Monday, April 8, 2013

Working family time in

Life has been nuts...but I am rolling with it and learning to let go of some things and focus on what I need to and sometimes what I want to.  I have to not react, not reply and sometimes just say no and that helps me keep my sanity. My blog used to look a lot better with lots of great pictures...and I would not write unless it was clever and I am writing when I can.
I love my teacher friends....excuse to ride bikes
mid week while they are on spring break! 

On my way to Minneapolis for some work I left a day early and spent the afternoon with JD and the evening and day with my sis and family.   It was perfect- sometimes the 24 hour visits are the $. I managed to have lunch with JD, take him to Costco to stock him up on food for the final 5 weeks (btw he is too thin), have a great dinner at home in Boulder, sleep in (huge bonus), powered through some work, caught a Core Power Yoga Class, birthday lunch with sis and bro-in-law, final reports done, 2 calls done, 90 minutes of  ideal chatting with my nieces. 15 minute birthday party for John with Rhubarb pie and off to the airport.... whamo! perfect
Nytro girls/women! 

I have to say I am not loving but starting to like hot yoga.   I committed 2x a week..with travel that is hard but I will get another one in on the weekend. Saturday was training plan so I am training as I feel like it and what seems like fun!! Great ride with part of the Nytro women's team... cruisy, socila and fun and the last hour home- I hit it hard and it felt good to red line a bit, see HR of 180+ and really hurt!  Followed the bike ride with a hike up Black Mtn with Riley and life is good!  

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