Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CrossFit (still in training)

After day 1 of Ramp UP I was sore...I mean really sore- but managed a run and a ride the next day.   Today was day 2 and I was prepared for more of the same but nope...(key of CF) always changing it up.  We learned how to do a proper dead lift and jump rope.  We practiced the dead lift with a pvc pipe- weighing nothing- not a big deal right....well 60+ times later oh yes it is a big deal.  Muscle memory- I am amazed at the attention and time paid to proper form so prevent injury.   We did it over and over and Chung would modify, adjust and encourage us.  Then came the jump rope.  Who knew how wrong I was doing it and hard hard it is to only move your wrists and how long 3 minutes can me when jump roping. 

After all this we did our AMRAP:  As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible – typically in a specified time frame and they consisted of 15 dead lifts, lunges from one side of the room to the other. 20 mountain climbers, lunges back and repeat.... okay so my arse is already worried about how it will feel tomorrow.

I am so worried about how sore I will be so my new MO is to cram all other workouts for the day in immediately after CF (before I get sore)  I went from CF for a run and was feeling pretty good for 20 min and the my calves were seizing up - jump roping, on your toes- that will do it.  From there I rushed to CorePower and as the time went by the muscle soreness was creeping in. But I am hoping the yoga (although the extended holds were challenging) will help loosen and stretch me out.  The power core moves in the middle of the class nearly put me over but my core was not sore today from CF so I went for it.  

Other acronyms I learned today
DU’s:  Double Unders – two turns of the jump rope per jump (see video) - nearly impossible (just sayin) 
WOD:  Workout of the Day
CU:  Chin Up – Bar is held with palms facing you (supinated grip)
Stabilize the midline:  Controlling the muscles around the spine to make it stable and strong during an exercise

Mixing it up....yes I am!!!  tomorrow....old school swim and bike ride. 

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