Monday, May 14, 2012

An expensive day......time and money

Major tune up on the Audi....they cover everything to 50,000 miles for reason...cause after that you may as well buy a new car - Free loaner car was great until I locked the keys in in in my garage and had to call AAA

Mako- torn tongue ....2 trips to the vet - $650 later...he is one sad puppy with sutures in his tongue

Poor Riley 7+ days of rash that is getting worse....pulled out of school and off to the Derm- Steroids for the poor girl and hoping she gets some relief. Recommended topical relief $49- ouch

So at 4:00.....I manged to see 3 Dr's, 1 Vet, 1 Car Mechanic, 1 AAA guy and get about 10% of the work done I need to....

Luckily today was a swim only day- got that baby done at 6:30 and nearly died....only 2 of us in the lane and well somehow in the middle of the main set the interval began to drop and I was also getting dropped.... I picked up the pace and hung on for a while, my 75's becoming 150's and then just swimming to stay alive.   Not really sure what the set was or the interval but I was very tired after that workout...see at 6:30 swim we have to be out by 7:30 - so we arrive around 6:20 but with 4200 we have to push at the end to get the workout done-

All missions accomplished I think.....

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