Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6+ weeks.....

I hope I make it to Kona......can you say tired, tired, all the time.  It is becoming like a suitcase I carry around- oh that, just fatigue I like to keep with me.  It is Tuesday and well all is good.

Had a fun ride Sunday with a group, which I do not usually do. We worked out logistics, where to meet, who is coming, the route, the route again and again. I have refined my mapmyride skills.  I can create routes in my sleep now.  But the majorly frustrating part is that you cannot access bike paths and they still do not have Carmel Valley Road over Black Mtn AND they do not let you ride the dirt.  So......it makes it hard since 1- we take CV road a lot when riding and 2- we leaven 1 mile from the bike path.  Seems someone should be able to work that out- but I guess it is google maps they use - so anyway.  We rolled at 6am with JB, C and KP and as we climbed out of PQ,  JB  comments that is frozen water bottle is nearly thawed and that triggers KP to note he has left his bottles in the truck at our house.  UTurn- not good to ride 4hours without fuel.

We hooked up with M and R and off we went.  New route out the 78 to 67.  Great climb and a nice ride- especially early with minimal traffic.  We had a nice comfortable pace going and about 1/2 way KP rolls up and past and picks up the pace.  My HR is steadily climbing, my power is increasing and we have dropped the rest of the crew.  He is working and it is sooo much fun.  And then when my HR is at 180 I am thinking, wait, is he testing me, this is a recovery ride.  He once sent me an email, "not every ride is your top ride, its okay to let others ride away from you..." My body is saying hang on and see how hard you can climb, we are nearly to the top, my head is saying.....back off, stick to your plan (even though you have not the last 2+ mile)  Oh the chaos in my head...so I ease off and that was the right thing to do.

We regrouped and headed down HV and back to the house- ride was a bit more (effort wise) that was planned but it was great fun.  M and R kept going as they had to add on some and ride back to where we picked them up.

The best part was being done by 11am!  Nice- big ride done and ready for the day.

We chilled for a bit and headed to a fundraiser for Engineers Without Borders  at Wine Steals in Pt Loma.  The event was okay, bunch of Engineers (gee what a shock) and they are raising money for solar project in Kenya.  They needed a marketing person to recap what the project was, pass the "hat" for donations, collect email address and recruit people to help.  Instead we met some people, drank wine and left.  But not before checking out the store. They have a great selection - the place is a cool wine bar with delicious snacks. They sell wine by the glass or bottle but also have a retail store and you can pay retail prices for a bottle, not restaurant prices with is often 300+% markup, and then drink the bottle in the place.   We picked up a few bottles for later.

Then off to our 2nd social engagement for the day- a neighborhood bbq,.  One of Riley's friends Mom's is a new triathlete and she had a get together- Great fun- lots of good recovery food (red meat) and wine. Super relaxing and fun and met some Tri Clubbers that I did not know.  We called it a night when the kids were whizzing down a steep hill (Barrymore for those in the hood) in a wagon.  Steering ( if you can really call it that) with the handle.  It was dusk and the street was not deserted.  Time to go before disaster hit, well a car hit.

JB had ridden the electric bike over so he had to show that off.....gotta love 4000watts on a beat up Mtn Bike.

And the weekend was over....... Kids up for school Monday and the real year has begun.  Both had 2+ hours of homework Monday and are settled in now for the same.   Summer is over.  Both have quizzes this week.

Yesterday I swam....well kind of- my arms are still trashed from Friday- how can that be. I took it easy and did the work out and then had a good run in the Carmel Valley trails in the heat.  Sheesh!  How am I going to survive the heat and humidity. Listening to Chris McCormick (08 Ironman World Champion) talk about all the work in the heat lab, testing fluid loss, testing the chemistry of his sweat so the knows what to replace.....well not quite the same resources around here.  I did suggest to E, we can turn on the shower with hot water  and let it run in a small bathroom and we can ride on the trainer.  And she can move her treadmill in there as well.

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