Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Where is it? Work is hard these days, need to be my head redirected. When I am super busy, like last week, I was so productive and had an awesome work week. This week....well okay it's only Tuesday, but I am looking for my motivation and drive. I am on top of all my tasks at hand but where is that extra gear to work harder?

Oh right I left it on the road while running this AM. Seriously woke up raring to go, fired off some emails, contacted some hotels for some answers, took the dogs out, ate and was out by 6:30 for my long run. Great to have some company, but J and I, both knew we pushed it too hard last week. It was our first run together and well you know neither wants to hold the other one back so we nearly kill each other with the pace we are setting and go home sore and tired, thinking, man am I really that slow. Funny psychological games. So today I immediately confess, the pace was too fast and my legs are tired and I have a big week and, and, and....it worked, good pace and good run, eventhough the last 40 minutes were on my own. Well me and my iPod, which thanks to 10 new songs is a real treat. I can tell when I am tired, I am changing the songs rapidly, looking for the one song to make me faster, stronger and able to finish the run. Finished feeling good and strong. 1st stop at home was for more fluids....guzzled Acclerade when I got home and immediately hit the pool. Ugh it was 88 degrees, not refreshing, but after a minute did feel pretty good. And then of course food....so hungry these days. Big bowl of Kasha, no not Kashi, Kasha, a buckwheat kernel. Bought it a Jimbos in the bulk section and you cook in like rice but it is more kernel than glutenous like rice, Very nutty and delicious with salt and pepper. Gigantic coffee with Endurox Chocolate Recovery in it and I am good to go.

Had to power out some work and then met a good friend for coffee! Yeah, get to go to Sbux! Treat with a friend and so, so good to catch up. Love it when I can make time for coffee and friendship.

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