Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School, life....

Riley registered for 8th grade today and last week let me know I did not need to accompany her. She would prefer to go with her friends. She was diligent about reviewing all the paperwork, making sure I had the checks she needed and she set up a time to meet her 2 friends and off then went. Wow....and JD is off tomorrow to register. Gosh if I had only know I would have had my camera out last year to commemorate the final need of a parent at school registration. So I stayed at home feeling sorry for myself...okay not really, went for an awesome swim in the cove with E and J. Quite amusing as we need to swim 1 hour and the natural swim is Cove-Pier- Cove but that entails swimming over the channel and E will not do that, see as long as we don't swim over the deep channel there is not issue with any "S"'s...we don't say the actual work but it rhymes with lark. I am happy to have a great swimming partner so I accommodate the path...and we do a tour of the buoys within the 1/2 mile buoy, swim the Marine Room and back and complete our tour, It keeps the swim interesting as we are checking our watches and have continual conversation as to which buoy we are actually swimming to and around. Make the time fly by and we get the job done.

Spent hours on my website today....and it is pretty darn good but now I have to get my old hosting service to release it to my new one, where I designed the site, See I am so lame at this web development I had to try many sites until I found one that I could actually maneuver and well it is a start, Once it is up, I will send out the link and wait for the barrage of comments.

Meanwhile K is working on design of jerseys and shorts so soon we will have some kick ass gear to ride in. Finally...just takes time and now I am on it so hope, hope to have it rocking soon.

Short ride this afternoon.....longer ride tomorrow. Time is ticking.,...8 weeks to Kona- Yikes!

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  1. Can't wait to see the site!!! Talked to J today. I was not exactly riding with Tanya. Don't even really know her. It's a long story, but let's just say I was really annoyed on so many levels! Should have jumped off with you.