Friday, April 19, 2013

What is an Omegawave?

I registered for the ITU Triathlon in San Diego and most tri's these days have a major sponsor....this years sponsor is Omegawave.  When I saw the announcement I thought what is Omegawave?  A really big wave?  How does a big wave sponsor a triathlon ...most of us, well the non swimmers, hope for no waves when it comes to triathlon.  But here is an Omegawave...ok not really.

Luckily all I had to do was click on the logo and I was directed to the website.  So I read " Don't over train. Rest if you have to. Train with the Omegawave system. Know your readiness and optimize your training.Ok fair enough but really what is this..... upon further reading... By identifying an athlete´s physiological limiting factors, and providing guidelines to eliminate them, Omegawave helps in improving performance, preventing over training, decreasing injuries and improving physical condition and overall health. The non-invasive Omegawave method gives in two minutes data on cardiac, metabolic and central nervous systems, while the athlete is resting. The Omegawave configurations are based on both sports and space scientific research and applications. Still slightly confused but at least this makes more sense than some of the other sponsors of races....

Fast forward a few weeks and I am contacted by omegawave as they are looking for "active bloggers" better stay active  who are racing ITU to demo the product. 

IN!  So the unit arrives and it is basically a HR monitor strap with a charger.  Charge it up  (overnight) which drives people like me crazy as I want to do it now, right now.   Load the app on your phone, enable bluetooth and register - all done easily and without any issue.  AM is strap if on and take measurement...2 minutes and is is reading my cardiac, metabolic and central nervous systems - or so it says.  Sort of seems like my HR but I am going with this.  I am excited to see what it says.... and how metabolically efficient, tired and ready to go I am and I am "insufficient"  Really, how can 2 minutes of a HR monitor detect my entire physiological state..oh wait with further reading I have insufficient data.  As in not enough to make a recommendation.  

Ok....more waiting.  Will record Fri and Sat AM and then see what happens Sunday post race.  All humor aside if you found any  clearly we need to record data for some time to determine stress, fatigue and adaptation reserves.  I say it gives me a great excuse to hit it hard next week and see how my body responds. 

Also since they are a Finnish company you have to know your weight in kg and your height in cm.  I am a master a metric conversion so no worries and thankful i have google conversion on my toolbar. 

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