Monday, August 2, 2010

So I fell asleep at Yoga....

And not at the end during Savasana.....shortly after we started.  Today was a planned day off with optional yoga.  I optioned for Yoga and failed.  After a solid week and one I am quite proud of I woke up feeling pretty good- tired, fatigue in my legs, starving, but other than that good.  Oh did I mention I slept until after 7am- which pretty much never happens!  Chilled in bed until nearly 8- did not even do that on vacation.   Headed to Yoga at 9 and well I shot my energy for the day getting up, eating and driving to Yoga, After my brief nap, seriously with a bit of drool and all I calmly grabbed my mat and left yoga, hightailed it to Starbucks for a triple latte and decided to go about the day caffeinated.

Going into the weekend I was feeling a tad tired but good.....Saturday rolled out the Dudley's with Tati, Colleen and some young hottie Tati had in tow (forgot his name).  Braman was supposed to roll with us but had to go to work for a minute which turned into 9 hours.  Bummer for him.  I was feeling good until we hit Scripps Poway Parkway and ouch, legs are tired and this is tough.  I figured it would be a long day!  Did not help that Tati has springs in her legs- she was on fire, felt great and zipping along.  My goal was to get to Dudley's- 1- most of the climbing is done by then and 2 - the have ice cold Starbucks Double Shot's.

Made it!! Banana and double shot and oddly enough I started to feel  a lot better. Had a solid finish to the ride and was darn pleased.   We went to a neighborhood party on Saturday night, about a mile away and we rode our bikes like good citizens.  The 1/2 mile climb in my jeans nearly killed me but riding home was so much fun. We were filled up with street tacos and a bit of sangria and we were like little kids flying down the neighborhood hill on our bikes.  We were laughing and felt like 15 year old..except well 15 year olds no longer ride their bikes places since it is just not very cool!  Unless you are JD and he rides the electric bike because we are very mean parents who will not drive him.

Sunday I had to work....seriously, I hardly work - right!  Or so everyone says.  I was up at 6 and dressed in real clothes and even had on shoes that were not flips, running or cycling shoes and was on the road for Laguna Beach by 6:30.  I had  client who was at the St Regis Monarch Beach for a meeting that I had contracted for her.  Sunday at 8 was the best time for her to meet with me.  She is a great client and I really enjoy working with her but learned the company has been purchased and she can no longer outsource her business to me.  Dang it!  Totally business, not anything I did, but losing a client is a real bummer and on a Sunday to boot.

So I slinked out of there...feeling dejected and sad!  Okay not really, a bit bummed yes.  And I had my long run to do and my legs were feeling like it was Sunday relax day. Ugh....I drove into Laguna Beach, changed in my car - so long dress clothes- they lasted um 3 hours and I put on the iPod and headed out for my run. I did an out and back and the 1st 30 minutes were tough and then I started to feel great.....on the water, sun was out (forgot my sunscreen and was stressing a bit about that), turned around and in about 10 minutes someone lobbed a piano on my back.  Holy cow.....heart rate went up, pace went down and I a ways from my car, no money and out of fluids and calories.  Hit the low point and the rallied and made the most of the stunning day and was back at the car before I knew it!!! Quick dip in the ocean, no towel to dry off but no worries!

I was feeling good now.....Monster iced coffee, 1.5 lbs of organic grapes from the Farmers Market and I was on the road.....

Came home to find JD and Braman all packed up headed to La Jolla Cove to go SCUBA diving.  Worked out the rest of my frustrations in the garden, took a nice swim in the pool and read a few magazines....good Sunday - yes!  Topped off with a very impromptu dinner with old friends and it was wonderful.  Only thing missing is Riley...hope she is having the time of her life on the high seas.  One week down, two to go and I am really missing her.

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  1. I'm cracking up...JD on the motorized bike. Wait until he's a bit older and he'll realize exactly how cool it is.