Thursday, August 6, 2009

swim,bike, run, repeat

Back at it full time....well it feels like it.

Great run early Tue am with J- ran the trails around here and he pushed the pace for sure. Overall pace was nothing impressive, but with the amount of elevation, the run was great. Since most of my runs are alone, it was nice to have some company, although, we were both very quite on a few of the steep climbs...gasping for air, at least in my case. Good partner and hope we can work it out soon and to live close if great. So nice to meet on the corner and go- versus having to drive and run. NO go.

Later rode with another neighbor, L, our daughters are buddies. Great to jump on our bikes with little notice and go for a nice recovery ride. Although it was quite funny, when I arrived to "pick" her up she was changing her tire and managed to twist the tire entirely and it was stuck. Now this is hard to depict and frankly wish I took a picture. It was such a feat that if you tried to do it, I'm not sure it would be feasible. As I struggled away, John happened to drive by and stop to say hello.....he willingly took the mess, we put her road wheel on her tri bike and headed out. JB had it fixed in no time.

Wed took me out to GWL.....rode with my buddies and few others. They had planned an epic ride and I had some work commitments and my schedule only called for 3 hours. So it was GWL + Descanso for me and it was great. Hot ride but was solid and glad to get it in. I had a lunch meeting at 12:30 in Del Mar so I took a shower with my 2 gallon water jug and a bottle of shampoo under a tree in the parking lot. I was behind my car so pretty well hidden and had my biking gear on but surely was amusing to any passersby. And then the phenomenal feat of changing into a skirt and top, combing my hair in my rear view mirror, sandals on and dash to Starbucks for some post ride caffeine. As I walk in and am waiting, looking freshly showered and smelling like soap ( I hope) a lady in line asks if I was the one who just finished riding 5+ minutes ago...I sheepishly say yes and turns out she was parked behind me and witnessed the transformation. She was totally impressed and nicely said I looked better than her and it took her 90 minutes to primp and prepare for the day. She was very well put together, certainly my belt did not match my earrings and necklace nor correspond with an accent color on my shoes. She was in great spirits and it was quite fun talking about the life of balancing training and work.

Onto lunch at Poseidon. Stunning day in Del Mar, beaches packed wall to water....solid umbrellas and very little sand open for anyone. Had to control my urge to eat the entire basket of bread, drank 2 waters and a large ice tea and then cleaned my plate. So clean one would think I had an extra plate. Finally I confessed that I had been on a 3:15 ride with over 4600 ft of elevation and I was starving. Once again was able to amuse a normal working person who showered and dressed at home and spent the morning working.

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