Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Week done......

WooHoo!!! I made it through my biggest volume week to date. Over 20 hours and I am still standing and awake, well barely, and that is only because of my darned computer issues. Other than a very hot long run today, the rest of my day has been troubleshooting and struggling with my computer. Corrupted .pst file and it really, really is a challenge. The majority of my work is in that file.....I have it backed up but it's not all that easy to drop it in on top of the corrupted one.

Oh forgot, Riley and I took a late afternoon shopping trip.....mostly to go to places of air conditioning. It is over 90 at our house and this heat wave is miserable.

Saturday did another great ride. Rolled at 6am with JB, J, T and I. The boys stayed with us 2+ hours and the cruised home and we headed into the heat. This ride started East and ended West so as the temperatures climbed we were heading toward the coast. It was almost tolerable on the coast, temperature wise that is, still all the summer crazies driving around. But, alas we had to head back home, into the heat. And the transition run, was so, so hot. Bottom of my feet were burning.

But then, then......the ultimate reward, a dive in the pool, which is 78 and so, so refreshing, No solar in that baby, keep it cool and a treat in this heat. It was heavenly....we laid on the shelf like a couple of resting whales. It was awesome.

The plan was then to meet D/K for Julie and Julia. See I grew up watching Julia Childs', thanks to my Dad. So it seemed appropriate to share the movie watching with them. Well, we go to so few movies, I did not know that the weekend schedule differs from the weekday. So we show up at 3 for a 3:10 movie, which really shows at 4:25 on the weekend. We don't want to wait and decide to go to Inglourious Basterds. What a mistake....I should have know. The last QT move I saw was Pulp Fiction. When JB watched Kill Bill I went to bed. And well, 20 minutes in, I was done- The summary.... " In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as "The Basterds" are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis" It was just not my I left. The rest stayed so I went shopping and ended up in Starbucks drinking iced coffee and reading the newspaper. A lovely Saturday afternoon- much better than the movie!

We had a great dinner at D/K's- terrific post ride fueling and pre run. Great food, company and even a bit of wine.

And now.....Mon.Tue recovery and well I think I am going to do it!

Friday, August 28, 2009


The great news is that it's Friday!!! Hooray.....and the not so great news is that we are having a massive heat wave. I am talking 90+ degrees. After a sleepless night due to heat I was up and had to get my run in before the temperatures spiked. It was quite pleasant at 6am so the pups and I had a nice start to the day.....before the oppressive sun came out.

Kids off to school, a bit of work and then off to the cove to swim with E.

You would think we would ditch our wetsuits, it is a sauna outside....but no, the water is 72, but for an hour that gets chilly. So we are sweating, melting, staggering down to the water. Can you feel the drama. Ahhh into the cool water, very cool water right near the beach. And off we go- very interesting swim, water was very green and we were very slow.....Hard to describe but we simply were not moving very fast and not because there was a current, it was just us. Watching us come back to shore was all too funny, with the minuscule waves pushing out, we are knocked off our feet as if there is 10 foot surf.. We make our way to the shower, complaining about everything, commiserating together. Next thing I know, E is standing there hardly clothed, as if she is in a private changing room. She was so out of it, she forgot we were on the grass at the bloody Cove AND summer is not over. Once this comes to realization, we start laughing so hard we could not stop. Tears streaming down our faces, doubled over and now totally wiped out...we make our trek up the hill to our cars.

Another day in the world of training for Ironman

Check it out......

Henshaw Loop

Well....I've heard about the infamous Henshaw Loop and now I have done it. Who made it famous and why? The loop is supposedly great Kona prep and the "Germans" come to San Diego and ride it for Kona prep.

So we chose the hottest day in months for this ride.....We left Kit Karson park at 7am, should have rolled at 6, with KP, D, T and I. It was very comfortable and we headed out the 78 towards Ramona. We rode the 78 climb on Saturday and 6am and it was awesome. No traffic and a wonderful climb...not on Thursday. Lots of commuters (I guess) and trucks screaming past, was not idyllic in the least. We reach Ramona and well, it is now hot- close to 90 degrees, so we fill up our bottles and are rolling soon. Old Julian Hwy is awesome, no cars and a truly beautiful climb. Jumping back onto the 78 was a drag and we soon dropped into Dudley's, more water and it was over 100 degrees now. My bottles were hot- stopping was worse as you can really feel the heat. How hot is Kona going to be?? Out to Lake Henshaw on an optical illusion, I tell you. The road looked flat, yet I am in my highest gear and almost wishing I had another. I kid you not, at least 5 times I look down thinking I must be in my big chain ring, nope.... Well turns out it is steady climb and with the and the road, it looks flat. Then the fun started, cruising down and around Lake Henshaw on the 76, pass the turn off for Palomar- no thanks well over 100degrees, and the fast descent towards Valley Center. Final stop for more water, a bag of ice and wow, it't hot. KP flatted on the way down and just as we are leaving the store his tube blows again. No worries he changes his 2nd flat and the valve breaks off. Ok, this sucks! I give him a tube and well his new sassy wheels require not just extended valve tubes but extra- extended valve tubes for valve extenders - of which we have neither. So now are resorted to patching the tire and trying to make the valve that is too short work- thank goodness for T's hand pump and nearly 45 minutes later we are finally rolling. Hour + and we should be back at the car. But the climb out of Valley Center was precarious- 2 lane road, no bike lane and backed against shale rock. Did I mention it is over 100 degrees and there is a lot of traffic coming from the Casinos. Just get me off this road and psssst, my rear tire flats, Arrrgh- short walk to a place that is off the road, in the gravel, but with shade. 4 minutes I change the flat and we are rolling again. Just get me back to the car!

We made it and of course then it's all good! The psot ride high 80 miles, 6300 ft of climbing, surviving the 100+ degree heat, burning eyes.

And this ladies and gentlemen is why I love training for Ironman!!! Good friends and good fun all in a days ride.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6+ weeks.....

I hope I make it to Kona......can you say tired, tired, all the time.  It is becoming like a suitcase I carry around- oh that, just fatigue I like to keep with me.  It is Tuesday and well all is good.

Had a fun ride Sunday with a group, which I do not usually do. We worked out logistics, where to meet, who is coming, the route, the route again and again. I have refined my mapmyride skills.  I can create routes in my sleep now.  But the majorly frustrating part is that you cannot access bike paths and they still do not have Carmel Valley Road over Black Mtn AND they do not let you ride the dirt. makes it hard since 1- we take CV road a lot when riding and 2- we leaven 1 mile from the bike path.  Seems someone should be able to work that out- but I guess it is google maps they use - so anyway.  We rolled at 6am with JB, C and KP and as we climbed out of PQ,  JB  comments that is frozen water bottle is nearly thawed and that triggers KP to note he has left his bottles in the truck at our house.  UTurn- not good to ride 4hours without fuel.

We hooked up with M and R and off we went.  New route out the 78 to 67.  Great climb and a nice ride- especially early with minimal traffic.  We had a nice comfortable pace going and about 1/2 way KP rolls up and past and picks up the pace.  My HR is steadily climbing, my power is increasing and we have dropped the rest of the crew.  He is working and it is sooo much fun.  And then when my HR is at 180 I am thinking, wait, is he testing me, this is a recovery ride.  He once sent me an email, "not every ride is your top ride, its okay to let others ride away from you..." My body is saying hang on and see how hard you can climb, we are nearly to the top, my head is saying.....back off, stick to your plan (even though you have not the last 2+ mile)  Oh the chaos in my I ease off and that was the right thing to do.

We regrouped and headed down HV and back to the house- ride was a bit more (effort wise) that was planned but it was great fun.  M and R kept going as they had to add on some and ride back to where we picked them up.

The best part was being done by 11am!  Nice- big ride done and ready for the day.

We chilled for a bit and headed to a fundraiser for Engineers Without Borders  at Wine Steals in Pt Loma.  The event was okay, bunch of Engineers (gee what a shock) and they are raising money for solar project in Kenya.  They needed a marketing person to recap what the project was, pass the "hat" for donations, collect email address and recruit people to help.  Instead we met some people, drank wine and left.  But not before checking out the store. They have a great selection - the place is a cool wine bar with delicious snacks. They sell wine by the glass or bottle but also have a retail store and you can pay retail prices for a bottle, not restaurant prices with is often 300+% markup, and then drink the bottle in the place.   We picked up a few bottles for later.

Then off to our 2nd social engagement for the day- a neighborhood bbq,.  One of Riley's friends Mom's is a new triathlete and she had a get together- Great fun- lots of good recovery food (red meat) and wine. Super relaxing and fun and met some Tri Clubbers that I did not know.  We called it a night when the kids were whizzing down a steep hill (Barrymore for those in the hood) in a wagon.  Steering ( if you can really call it that) with the handle.  It was dusk and the street was not deserted.  Time to go before disaster hit, well a car hit.

JB had ridden the electric bike over so he had to show that off.....gotta love 4000watts on a beat up Mtn Bike.

And the weekend was over....... Kids up for school Monday and the real year has begun.  Both had 2+ hours of homework Monday and are settled in now for the same.   Summer is over.  Both have quizzes this week.

Yesterday I swam....well kind of- my arms are still trashed from Friday- how can that be. I took it easy and did the work out and then had a good run in the Carmel Valley trails in the heat.  Sheesh!  How am I going to survive the heat and humidity. Listening to Chris McCormick (08 Ironman World Champion) talk about all the work in the heat lab, testing fluid loss, testing the chemistry of his sweat so the knows what to replace.....well not quite the same resources around here.  I did suggest to E, we can turn on the shower with hot water  and let it run in a small bathroom and we can ride on the trainer.  And she can move her treadmill in there as well.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day off ????

What's that.....something I have not had in a long time! Day off from training that is. Has been a monster week of running, with swimming and cycling as well and the legs are just rebelling. Enough, a break today.

Slept in, nearly 8am! Wow, breakfast without worrying about what I need to eat to fuel for workouts, upsetting my stomach- chowed down eggs, toast, coffee and more coffee. Off to soccer for 3 scrimmages on a very hot day! 91 and humid- where are we living anyway. Fun to see the soccer parents again and get in the swing for the season. Played 3 teams all a year older and won 2, tied 1. Well done boys.

JB worked for a while on Having "hosting" issues and that does not pertain to a party. Web talk and frustrating to no end. Still not resolved but hopefully closer than we were yesterday. As much as I want to learn and understand html and the like, I really just want it to work and don't want to learn all about it. How's that for lazy.

Moving on shirts, jerseys etc- working on design, colors and the like and then comes time to cough up the $$$ and hope everyone wants to buy one because they are ever so cool. This is all about having fun - I so want to have groups of girls riding in jerseys and kits all over San Diego. Thursday on my ride back from Del Dios I am cruising along, recovery ride, up the 3 witches, listening to music, so I do not hear the 15+ roadies come up and blow past me on the first climb. Took me while to react and I was on them by the 2nd climb and 1/2 of them had dropped off and by the top of the 3rd climb it was just me. That is when I want to wave and have on my rear end. Soon, soon it will come and it will be awesome!!!!

Dinner plans with friends tonight. Riley and her friends have been swimming for 3+ hours - totally insane. I love it - they were in the pool until nearly 9 last night and looks like another swim a thon again. So glad the pool is getting such good use.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School

My house was buzzing with excitement about going back to school....NOT! Moans and groans last night as we were playing a killer game of family scrabble. Complaints about going back, blah, blah, blah... No back to school shopping. Riley got a new wardrobe and 1/2 over the summer between her birthday and family love shopping. JD well all he needs is 5x jeans and 5xt-shirts- done, has them all. No eager haircuts or even backpack shopping...

I was up with Riley and she was soooo tired, "why is school so early" and off she went. JD was still asleep as only Freshman had to show up at 8 today, he was to roll in at 10:30. So off I go for a run and we live next to an Elementary School and it was so fun. So, so many Mom and Dads walking hand in hand with their kids, who are dressed in spankin new clothes, crispy backpacks and there was a line for pictures in front of the Adobe Bluffs Elementary School sign. There was a humm in the air, nervous energy but mostly excitement for the next school year to begin. It was not that long ago and oh my.....I return home an hour later, still asleep and no sign of waking.

He appeared soon after looking like, well a teenager. So painful to be up at 9:30 and off to school. Tomorrow will be a rude awakening, literally, when he has to be out the door at 7:30. But alas, it is Friday. Why they start school on a Thursday, I do not know, but it makes is much easier on the teenagers of the world.

As for me and the world of Ironman.... how many more weeks? Do I have chronic fatigue sydrome? I was treated by KP today, ART, and it was painful as ever but oh so nice to have range of motion and to have my calves relax. As KP was working on my calf he says "what is growing in there?" Exactly, the muscle seemed to be in a constant state of contraction. Twice now I have used Icy Hot as if it is lotion on my quads and calves. First the utter burning sensation and then the so nice cooling and then the smell. Minty fresh yes, eye burning yes. See my office is very small and it is me and the dogs and today Icy Hot. It was so strong my eyes were tearing and running down my face and Zen sat in the doorway with his eyes blinking at morph speed just looking at, what the hell have you done. He came in laid down and left with a big harrumph. Looks over his shoulder with disgust. Even the dogs are wondering now, why Ironman.

After all the great ART I worked for a while and motivated myself for my bike ride. Took a while and I knew the first 30 minutes would be tough- feels like I am pedaling with lead in my quads, but from experience with fatigue, I knew they would open up and feel better and sure enough they did. Today I needed the master play list - all kinds of good songs-"I Gotta Feeling" Black Eyed Peas- my current favorite song "Single Ladies" Beyonce ( heard this in Barcelona and really dig it) , "I Love This Bar" Toby Keith- okay so a little country but I like it, "Dirty Deeds" ACDC - who doesn't love it So I cruised out Del Dios and turned around- not enough time, or well energy, do to Elfin as well. And sure enough 45 minutes in I was feeling good and wishing I was riding longer. But had a schedule...calls to make, follow up to do, contracts to negotiate and a conference call - which I took while walking the dogs. Hey I participated and it was not a customer so it's all good.

I am back on a bagel kick.....more training, more carbs! Hot Bagels- I love them and crave them. But I have successfully given up Starbucks! Yes, have been once or twice when meeting someone but NOT every day and my car can now drive past a Starbucks and not stop. Oh speaking of the A3 yet, going to sink a few more $$$ into the 401K just to be sure I am not spending our future retirement on a hot little car. I have such a car crush though...saw a guy today in the A3 and I could just tell he was having fun, loving his car. I wanted to pull up and say- hey, I'm getting one of those sometime soon. But well thought less of it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Animals, animals, animals

Great swim in the LJ Cove with E....well maybe not so great. I am tired, tired, tired...did I say I was tired. And not from late nights and out partying. So today was just a swim- off loaded the run and bike to see about some recovery. Thank goodness for friends and training partners to motivate you to a workout. Cove was packed with kids and off we went. E and I manage to actually have conversations while we swim, I cannot even describe it as we are swimming most of the time, but makes the time pass quickly. As we approached the shores...there were so many sting rays and the leopard sharks were all over and super shallow. When we stopped we were so shallow we were on our knees...then the daunting swim back and I was tempted to grab a shark and see if he could or would pull me, but well did not. And then in the middle, over the deepest part, where you cannot see the bottom a big, big fish goes by and I pop up quickly. Don't panic, was...well not sure. Looked like a big tuna, do tuna swim in the cove? Well in my mind I surely like the thought of Charlie the Tuna vs know an animal that rhymes with lark.

So that was the adrenaline shot needed to cruise back to the cove....and of course the Garibaldi and other beautiful cove fishes were all over.

Swim to hang with the kids a bit. Last day of summer for them.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Cove...the movie

Go see it..... The Cove it is disturbing and difficult to watch some parts but is an eye opening movie. Ric O’Barry, who was an actor and trainer of Flipper - one of my favorite childhood TV shows, tells of his close relationship with those dolphins, the 4 stars of Flipper.

It was this show in fact that initiated a worldwide fascination with dolphins and other oceanic mammals that has grown to a multi billion dollar global industry.

When Kathy (the main Flipper dolphin - I always thought Flipper was a boy) "committed suicide" in his arms as a result of what he feels was a miserable life in captivity he had a fundamental awakening about dolphins in captivity. These animals are emotional, very intelligent, capable of deep feelings and self awareness and are migratory animals. They do not belong in captivity. He began a crusade of freeing dolphins and soon discovered a town in Japan Tajji.

Upon arrival Tajji seems to be like any other small coastal village with murals, boats and statues of dolphins and whales but soon you learn that there is remote cove that is protected with extreme security and Keep Out signs only to find a true horror taking place.

The fisherman use sound to herd the dolphins into the cove and then the best dolphins are stolen and sold into captivity for $150,000 and the rest are moved to a cove where they are killed for their meet. The final scene is horrifying but to think it happens daily from September to May is even more chilling.

The film is suspenseful, educational and at times James Bond like in the covert action that takes place to put the cameras in place, underwater speakers and more.

The movie can leave you feeling helpless but see the movie....and the decide how to proceed.

Riley was deeply moved and very upset but soon came around as we talked that there is something she can do, if she chooses to do so. Sure SeaWorld is great fun but she can make a choice there.

I have a strong memory of sailing in the Caribbean with my family as a young child and we came upon a pod of Dolphin who swam and played in our wake for 30 minutes. I remember thinking that if I could be any animal it would be a dolphin...they are so cute, intelligent and seem to love the ocean and swimming so much. Years later on my first trip to Seaworld I was enjoying the Dolphin show and it hit me....this cannot be a life for these beautiful animals, they are migratory, and are accustomed to swimming miles a day. I never went back. Sure I have had to explain it for years to my kids, kids friends etc. Although my husband just pointed out that Competitor Magazine holds is Endurance Sports Awards at Seaworld and I went last year......

So I leave this post with...what can you do??? (click on any of the suggestions for more information)

1: Write to our leaders and help get the word out about Japan
2: Learn more about dolphins in captivity
3: Choose the safest fish to eat
4: Help Save Japans Dolphins on the front lines
5: Support the filmmakers with a donation

Prospecting Done!!!

I am committed to work, I am committed to work......Business has fallen off due to the economy and I need to find some more clients, Thank you, thank you to all my loyal clients who are booking and holding meetings!!! So I am dialing for dollars as one would say. Day 2 and I have reached my goal of calls.

Rats and Dogs.... well my dog

Tuesday is my long run....well has been for the last 3 weeks and I am so happy to have a running partner! I meet J at 6:30 which means I have to be up by 5:45 to get some coffee, calories and take the pups for a quick run/poop and then swing back home to drop them off and feed them. I have this down on how it goes and all works well....unitl there is a rat, yes a rat in the sidewalk this morning. Just sitting there and as we approach of course the rat will run away, well this rat was sleeping, drugged or stupid because it sat there and Zen lunged and next thing I know the rat is in his mouth and the tail is whipping about. Now this is not fun to deal with anytime, let alone when I have, uh 10 minutes. So, thanks for the collars they wear, I can send him a signal with a button to drop the rat, no response, so I increase the frequency (yes this is a shock collar) and he does drop the rat and off we go. Then I start to think I cannot leave the dead rat on the sidewalk for some poor person to step on or some other dog to scoop up. And what if the rat is suffering a slow death. So we turn around and I put the dogs in a stay and I approach the rat and figure I will put it in my poop bag and dispose of it. It is not moving, good sign and as I lean down, you know it, it jumps up and starts running. Now the dogs are shaking in anticipation and cannot hold their stay any longer and are now lunging for the rat. It was me holding them off so the rat, which I cannot stand rats, can flee to safety. No time to really ponder or deal with this as I am late. We run home, feed the dog and I am promptly on the corner to meet J for our run,

I was so freaked out I put the entire episode out of my head until a few minutes ago....We had a great run, well good run, as my legs are tired and not the kind of tired that after a mile or 2 warm up, the fatigue is there. But thanks to the company and the good conversation it was over before I knew it. Nothing like running home, diving in the pool, eating 2 PB/honey sandwiches, massive glass of mango nectar, quick change and off to Starbucks to meet a potential business associate. Hard to answer when someones says, "how was your morning..." I simply said fine,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good ride

So took off today with T,M,J (hey isn't that some kind jaw disease??) Well anyway, it was actually TMJJ and me. J had to peel off after 45 and get home so the rest of us foreged on up the coast and through Elfin Forest and out Via Rancho Parkway. At the 15 JM took the new bridge over Lake Hodges and headed home, while T and I headed toward the Wild Animal Park and eventually up Bandy Canyon and Highland Valley Road (ugh) Worked our way home for 5:30 ride and 95 miles. Ride was great. I was feeling great about the week and the ride when T lets it drop that she had just hit the 25 hour mark of training for the week. Talk about humbling....and mind you we are not back home yet, she still has a 30 minute transition run and a swim/run/weights on the schedule for tomorrow. Holy Crap.....I was demoralized but had to remember she is 21 - literally 1/2 my age. Oh my. We had a great ride, good company, chatter and the like.

And the best part...the long ride is done! Tomorrow is a day of short swim and run. Gotta love that. J did awesome today on the ride- was chasing roadies early on and riding as if he rides many times a week. So darn impressive how well he rides with such little training. He and M made it back together and kept each other company.

That is pretty much the day....massive eating affair and a nice swim in the pool and it was time to think about dinner.

Rounded out the evening with a movie Real Women Have Curves....cannot recall who recommended this to us, but well- 1st- the title is misleading. It was slow, but captivating I suppose. Interesting look at traditional Mexican culture and modern American life. Real women take chances, have flaws, embrace life... Hard to explain and hard to really say if I would recommend it. The movie was filmed in 2002 but we have seen the main actress since in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Intersting dog behavior tonight. So J pulls out the big futon for the floor and he stretches out and the dogs pile on with him. I am on the couch chilling and Rocky jumps up but cannot get comfortable on the couch- he wants to sit in my lap, but well he is a lab. He wants to be touching, but well it is hot. So he circles up and it just does not work. He hops off in discust and Zen jumps up. Rocky then proceeds to glower at him and stare him down to the point that Zen's heartrate is elevated and he is so threatened (without Rocky every making a noise) that he hops off. He lays on the futon and then jumps off because Rocky bullies him off. He is now on the floor alone and I invite him back up and Rocky sits up and tries to stare him down again. Very interesting dog behaviour!

Well.....running out of commentary for the day. Ciao

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday already....

Good day! Up early and ran with the dogs and then off for a great bike ride before the heat settled in, Just over 3 hours and it was good- tried to pay attention to power on the climbs and not blow out the ride. I wanted to finish feeling good and ready to take on the day. Success! Only hungry,,,welcome to my life. 2 peaches, dish of pineapple and 2 PB/honey sandwiches and i was satiated.

Riley is camping with a friend so the house is not filled with 8th graders....she seems to have friends coming and going 24-7. Socialite that girl has become. JD got registered today, funny though they don't give them detailed schedule until 1st day of school, just his classes, so he can get his books etc. 1 more week and the work comes back. Hard going back to school after a swimmer of European travel and fun.

And then work...relatively busy and that is good- staying on top of what is happening and have a new project, African Safari. Never done one, never searched for one but am looking forward to a new task. The other locations they are looking for I have been too, thank goodness! Makes my job much easier and me more valuable when I can recommend first hand after seeing the hotels in the cities.

More work on the website- few glitches I need worked out and am waiting on the company to reply to my "open ticket"

Had a great business meeting last night at the Grand del Mar- beautiful hotel right here in Carmel Valley- 10 minutes from here. Not on the beach but stunning views, fantastic golf course- not that I golf, and rooms are huge - over 600 sq ft, which is what most small suites are. Really a gem of a place- did some work, drank some wonderful wine and was home early. What started as work was really quite enjoyable and a treat.

Big swim in the AM- well big group that is....Cove to Pier and back, followed by a run- should be good.

Maybe just maybe will buy a car this weekend....what car? wait and see

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School, life....

Riley registered for 8th grade today and last week let me know I did not need to accompany her. She would prefer to go with her friends. She was diligent about reviewing all the paperwork, making sure I had the checks she needed and she set up a time to meet her 2 friends and off then went. Wow....and JD is off tomorrow to register. Gosh if I had only know I would have had my camera out last year to commemorate the final need of a parent at school registration. So I stayed at home feeling sorry for myself...okay not really, went for an awesome swim in the cove with E and J. Quite amusing as we need to swim 1 hour and the natural swim is Cove-Pier- Cove but that entails swimming over the channel and E will not do that, see as long as we don't swim over the deep channel there is not issue with any "S"'s...we don't say the actual work but it rhymes with lark. I am happy to have a great swimming partner so I accommodate the path...and we do a tour of the buoys within the 1/2 mile buoy, swim the Marine Room and back and complete our tour, It keeps the swim interesting as we are checking our watches and have continual conversation as to which buoy we are actually swimming to and around. Make the time fly by and we get the job done.

Spent hours on my website today....and it is pretty darn good but now I have to get my old hosting service to release it to my new one, where I designed the site, See I am so lame at this web development I had to try many sites until I found one that I could actually maneuver and well it is a start, Once it is up, I will send out the link and wait for the barrage of comments.

Meanwhile K is working on design of jerseys and shorts so soon we will have some kick ass gear to ride in. Finally...just takes time and now I am on it so hope, hope to have it rocking soon.

Short ride this afternoon.....longer ride tomorrow. Time is ticking.,...8 weeks to Kona- Yikes!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's in your Tri Bag

This was on the SD Tri Club website....I liked it!

Here is a summary of the responses to the question, What's in Your Tri Bag?

Baby Powder (put in your shoes for ease of entry)
Hand sanitizer
Handi-wipes / Baby Wipes + Zip-lock baggies (better than TP)
Black permanent marker (for your body and your swim cap)
Zip Ties
Electrical tape
Clear plastic tape
Park Tool
Mini first aid kit
Colored Chalk (to mark your transition spot)
Gum (for after the swim....blach!)
Small Stapler - not sure what this is for?
Tube/co2 nozzle.co2 cartridge
Spare goggles (if your first pair are going to break it will be on race morning)
Lip balm
Small plastic bag (keep your phone and keys dry)
Fingernail file
Ball point pen (write down posted results)
Plastic grocery bag (over your feet to assist with putting on your wetsuit) - cannot imagine that
Rolaids/Tums (settles your stomach on the run)
Disposable water bottle (for swim start)
A small flashlight (to assist in pre-dawn set-ups)
The medals from your hardest races (to quiet the negative thoughts in your head) odd but okay

And of course the obvious...
cap, goggles, antifog spray, body glide
arm warmers, toe covers, vest, wind jacket
running shoes, socks
T2 - salt tabs, gu's, water for our of T2
dry clothes for after the race
flip flops


Where is it? Work is hard these days, need to be my head redirected. When I am super busy, like last week, I was so productive and had an awesome work week. This week....well okay it's only Tuesday, but I am looking for my motivation and drive. I am on top of all my tasks at hand but where is that extra gear to work harder?

Oh right I left it on the road while running this AM. Seriously woke up raring to go, fired off some emails, contacted some hotels for some answers, took the dogs out, ate and was out by 6:30 for my long run. Great to have some company, but J and I, both knew we pushed it too hard last week. It was our first run together and well you know neither wants to hold the other one back so we nearly kill each other with the pace we are setting and go home sore and tired, thinking, man am I really that slow. Funny psychological games. So today I immediately confess, the pace was too fast and my legs are tired and I have a big week and, and, worked, good pace and good run, eventhough the last 40 minutes were on my own. Well me and my iPod, which thanks to 10 new songs is a real treat. I can tell when I am tired, I am changing the songs rapidly, looking for the one song to make me faster, stronger and able to finish the run. Finished feeling good and strong. 1st stop at home was for more fluids....guzzled Acclerade when I got home and immediately hit the pool. Ugh it was 88 degrees, not refreshing, but after a minute did feel pretty good. And then of course hungry these days. Big bowl of Kasha, no not Kashi, Kasha, a buckwheat kernel. Bought it a Jimbos in the bulk section and you cook in like rice but it is more kernel than glutenous like rice, Very nutty and delicious with salt and pepper. Gigantic coffee with Endurox Chocolate Recovery in it and I am good to go.

Had to power out some work and then met a good friend for coffee! Yeah, get to go to Sbux! Treat with a friend and so, so good to catch up. Love it when I can make time for coffee and friendship.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

End of a week.....

Sunday was almost a day of rest.....1 hour run! Compared to some other days that was peaceful. Tired legs indeed. Looking at next week of training I am expecting a miracle recovery tonight. Who are the recovery gods.... okay all you super religious types, please don't get aggressive on me. Gods are religious and pagan too.

Productive day..... kids registered for school, finished an online class, made an awesome dinner that I was so happy to share with D and K. Living near family is priceless..... When you cook for others who are gourmet chefs it can be intimidating but well, do what we can and feel good about it. Ultimately it is the company and maybe the wine ;) that really counts right! The dogs are satiated, house guests = bones, and when you are a dog that is what ranks #1.

Well my Grandmother use to close her letter with "have to get this downstairs to the mailman" so my closing is.... I have a big brown dog breathing on my legs....he must go out nor or....well you know :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

And now it is Saturday....

Full week of training and working and I have little time to blog daily..... Oh woe is me :)

Thursday I took myself to UCSD Masters, have not been since pre-ironman, but I was feeling pretty confident after my successful cove swims. Well, take of the wetsuit (flotation device) and add a clock.....Julie was humbled. Went dead last in my lane, drafted all I could, and had to put on paddles to make the interval at the end. So, my swim needs some work. And I overdid GWL so my legs are sore and my run was not all that fun.

Life, kids, who can remember it is has been days.....

Friday, I went back to Masters, now sore from 4 swims this week but determined to make my body respond. Well, let's just say I did the workout, did NOT look at the clock, but am genuinely happy to be in the pool.

Met a very cool Tri Girl on Friday...she asked me to coffee to pick my brain....scary thought. But it worked out great. Rode over to meet she and her boyfriend and we talked ironman, tri and all the wonderful parts of this very addicting sport.

JD is done with Mission Bay! Thank goodness.....too much driving. The counselor in training is a great program and he thoroughly enjoyed it, even though he had to be up at 6:30 over the summer. I think he enjoyed all the activities and seemed to do sailing more than anything else. Will have to see about next summer.

Great ride on Saturday....long day, long ride and pushed it a bit too much. Good to get the miles in but had to cut back my run a bit today. Do not want to get injured, I need to dial the intensity down to successfully do the volume KP has for me. So, so hard not to push it on the rides.runs....thinking that is how I get faster. Oh and it is fun.

Goal for this week....follow effort guidelines. I really have no excuse with a Garmin for running and a Power Meter for riding, that is pretty much all the gadgets you need to know what you are doing. Oh and then there is that old PE (perceived effort) right actually listen to your body.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

swim,bike, run, repeat

Back at it full time....well it feels like it.

Great run early Tue am with J- ran the trails around here and he pushed the pace for sure. Overall pace was nothing impressive, but with the amount of elevation, the run was great. Since most of my runs are alone, it was nice to have some company, although, we were both very quite on a few of the steep climbs...gasping for air, at least in my case. Good partner and hope we can work it out soon and to live close if great. So nice to meet on the corner and go- versus having to drive and run. NO go.

Later rode with another neighbor, L, our daughters are buddies. Great to jump on our bikes with little notice and go for a nice recovery ride. Although it was quite funny, when I arrived to "pick" her up she was changing her tire and managed to twist the tire entirely and it was stuck. Now this is hard to depict and frankly wish I took a picture. It was such a feat that if you tried to do it, I'm not sure it would be feasible. As I struggled away, John happened to drive by and stop to say hello.....he willingly took the mess, we put her road wheel on her tri bike and headed out. JB had it fixed in no time.

Wed took me out to GWL.....rode with my buddies and few others. They had planned an epic ride and I had some work commitments and my schedule only called for 3 hours. So it was GWL + Descanso for me and it was great. Hot ride but was solid and glad to get it in. I had a lunch meeting at 12:30 in Del Mar so I took a shower with my 2 gallon water jug and a bottle of shampoo under a tree in the parking lot. I was behind my car so pretty well hidden and had my biking gear on but surely was amusing to any passersby. And then the phenomenal feat of changing into a skirt and top, combing my hair in my rear view mirror, sandals on and dash to Starbucks for some post ride caffeine. As I walk in and am waiting, looking freshly showered and smelling like soap ( I hope) a lady in line asks if I was the one who just finished riding 5+ minutes ago...I sheepishly say yes and turns out she was parked behind me and witnessed the transformation. She was totally impressed and nicely said I looked better than her and it took her 90 minutes to primp and prepare for the day. She was very well put together, certainly my belt did not match my earrings and necklace nor correspond with an accent color on my shoes. She was in great spirits and it was quite fun talking about the life of balancing training and work.

Onto lunch at Poseidon. Stunning day in Del Mar, beaches packed wall to water....solid umbrellas and very little sand open for anyone. Had to control my urge to eat the entire basket of bread, drank 2 waters and a large ice tea and then cleaned my plate. So clean one would think I had an extra plate. Finally I confessed that I had been on a 3:15 ride with over 4600 ft of elevation and I was starving. Once again was able to amuse a normal working person who showered and dressed at home and spent the morning working.