Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rest for the weary....

Saturday's ride was one of the best I have had all year!   KP, JB and I headed out to Elfin Forest...KP wanted me to do a flatter and more aero ride- time to start logging the Ironman rides so come race day the shock of being aero for 5.5-6 hours is  not a shock.  Developing those muscles, getting the gut used to processing calories folded in half etc....he suggested riding to Dana Point and back- 1: I hate that ride, but will do it on occasion but not in the summer and especially not on a weekend.  Too many cars, people and beach crazies and car doors...... So after a great ride through Elfin on Tuesday I had the grand idea of doing laps in Elfin.  So we warmed up on the way to the coast and held a steady pace up La Costa and into San Elijo Hills- as soon as we crested the 1st hill, hammer down and time trial to the other side...17 minutes and a solid ride.  U turn and back we went, even stronger.  KP says " that stung a little" and then the final one was just plain hard-  but able to push all that harder knowing it was the last one.  All said and done - just about an hour of near threshold riding.   Can you say baked....really quiet for the next 20 min or so.  As we climbed up after the awesome Del Dios descent my legs were back and I was feeling okay.  At the turn towards home I rolled up to John to let him know I was riding back to the coast on Lomas Sante Fe and then a loop home...he said no thanks and left.   All was good for the next 30 minutes or so and then I felt the 20+ hours of training that week, the brutal hour in that ride and I was changing my iPod frantically trying to find motivation.  Found the Black Eyed Peas, and AMPM for a Monster Java + a Red Bull and I was back in business and finished the 90 mile ride feeling pretty okay.

Came home and made a grilled cheese...absolutely perfect carb loaded fat loaded meal I was craving, went for a quick swim in the back yard and back on the bike ( mtn bike this time) for a spin to the Farmers Market.  I have to stay the Cat1 climb out of my neighborhood was um painful..... ate my way thorough he market and began to feel normal again.

And now.....5 days of recovery.  They are welcomed and not forced (which is how they usually are)  2 solid weeks of big volume with some intensity thrown in there...manged a cold that did NOT get out of control.,
As soon as I felt the cold....I started it all- Congaplex , increased my daily dose of the Wellness Formula to 3xpill/3 hours, Zicam as directed. Chinese Herbs and the Nasal Cleansing Pot.   Overkill?  I had a wicked sore throat and 90% congestion one day and was nearly gone the next- did not have to back off training and kicked the cold! 
Monday- day off and I was okay with that.  Today had  nice swim and an evening run and I am feeling pretty good.  Going to roll with the recovery all week and hit it hard again this weekend!  Heading to the heat of Ocotillo - 110+ temps here we come.

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