Saturday, March 7, 2009

Injured and frustrated....

Back home and in the groove. After 3 days of the flu, I felt reasonably well today and decided to ease back into training. John and I took off for an intended 2 hour ride. The flu is still hovering in my body and I was weak and was struggling with 160 watts....felt like 220. Clear sign of fatigue. So I took it slow and about 20 minutes in my Achilles began to swell, not much, but a reminder it is not healed. Took some time to lower my saddle and that helped a bit. But it was progressively getting worse. Bailed out at 90 minutes and the pain is lingering. I am at a critical point, this is not an injury to train through as it can lead to a tear or rupture and I will be out for months. So I am going to bail out on Oceanside 70.3 and take the next 2 weeks to heal and then get back in training and focus on Coeur d'Alene. I have plenty of time and can still be ready for the race. If healing goes well, I may look to do Wildflower May 2nd to get in a 70.3 prior to race day. Looks like a lot of time in the pool and at the gym and will start counting the days until I am back on the bike.

As for the rest of life.... JD is loving HS Lacrosse-practice is 6 days a week 2+ hours a day. He will be in phenomenal shape very soon. He is excited to be on the team, playing for the school and is focused. He had some good conversations this week. Soccer and lacrosse practice at the same time. He spoke to his LAX coach about missing one day a week to go to Soccer and he said he will still start but he may only start 3 quarters vs 4. He then spoke to Steve and asked if he comes one day a week will be lose his starting position for State Cup and Steve said no. So he is going to do both and hopefully be able to perform well. To give up on soccer for 4 months and then play in Spain may be tough. He has handled it well and has been talking with each coach and working it out. All excellent lessons for life. Few reminders about school....losing focus a bit in the academic department. We had some redirection to enforce there is no lacrosse unless grades are good.

Today he attended CIT (counselor in training) at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. He and a buddy will be working for 3 weeks over the summer- great place to be and great experience. Part of his training is to be certified in sailing as well so he has to take a class and pass the test as well as CPR. Overall will be excellent training and not a bad place to be for the summer.

Not much on Riles this week....recovered from Snowboarding and eager to get to Mammoth in April if we can swing it. Working hard and retaining her independence.

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