Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wanna try something fun.....

Famous last works....1- know the source of such a saying.  So back in November at an Endurance Corner Ironman recon camp in St George,  Gordo asked this question at least twice and I feel for it both times.  The first was at the end of a tough swim workout.  We had done over 4500 yards and tough descending set.  I was done, tired and ready to hop out and he lobs out who wants to try something fun?  Me, me,,,pick me!

I soon realize 2 of us have volunteered....what did they know that I did not know?  Well the "fun" was do another 400 faster than the 1st one, over 3000 yards ago.  No drafting. I accepted the challenge, went faster and surprised myself a bit. Fun? maybe....gratifying, definitely.

Well later in the camp, amongst talk about IM training etc. I hear the magic works...if you ever want to try something fun.... my ears perk up and I am intently listening.  Well this big of "fun" is 3 days of volume training.  3 consecutive days with 1 hour swim, 3 hours bike and 1 hour run.  Gee, does not sound too hard.  I filed it away and kept thinking about the "fun" I could have.

Well here we are 8 months later....and I decided to "have some fun."  I wrote Gordo with a million questions...1- what order swim/bike/run or does it matter? 2- transition time- is this a race simulation and do fast transitions 3- goal, how hard and fast  4- all together or split up the workouts over the day and I am sure more questions....he asks how often I have done 15 hours of training in 3 days?  Well, never.  Goal is do it.  OK seems simple.

So I am coming off a huge (for me) volume week and wonder if this really is the week to do this, but have already committed do I decide to give it a go.  I took Monday off!  24 hours is enough recovery from the last week- right?  We shall see.

I recruit (and begged)  Jen for all the "fun"   And that is why I love her...she says sure, why  not. Well she can commit to Tue and Wed, but has to work on Thursday.  Mind you I too have to work but luckily can work at 5am and then finish in the afternoon or evening (assuming I am alive)   So we lay out the plans for Tue and Wed,

Tue: ride to UCSD (1hour bike) Swim 1:15 Run:1:00 and then finish the ride.  Went well....swim was harder than planned- the set of 8x200's were tough but a good start to the block.  Run was tough to get going as legs are carrying a lot of fatigue.  Ride was fine- we kept it coastal and very social. Very cool- home by 12:15 and have logged 5 1/2 hours of training.  Felt good and rolled with the day.

Wed: Swim at 6:00AM at UCSD 1:15 - done. Drive to Great Western Loop and plan was to ride and then run.  Jen's brake cable snapped as she unloaded her bike- darn it!  So we ran, see I need all the company I can get.  Run was good 1:00 hour done.  Jen left and my iPod and I rode GWL.  It was hot, I mean Africa hot (not that I have been to Africa but it is what I imagine it would be like)  And see we have had zero summer in San Diego- marine layer nearly every day and chilly so this was a startling realization to what heat really feels like.  I am not having fun.... legs are tired, I am sweating a lot, running out of fluids and not loving this.   But then Black Eyed Peas I've Got a Feeling comes on and I am doing well.  Dropped a few boys and before I knew it was at the Bee Keepers- major climbing done.  I was going to Descanso for a Double Shot but that makes the ride 3:30 and well I just was not feeling like being an overachiever today.  So I turned around and kept riding.  It has been a long time since I ran out of water and today was a day that was going to happen. So I had to ration it and took the alternate descent down Lyons Valley and stopped for cold water and well guess what a Double Shot!   Rolled back to the car and ride time was just at 3 hours.  Day 2 done!  Not feeling quite as perky as day 1 and looking at my power file I now know why....pushed it a bit on the climbs.

Garmin on and off to run.  After 2 days of  street runs I hit the trails at UCSD and to my great surprise my legs felt pretty good.  Not sure how many laps or loops I did but kept running until my time was up and cruised back to the pool.  Almost done...2 hour ride and I have completed the mission.  Nice ride through Rancho Sante Fe and I had to stop for the bathroom and as I cruised by the refrigerated aisle I spotted my best friend....I could not say no and enjoyed a Double Shot on the last 30 minutes home. After all I had to go up the 3 sisters....rolled in at 3hours and 1 minute!

So..... 3:30 hours swim. 3:02 hours run.  9:20 hours bike in 3 days!    I feel good.  Legs are shot and arms are tired BUT shoulder does not hurt and nothing hurts in the wrong way and that is a good thing!

Tomorrow is yoga....and I will complete it this time as I need all the help I can get before the weekend.

So Gordo....thanks for the "fun"  I think I will do it again, but not next week.


  1. That does sound fun. :) I hate having to ration water though. Totally been there.

  2. That was fun. We'll have to repeat it soon:) I almost fell asleep in the aerobars riding without you later that day.