Friday, July 30, 2010

Life back to normal.....

Riley is gone but the boys are back, Zen seems to have calmed down and believes we are staying around.

Work is buys!  That is a good thing- busy = money.  nuff said!

Official Kona training kicked off this week.  11 weeks (from last Saturday) to race day.   So that means 9 solid weeks to put it all together, gain fitness and then let it all soak in.  Usually 11 weeks out I just wait for my schedule from coach and roll with it.  But, um, I am the coach.  So I started with race week and started working backwards.  I made it 2 weeks and realized I needed to lay out this week or I was not going to have a plan to follow.

I am really liking riding to swim 1- logs extra bike miles and 2- saves me $3-4 parking money each time and that =  a trip to Starbucks!  3- saves gas too!

So I am riding to swim Mon-Wed-Friday and will add on the ride one day for 3 hour mid week ride.  Really trying to focus on my run!  My hip flared up after 2 weeks at track and I backed off, went back for 3 weeks and was dealing with the nagging issue.  I am taking tack off the schedule (with this volume) and adding in temp run instead,  Nailed a really nice one on Tuesday. 9 miles (not all was tempo) and had a nice building set in the middle.  Was able to back it up with a solid run on Thursday, not as hard but still a solid run.  And my run felt great and my hip does too!   Today was longer than planned as I was riding with Jen and well we get talking and it is just so much fun we keep going.  The pace was not tough so I figured an extra hour on the bike is no biggie.  Forced the Friday afternoon run and the way I negotiated it was to finish my run at Cool Cravings ( my favorite yogurt shop and JD's new place of employment)  My reward was a yogurt but it could not be obscenely large as I had to run the 1 mile home.  So it was all good!

Long ride tomorrow and then run Sunday and assuming all goes well I will have executed my biggest volume week ever!  Granted I have a 5:30 ride and 2 hour run to go, but I am feeling good this afternoon!!!

Next week....another big training challenge!  Tue/Wed/Thur:  1 hour swim. 3 hour ride. 1 hour run each day!  15 hours 3 days....will see how it lays out!

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  1. Good luck planning out your own schedule. I love love love doing that too... and challenging myself to go a bit further than maybe I thought I could! Awesome.