Thursday, October 29, 2009

update on the finger....

for all those waiting with bated breath for the update on my tragic finger......up early not to swim/bike or run but to have coffee and go to UCSD. it was short and sweet and the dr. was great....blew up the xray so I could see the fracture right across the top of my finger. even i could see it, nice clean break but nothing really to do. only risk is bumping it and then it could displace and earn me a trip to see him for surgery. no thanks. he asked how tough i was....i pondered and replied i race ironman. he says...we are done. i get it now. if i were to put any splint, cast or brace my guess is you would remove it as soon as you got to the parking lot. i smiled, good guess. so he says do what you will, be careful and if it hurts, don't do it. love this dr.

so i drove to the pool, hopped in and started swimming. guess what, it hurt. darn it. hopped out and taped my fingers together and put on my hand paddles and no pain. hooray. i can swim! and bike and run. good deal for me. so the issue was after 2000 yards i am bored. i need a coach on the deck and people in my lane to keep me swimming. but since ucsd is up and running, i am going back to swim with coach sickie tomorrow am.

week is almost over....and this weekend is halloween. ususally not a big halloween fan but a freind is having a party so i am working on a costume...going to have a bit if fun. nothing outrageous but, well, you'll see.

really wanted to ride great western loop tomorrow but coach strongly recommended not to....gave me a lot of good back up reasons and then carefully and respectfully tells me that it is my choice. hate that, but well, good technique. because in 2 weeks at IM St George camp if i am sucking wind.....well then i will know why. okay, okay, i get why he may be the coach and why i am the rookie triathlete.

still using mostly small letters....the shift key is too painful and dr says no pain :)

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