Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Korey Stringer Institute Follow up

What I feel like in the heat
I finally got "my results" from my day of hell testing at the Korey Stringer Institute.  Detailed reports, graphs and analysis and a follow-up call with Dr. Robb, his team and my coach.   The call was thorough and here are the takeaways

1: Avoid Hot Races are you f'ing kidding me?  I did this test as prep for Kona
2: If it's hot, you will need to slow down.  
3: that was IT no more options.... after a painful pause I speak up, " Dr. Rob we are going to need more options"

I just paid a lot of money to be told, DON'T go to Kona or if you do be prepared to go really slow... WTF! 

Thankfully the call did not end after the first 7 minutes of "information"   

We took a deep dive to see how f'cked I really am much I really lose.  

Test 1: Substrate Utilization Test:  Bottom line is biking with a giant mask and every 5 min increasing my power by 11 minutes to determine carbohydrate and fat utilization.   People talk about the crossover point when your body goes from burning fat to carbs, well there was NO crossover as in my body burns 100% carbs.  Not that I thought I was fat adapted, as you all know how I feel about Keto and endurance sports, but seriously, I am a carb machine.

Bike Electrolyte Test:  2 hours IM Watts in 90 degrees and 80% humidity.  I lose 60+ oz an hour with 2180mg of sodium.  For reference a large bike bottle is 24oz,  so that is 2.5 bottles an hour and a lot of sodium and potassium.   This is actually 3.4% of my body weight- turns out that is not a sustainable loss.    So you say, drink more and take in more salt!  Well yes, I am dramatically under hydrating but the caveat is that most guts can only handle a max of  40oz an hour - so that leaves me 20oz short x 10-11 hours and well we know what happens... And 2180 mg of sodium an hour is a fast track to GI distress.  

Run Electrolyte Test:  1 hour but had to end early due to core temp.   Same hot and humid conditions and I was now dumping 74 oz an hour and 2660 mg of sodium.  So... I get off the bike in a hole and then sweat more!

Alaskaman here I come!

At least I know I am not crazy, weak, am imagining the issues I have in the heat.  And and... on the run, my core temp hit 103.9 which is when we had to stop, but that is when I start seeing black spots, the headache comes and dizziness-hello Honu!   

So now what...

1- Getting heat acclimated will help!  So I play to go to Kona 3 weeks early and 5 weeks out will plan a 4-day camp in Tucson or the like to kick start the acclimation.  Doing hot yoga etc along the way.
2 - Train the gut to accept more fluids and sodium.  I am trying a few new products to achieve this and will report back later.  
3- Don't be surprised if I run in Kona with a Camelbak,   There is no way I can get in enough fluids on the run drinking out of dixie cups with 3 oz.   I do my long runs with one now and it works!   

When I hung up the phone I wanted to cry, okay dramatic, my thoughts were why even try again?  I have everything working against me, I cannot change genetics,  what will be different this time? 
Goal is NO med tent in 2019! 

I am outfitted with knowledge and have some new plans and I am NOT READY TO GIVE UP!! 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Ironman Hawaii 70.3 2019

 I have avoided this race at all cost never raced here before because I detest the heat and historically fall apart it has never worked into my schedule time-wise.  

This year it was purposeful, planned and one of my key races.  So an A race!  I finished yesterday with my slowest 70.3 time , slower than my first race and my lowest placement.  But I finished, which for me was not about the medal or hat or another black itchy shirt, it was about a place that continues to humble me, strip me down and I refused to let Madam Pele win yesterday.

The swim, slow, but slow for most - It is hands down the most beautiful swim I have ever done. My heart loves DigMeBeach in Kona but Hapuna Bay is truly an aquarium.   AG waves but with 4 at a time rolling start within the wave, so closer to real racing.   I was wave 19!  Ye 50 minutes after the first men's wave, so lots of time on the beach waiting and watch, but I was surrounded by friends and competitors and it was just plain fun!     I loved every minute of the swim, sighting was a bit challenging but not too congested.  Swim 31:53

Bike,  I know this course and was beyond thrilled to be starting it midway.  And the new bike, the Cervelo P5 is a slice of heaven.  It's comfortable, fun and feels really fast.  Than you Skip and Nytro Multisport. I opted for 808's, which I have not ridden in a while and the crosswinds in Havi reminded me how they can be a bit squirley.  The winds were mild for Kona.  Headwind up to Havi, with the last 4 miles pretty strong, but that descent yeah baby!!!  20 min for the last 4 miles up and the 10 min down. And to make that turn into Waimea vs the 24 miles back to Kona was just bittersweet!   So so fun!    Bike: 2:40:59

It was hot, Garmin was reading 91 out on the Queen K, and humid, but I expected nothing less.   I drank 5x 24 oz bottles 3x Gatorade Endurance  + 2x water.   16oz = 1lb, so I took in 23 lbs ( per se of fluid)  4000 mg of sodium.   I felt great on the bike the only red flag was I did not have to pee.   

Off the bike and I was immediately dizzy, not a good sign but got through T2 and onto the run.   I had a, very hot,  180z bottle with 1000 mg of sodium that I was started drinking and got in mile 1-3.  The first few miles generally come easy in a 70.3 I was struggling, I knew it was going to be tough, but that is okay,  Mile 4, IT, started, black spots, dizziness and that feeling of I just may pass out,  I know now that means my core temp is geeting high and there is one way to get it down, slow down and drink more.  I spend a solid minute at the next aid station with ice, sponges, drinking and getting in what could and ran to the next aid station thinking I would have to manage the run that way.  Then nausea set in and I was worried if I drank more it would come back up.  Mile 5 I had to lay down, in the grass - stop the spinning and feel " better".  Not sure how long it was but then I was up again and it was walking/ run/ triage at every aid station.  Approaching the run turn around was the hardest part of the day,  I wanted to walk into medical, fall on a gurney and get ice, maybe an IV.  But I just could not let this Island win, so it was game on and it was not pretty.   I would  "run"  a minimum of 100 steps with the goal of 200, and then walk 50, which sometimes was 100.   I took one more mini nap and just clicked off the miles.  I quit triathlon 10x, took up knitting, started to curse Madam Pele but stopped and thanked her for this opportunity to test my self.  I can race well in cool temps can get the results I want, but this, place, this heat, is my test!  I am not willing to give up yet.   Run 2:35:24- at least it was not slower than my bike split - LOL.

So yes I went to KSI for testing, yes I learned some info but I do not have the report from them yet,  His goal was last week but likely 2 weeks from when I was there.    

Watching my AG on the podium is fuel to figure this out, watching people claim their Kona slots still brings tears to my eyes.  I love this sport and all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into it! 

So there you have it, we ALL have bad days out there!