Monday, October 5, 2009

Shopping in Kona...

So I made it!!! Up at 3:30 this morning to run with the dogs, last minute packing and out the door at 4:30. At the airport 5am for a 6:20 flight, lines are not too long and I am feeling good. Until I am informed my flight is cancelled due to a mechanical....OS! They put me on the next flight to SFO which gave me a 30 minute connection to my Kona flight. We arrived early into SFO and no issue making the connection. Flight was not full to Kona - very nice to have an open seat next to me.

Settled in read the paper, TIME, my book and then whamo fell dead asleep for over 2 hours. Which I never do on a flight- gee maybe I need to wake up at 3:30 more often.

Arrived at 11:30 (HI time) and my bags did make it but they were the last off as was my bike. Thanks to V and J who helped me with my gear. Did not think about hauling my bike onto the rental shuttle. All set up in my Orange Rubicon- such a fun car and this is the 4 door and with the seats down the bike box slid right in, no problem. Big cargo room in the back.

Got to my room- beautiful spot and it is no nice to see the ocean and I really wanted to take a swim but had to get to work on my bike. Opened the case to see that the airlines had pawed through it, lifted out parts of the bike and subsequently snapped a brake cable. All my confidence in putting my bike back together was shot and I started to panic. I talked myself down, it is only Monday and there are many bike shops. Made some calls and found a shop and off we went. They are busy, gee what a surprise, but are working on it now and just called to say I can pick it up in the AM. I will feel much better once I can ride it and know all is good.

Driving from the airport along the Queen K there are lots of people riding and running. Not the most scenic spot- along the highway, but well that is were IM takes place. Drove by the infamous Energy Lab, which I will come up around mile 18 on the run and hope it still has some Energy for me.

Decided to do some food shopping and get off my feet. I drove into town to check out the scene...and a scene it is. 99% of the people crusing around are so lean and strong it is intimidating to drive down the street. Shopping in Vons was like a contest for bulging veins. They all look so fast. It was too funny the person in the front of the line (athlete) with bottles of water, Gatorade, veggies, lean meat and wheat pretzels, behind him some locals with 2 cases of beer, mound of steaks, potato salad, chips and monster brownies...the locals must hate this week. All these obsessive athletes running around.

Staying in a hotel room poses it challenges, small refrigerator. But was able to get some nice grilled chicken, organic lettuce and some veggies for a nice salad. Hot French bread and some animal cookies too. Very proud of my nice meal until I just realized I don't have a fork or any ting to eat this off of. Hmmm, I am going to have to go snooping around the restaurant. Think anyone will notice me borrowing a plate and fork? Will see how stealth I can be.

Early dinner and then hopefully get to sleep. I am feeling worn out and my head is feeling stuffy- please. please let it be travel fatigue, weather change and tomorrow I will wake up ready to roll! So it is just about 6 and the sun is setting...gee wish I was on the beach with a Mai Tai,. Sunday, that will be me on Sunday!!!

Darn it...just realized I forgot my toothbrush. I have been shopping twice today and NOW I figure that out.

PS just called the operator and they are sending up a toothbrush, plate and fork! Nice of them.

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