Friday, March 20, 2009

Race Simulation

Thursday was a BTD ( as KP would say) A race simulation per se. Started with a 45 minute run, warm up for 15 and steady run. Jump on the bike for 2:30 ride with some pretty challenging longer intervals... just to the point of uncomfortable and then it was time to back off. Spectacular ride up Del Dios to Harmony Grove and then turned back and cruised home. Pea soup fog through RSF, very interesting.... Off the bike and off for 45 minute run. The 2nd run was not so enjoyable mostly due to my under fueling so I was bonking, but got the run in and even manged 30 minutes to be 5on/off and then a nice easy finish. 4 hours in total and I was starving.....basically was eating for the next 30 until I finally felt satiated. All in all it was great and I was not wiped out and my intervals were spot on for Power and my HR was where is should be, so I am feeling better about Oceanside for sure.

Friday.....hooray! Heading to the pool for a nice swim and then an ez spin with my Bro on his hot new Madone- cannot wait to check it out, all decked out with Sram Red. Will surely put my Ruby to shame on the 101.

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