Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Old and young.....

Really how did I get to be one of the old ones.....Last week did a great mid week birthday ride for Marion's b.day with many of my favorite riding girls.  Lauren, newbie to our riding crew joined.  I knew her by face from USCD Track and she fit right in.  We hit Scripps PP and she starts rolling so I cruise up along side her and we push an aggressive pace up the climb and finish strong.  As we are approaching the summit and we are chatting about races and plans I ask what AG she is in....25-29...gasp, really?  So I forge ahead, how old are you? 25, huge sigh- seriously could be her Mom.  Her sister, SISTER, is the same age as my youngest child- 14. HS- really, really!  

Luckily Marion and Liz were along- who were all born the same year as me :)  We are the Grannies of the group.  Love my riding buddies but certain comments nearly rock me off the bike- like when Tati mentions she is finally old enough to rent a car?  OMG really, really?   These girls were born when I was in high school and the others in the 70's when I was kissing my first boy.

And then when we talk about training and I read the blogs and think NFW - I would be in a coma, on a stretcher or need a full time masseuse and be doping to do those workouts.   So I console myself- I am old and well just cannot put my body through that- I cannot even say anymore, because at 30 something I was "just" a runner and chasing around toddlers.

So on the 4th of July when I went to the block party where most of my neighbors are older that me- I relished in being younger!   Talk of turning 50 and I though HA I am mid 40's. Sometimes we all need to feel good about our age!

One of my neighbors and fellow FB friends said JC, do any of your friends eat, anything, at all ever?  Everyone in your pictures is bones, muscle and skin!  Right....welcome to my world!

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  1. You need to ride with me again 'cos I have 12 years on you :-)