Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pullups. burpees, 400 m sprint- repeat

That was my WOD (workout of the day) for CF on Friday..... 10 minutes all out- it does not seem like much but I'm telling you it is. On top of jump rope, knees to the bar (that is a fun one) and more "instructional" torture. But I graduated from "ramp" classes to real CrossFit.  7am Monday AM.... my mistakes on Friday.
Lisa - the only other (crazy) Nytro
team member who came out to

I wanted to get in a nice run but ran out of time so I ran park my car, ran 30 min to CF, nearly died, perfectly executed the workout and then had 30 min to run.  I had zero calories and zero fluids.  Ok I drank out of the faucet in the bathroom.  But I figured come on, suck it up, run slowly especially since my legs felt like lead.  I was passed the waves of feeling dizzy and was cruising along imagining my body dipping into fat stores for fuel, I look up and see a lady walking a really cute dog and whamo....I am face down on the concrete. Stunned, bleeding and ouch.  She is on her phone, steps around me and nods.... really?  Maybe she thought I was napping.  I pull myself up and asses for real pain vs the blood. Left shoulder and right knee - ouch.  The others are just superficial.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.....

All in all okay- bruised shoulder and right knee cap bruised so hurts to bend it.  Argh!
Living the dream.... riding and running
with my man! 

Perfect since all we had Saturday was the Pine Valley Duathalon...which was 24 mile bike (up kitchen creek ) and then a 4 mile uphill and hot trail run.  Basically it sucked....I went out hard and within minutes my legs were screaming.... I get the no crossfit and long rides.  But this was not a long ride, but a hard one. I got uncomfortable and tried to stay in that zone.  No zone 1. 2. 3 .....just uncomfortable- whatever that ended up being.   I had no idea how far the transition was from Kitchen Creek but it was much further than I thought (even though TCSD did a nice job of mapping it all out which I so rudely ignored) We had another few miles up to the summit and then down 5 miles- what???? I rode right by the turn off and then though hmmmm- orange cones and a lot of bikes- I bet that is the turn off.  Back I went and time to run.  1- trail run (not so sure about that with my hamstring) 2- knee-ouch, ouch, ouch 3- did I mention my legs were toast, on fire and screaming.  So I "raced" ...after digging deep last weekend and M/W/F for 10 min of CF  I was not going I kept the run pedestrian and was soooooo careful running like a Granny on the downhills.

It was "fun"..... awesome to be out there with friends and John!!

Sunday was hot yoga and a swim....both which helped me woulds and soreness tremendously.  I almost feel normal again!  Busy day of swim sessions.... 4 today! Earned enough to pay for that awesome yoga outfit I have been wanting I bought last week. 

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