Tuesday, October 6, 2009

End of a good day....

Cruised down to Cycle Station and my Kestrel was good to go. Brought my shoes and helmet and jumped on the Queen K for a very hot and windy ride. Head wind, cross wind and tail wind. 30 minutes of hanging on. Could be an interesting day.

Came back to the room and finished some work and took a nap. Really hoping to kick this cold sooner than later. Woke up feeling good and headed to Alii Drive to the Ironman Village. Found the Erin Baker booth, met Bryan finally and got the rest of my gear. Very, very cool swim suit which I'll be sporting tomorrow AM and my race shorts. Yes!!! All geared up and of course a stock of my favorite EB Breakfast cookies. From there I went to Kestrel and met Steven, another finally! Huge thank you to him and he saw my bike at Cycle Station. Gave him the long story and he told me I should have called him and he would have fixed it, tuned it, made it right. Well, I'll know for next time. Our GU contact came by and hooked me up with a cool shirt. Gotta love Kona.

Delicious dinner, rest and actually clicked on the TV! When you don't own one at home it can be kind of fun to check out the tube. Actually settled on Law and Order, surely they are re-runs but I love that show.

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