Tuesday, September 29, 2009


idropboys.com shirts are here!!!! Picked them up on Friday and I love them. Logo is great and the shirt is comfortable, high quality. So excited. Trying to get my website set up to sell them but am really thinking this first batch will go to friend etc, sell them out of my car, the way people used to start businesses.

Now the whole idea of where to I store them...organize, shipping. Well thankfully I did major office overhaul and can make room for a lot of them. I am just going to have to be flexible and wing it and grow the space as I grow the business.

UCSD Pool is closed indefinitely and that is really disappointing. I like UCSD, Coach Sickie, my 7:30 workout ......So I am still roaming around for workouts. Swam at Scripps yesterday- 6:30 is just early, I know stop whining, some swim at 5:30 and then go to real work. Had a great workout, pushed it hard, and the pool was warm. Too warm. But instead of getting cranky I kept thinking, good Kona training. The ocean is warm, this is heat acclimation. Hopped on my bike for a nice spin and called it a day!

So hard to stay focused on work these days...my mind is drifting to Kona. But ah, I have a lot to get done and need to stay on track.

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