Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where did the week go....

Thursday already!

Monday- day off. Needed and relished in it. I was sooo tired, legs tired, arms tired, me tired.

Good sleep Monday night- despite the miserable heat. Have I commented how much I despise this weather- hate it, hate it. My mother told me not to use that word, but I do hate it and it has been over a week. When do we get cooler temperatures...... Soon, please.

I have tried to be positive, good heat training, good for Kona....blah, blah, blah. I am hot and cranky most of the time. Today, I hung out in Vons for 45 minutes, not because I was grocery shopping, but because I was relishing the air conditioning. Funny, strolling up and down the aisles without a cart- just looking.

Tuesday I had a good swim and then off to the Dermatologist. She walks in and sighs...."does not look good, look at the tan lines.. what have you been doing??" Um, Ironman. I pull out my various sunscreens and she approves of 2 of the 3! Yeah but then says needs to be applied hourly and then let it settle in. Right when it is 100 degrees, I am dripping sweat and on the road. I am proud that I reapply, salt, dirt and all- it is kind of like an au nataural exfoliation. She says "cant you train before the sun comes up and after the sun goes down..." Right, so then I explain what Ironman is and her eyes get big and she leans in close... "really? Where is your race, will you be in the sun??" I I tell her "no, racing in Antarctica, no worries. " No, I sheepishly say Kona.....she asks if there will be breaks that I can reapply sunscreen. I look at her....lady, I don't even stop to go to the bathroom. Instead I politely say, um no. She suggest I do my best and she gets down to work with the liquid nitrogen. She says my face looks good! I will continue to lather up and try to lather more. Bought some arm "coolers" will see how cool they are tomorrow in the 100+ degrees for my 51/2 hour ride. Ugh.... I ask you, where is fall, where are the clouds???

Wed was a good run and a short recovery and preparing for next few days. Good masters swim this AM- but ugh, my swim is not where it needs to be. Still my times are slow.....hoping 5.5 weeks is enough time. Yikes, 5.5 weeks!!!! Really, yes really. Great coastal ride today- hot yes, but good company with JN! Lots of chatting and catching up to do and the time just flies by, gotta love that.

And here we are on the eve of my oldest birthday- JD will be 15 tomorrow....that sounds so old! I remember 15 years ago, it was hot, bloody hot like this and I was feeling like a beached whale and was not happy. We lived in a loft downtown and our neighbors had a raging party and I was laying there in the heat, miserable, willing myself to sleep. Our place was shaking it was so loud. I thought I had indigestion for a while and then it occurred to me.....duh, pregnant, due date is soon, I think I am in labor. Hard to believe......Wow. Great kid. So far so good. Hope we make it through the next few years as painlessly as we have these past few. Love ya NOS! (number one son)

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