Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day off ????

What's that.....something I have not had in a long time! Day off from training that is. Has been a monster week of running, with swimming and cycling as well and the legs are just rebelling. Enough, a break today.

Slept in, nearly 8am! Wow, breakfast without worrying about what I need to eat to fuel for workouts, upsetting my stomach- chowed down eggs, toast, coffee and more coffee. Off to soccer for 3 scrimmages on a very hot day! 91 and humid- where are we living anyway. Fun to see the soccer parents again and get in the swing for the season. Played 3 teams all a year older and won 2, tied 1. Well done boys.

JB worked for a while on Having "hosting" issues and that does not pertain to a party. Web talk and frustrating to no end. Still not resolved but hopefully closer than we were yesterday. As much as I want to learn and understand html and the like, I really just want it to work and don't want to learn all about it. How's that for lazy.

Moving on shirts, jerseys etc- working on design, colors and the like and then comes time to cough up the $$$ and hope everyone wants to buy one because they are ever so cool. This is all about having fun - I so want to have groups of girls riding in jerseys and kits all over San Diego. Thursday on my ride back from Del Dios I am cruising along, recovery ride, up the 3 witches, listening to music, so I do not hear the 15+ roadies come up and blow past me on the first climb. Took me while to react and I was on them by the 2nd climb and 1/2 of them had dropped off and by the top of the 3rd climb it was just me. That is when I want to wave and have on my rear end. Soon, soon it will come and it will be awesome!!!!

Dinner plans with friends tonight. Riley and her friends have been swimming for 3+ hours - totally insane. I love it - they were in the pool until nearly 9 last night and looks like another swim a thon again. So glad the pool is getting such good use.

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