Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's in your Tri Bag

This was on the SD Tri Club website....I liked it!

Here is a summary of the responses to the question, What's in Your Tri Bag?

Baby Powder (put in your shoes for ease of entry)
Hand sanitizer
Handi-wipes / Baby Wipes + Zip-lock baggies (better than TP)
Black permanent marker (for your body and your swim cap)
Zip Ties
Electrical tape
Clear plastic tape
Park Tool
Mini first aid kit
Colored Chalk (to mark your transition spot)
Gum (for after the swim....blach!)
Small Stapler - not sure what this is for?
Tube/co2 nozzle.co2 cartridge
Spare goggles (if your first pair are going to break it will be on race morning)
Lip balm
Small plastic bag (keep your phone and keys dry)
Fingernail file
Ball point pen (write down posted results)
Plastic grocery bag (over your feet to assist with putting on your wetsuit) - cannot imagine that
Rolaids/Tums (settles your stomach on the run)
Disposable water bottle (for swim start)
A small flashlight (to assist in pre-dawn set-ups)
The medals from your hardest races (to quiet the negative thoughts in your head) odd but okay

And of course the obvious...
cap, goggles, antifog spray, body glide
arm warmers, toe covers, vest, wind jacket
running shoes, socks
T2 - salt tabs, gu's, water for our of T2
dry clothes for after the race
flip flops

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