Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Thoughts on bikes.....Random thoughts

When training for hours and hours on a bike, often alone, I have sadly found that I begin talking to my bike. Am I totally nuts, or maybe others who are afflicted with this "sickness" called Ironman training do the same. The funny thing is I have 2 bikes- my road bike a Specialized Ruby, whom I naturally call Ruby and my new baby, my Tri Bike Kuoata Kaliber, whom I have not settled on a name but am rolling around K2.

See for me, my first real bike was the Ruby, just 2 years ago. Until then I was riding my 7 year of Fuji Mountain Bike that weighs in around 30 lbs. So you see, Ruby and I have been through a lot. She has seen so much, like when I forgot to unclip and fell onto the sidewalk, when she flatted out and I could not for the life of me change her tire, when I was not feeling so well in a race and made it rain on her. She is a good friend and a nice comfortable ride as well.

So K2 comes along...Why, well of course because I need an aero bike. "Need" something lighter, faster, stiffer, a racing bike. K2 is all of those things. He, seems like he is a he, and I spend long hours together preparing for IM. He is not sympathetic, he makes me work hard. When he flats, I promptly fix it and we are off, no wasting time, laughing about the old days. See he has only know me since I have gotten serious about this sport and sees his role as getting us to Kona.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Epic Ride

Email comes in from KP, my coach......

Inviting me to join him on a ride and here is what it says " I am looking to do my favorite epic San Diego ride Saturday. It's a long tough day. 110 miles, 10,000 feet of climbing and will really put us to the test. I can tell you, no women you compete against in your age group will have done such a ride. And very few PROS will have done such a ride.

I am in!!!!! We left at 8am, from Bear Valley off 15 and rode out past Wild Animal Park, Bandy Canyon and up to Ramona from the other side. Then out to Dudley's, turn left on 79, veer right at Lake Henshaw and go out to S2; go right to Anzo Borrego desert floor, over to 78, go right up Banner Grade to Julian, down from Julian to Santa Ysabel, to Ramona, through Ramona to Highland Valley. Up then down Highland Valley to 15, north to the start.

What a day!!! First time riding over 100 miles and it was epic. Great day- it is all coming together!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Pefect Storm!

Thursday, 2-14.....On my training schedule was a 70 mile ride leaving from a point about 8 miles from the house, up to Santa Isabel, which is at about 3500 ft. Weather reports said cool but pretty good day in store. Light drizzle in the AM. When we started it was 44 degrees, typical for this time of year. We have on tights, full gloves and an extra layer on top. As we approached the first climb, I was hot, really hot, thinking I was overdressed. As we continued through Ramona it began to drizzle and the temperature began to drop. Around 2.5 hours into the ride, as we are approaching the final stretch to the turn around point, I feel needles on my face. Only to realize it is hailing. We hassle to the warmth and contemplate what our ride down will be like. After gulping coffee and hot chocolate we step out side and it was freezing, literally, Within minutes of riding the hail was stronger and the wind was picking up. We are creeping along still going on a bit of adrenaline, not understanding a major storm is moving in. We forged on and suddenly the painful needles subsided, only to be replaced with the wonderful sensation of snowflakes. Although not so wonderful at the time. We decided to keep riding and if it began to stick we would have to stop. Minutes later, it was sticking and we were starting to shake and it was clear we could not make it down. We pulled over in front of a big farm house to call Braman to come and rescue us, only to learn there is no cell service. At this point, we are soaking wet, shaking uncontrollably with snow packed on our gloves, in our helmets and filling our shoes. We ring the bell and a couple in their 70's opens the door welcomes us in by the fire and began serving us tea. We nearly dropped to the ground and kissed their feet. We reached Braman and gave our location and he was off to our rescue.

Shortly after our arrival, the woman's phone rings and we hear on her end "they are standing by my fire." Apparently, the women's daughter lives down the road and had called to say "Mom, you will never believe this, but 2 girls just rode by on bicycles in the snow." The wind was blowing with 30-40mph gusts and up to 10 inches of snow fell. The outdoor thermometer read 30 degrees when we arrived at Bill and Betty Ann's house.

Braman arrived 2 hours later with 2 stranded motorists, jackets for us and flowers for Betty Ann.

When I started my Ironman training so many people encouraged me to start a blog, they said, "you will be amazed at the stories and what you go through."