Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I learned today

Extreme heat index.
Outdoor exposure should be limited. Riding a bike for 4:45 is a really, really stupid idea

Mostly Sunny          
Feels Like: 118°

1- When you do a ride in 2010 and comments in Training Peaks say never again- pay heed to that
2- Don't pick the hottest day of the summer to ride out there
3- Ride inland San Diego where it was still hot, we did not have to drive 90 miles....
4- When you realize your the number you have been focusing on as power is actually your HR and it is reading 175-180 for over an hour.... you are in trouble
5- UCAN in 110+ degrees is possibly the most disgusting fueling option I can imagine
6- When trying a "new"product, bring back up when you are riding in the desolate desert with 1 fueling stop over 90 miles-
7- When your coach turns back because he looks like he may die.... good idea to do the same versus persevering on to the planned turn around
8- Check the other store you plan to stop at on your way out.... because when it closed on the way back and the hose is pumping out water that is 90+ degrees you will be very sad
9- Delete I Had a Bad Day from my iPod
10- 5 hour energy shot + fein in 110+ degree weather, at the same time, is a really bad idea..being delusional one makes such errors
11- sometime walking you bike is okay when your HR is over 180 and you are seeing black spots
12- Beth is a good friend and training partner 
13- My husband was really smart to go scuba diving in the cool, refreshing ocean
14- KP was a savior when he came out to get us
15- We were the ONLY cyclists on the road today 
16- Before you dump nearly a gallon of water down your back....make sure your phone is in a zip lock bag.. email me or try 858 829-7161 until further notice :) 
16- Vegas and Kona HAVE to be easier than the 80 miles we logged today

Rolling along well here.... only 98 degrees and optimistic

 KP not feeling so well..... is my HR 180 or my power? 

The ugly beautiful desert- Ocotillo


  1. I felt like a cat turd rolled in cracker crumbs.

  2. "Cat turd rolled in cracker crumbs" Classic. That sounds awful. For what it's worth I thought the water in the pool was too hot and spent the majority of they day in front of the fan singing "stand by your fan". At least you survived mostly intact.