Tuesday, November 3, 2009

where to begin....

has been some time since I wrote....

Friday....hmmmm. well planned to catch up with some good friends that we have not seen in ages. cleaned the house, prepped dinner and JD comes home, not feeling well. sure enough 101 fever, headache, sore throat. there goes dinner, cannot really have guests over. come for dinner and the flu. so we had a quite night of movies and popcorn, well JB and I had popcorn and JD had tea and ibuprofen.

Up sat for a run with JC, headed out with zen and rocky in the dark for a quick run only to soon discover rocky was not with us. not sure where he could be, zen and i did the usual loop in case rocky went that way, doubled back and called and called only to come home and find him upstairs in bed. seems he got lost and decided screw this and went back to bed. JC and i headed off for an hour run and 18 minutes in a man hole cover jumped up and tripped me.... well maybe not so much, but i tripped hard over the cover and rolled my ankle like I have never done. rolled is all the way over and skidded on the pavement. earlier in the week i was telling JC about my random falls and sure enough he see's it first hand. Ouch it was painful and immediatly my ankle blew up to the size of a fist. i was stunned and in pain. jc went to get his car and while he was gone it loosened up and began to feel okay. by the time he returned it was huge but felt okay so I say, lets keep running. luckily we run towards my house and within a mile it was stiffenign adn painful. I bailed out and sought out some ice. geez what a total loser, broken finger and massive ankle.

as the day went on the ankle grew but there was nothing that led me to believe there was major damage, i could walk and it was manageable. i got brace and it felt pretty good. but see 2 ankles on the same leg is, well not right.

all braced up it was time for Halloween.....we actually had a party to go to. JB and I got dressed and headed out. RM was out trickortreating and poor JD was home sick. It was a good time and we stayed at the party for a short time. we had riding plans in the AM and well a few beers was enough and I like my sleep too much :) Thanks LA for a fun time and by the looks of the pictures, the party livened up much later, when I was happily snoozing.

Had a great ride with JN on sunday....we did the GWL+ descanso and then said farewell to the rock star JN and she did another GWL. she is tough as nails and in darn good shape. girl is going nail IM AZ I can feel it. She is strong and after all the east county riding that course will be a piece of cake. I am so excited for her and cannot wait to watch along.....

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