Thursday, October 8, 2009

Underpants Run, snokeling, race prep....

Another awesome day! The Underpants run was classic...all kind and it was a riot. Huddle and Roch led the run and it was so fun. There is so much tension this week and everyone is nervous and checking each other out, pros and age groupers alike, but this morning everyone was able to blow off steam and have a belly aching laugh and have a good time.

Darc, E, P and I met for coffee at Lava Java - the place to be in Kona. I was bouncing off the walls, coffee, pre race excitement, pent up energy from the taper. We are chilling and here comes Darc on her bike - people are cheering and taking pictures.

We headed to the pier, E and I are still dressed, but we finally take of the shorts and t's and headed to the run. It was a riot, clapping, cheering- all too much fun.

We are laughing the entire way and hamming it up. Hey why not- We jump on the wall to P can take a picture and literally people are lining up to take pics.

We ran about a mile in a massive pack. Babbit and his buddy are Elvi with music blasting. Good times indeed.

I soon left the Alii Drive mayhem and needed some down time- lights out chilled and relaxed for a while. Refreshed with energy to burn I got my work done for the day and headed down to the Bay and rented a snorkel and had a marvelous float/swim and saw 2 turtles, coral and some beautiful fish. It was just what I needed.

Worked my way to the chaos to have Steve give my bike a once over, good to go. Suggested I clear the chain, lube and get her ready to rock. Good project for the afternoon. Finished off the day down by the Pier, it is being transformed for race day. Grandstands are going up, transition is being set up. It is happening baby! KP met me down there and we walked through the entire race, drove some of the parts and it was a big reassurance.

Laying low tonight and hoping to get to sleep early. Tonight is the key night for sleeping- maximum sleep tonight for good race. Since CdA went so well I am trying to follow the same pre race agenda. That means steak for dinnner....ugh not really what sounds good. Last steak I had was 48 hours before CdA so I'll do it again. Sorry, mr cow, my muscles may need it on Saturday.

Cheers!! Aloha!! Maholo... and all the good island vibes.

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