 30 min email over coffee and a bagel ( yes full carbs), long ride., shower in Starbucks post ride and "cleaned" up, 2 conference calls while driving to Oceanside for a 1:30 lunch and meeting, 30 min at Starbucks to review 2 contracts, Acupuncture, 2 more calls and then a few hours of work in the evening.  Dinner of champions: corn from Farmers Market, fresh tomatoes from neighbors garden with olive oil, balsamic and feta and a huge bowl of fresh strawberries...stunning colors and such good food!

Thursday more swimming and running and really busy work day with a coffee date with dad and a smashing evening at dog beach!. John and JD surfing and Zen and I played in the waves as the sun was setting.... another summer fresh dinner and it's almost Friday!