Thursday, November 26, 2009


What a fantastic day.....started with a beautiful run with Zen and a brief run with Rocky. Loaded up and out to El Cajon for our favorite ride GWL. Multiple rides going on today.....Tri Club. Cyclo Vets and lots of traffic so JB and I rolled on our own. We started off counterclockwise and then changed our minds and decided to see if we could catch the group. We rode pretty hard and then settled in. It was a sensational day....clear and warming up and a slight wind. The group had spread out so it was great fun picking off people up the climb. At the beekeepers I decided to keep going to Descanso and the wind picked up, big time, we are talking Kona like headwind. Thank goodness for the tunes and I powered along alone- after not training much it was really nice. The wind got worse the climb steeper and I was dreaming of a my Sbux Double Shot at the Descanso Market- about 2 miles from Descanso as the wind picked up, which seemed impossible, I began to panic....what if they were closed for Thanksgiving. Luckily for me they were not.... coffee in, more water and a tail wind!! Awesome ride back, more coffee at Starbucks and we rolled home.

We had 3 hours to get the turkey cooking, make the stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry and sweet potatoes. Oh and clean the house and set the table. More coffee and I was ready to roll. John and I did it together.

Here are the girls from dinner....Lori had to go (umm had a date) so here we are. John had dinner with a harem.

Great dinner....turkey was a bit overcooked- first time bbqing a bird and it got done much faster than expected. The sweet potatoes were my favorite and T brought a sweet potato, curry and kale salad that was delish. Desert was mmmm with a Pecan creation by C and how can I forget the fresh bread by L. Everyone helped and it was great- nice long walk with the pups as John slept after dinner.

Missed the kids but nice they could be with their Dad and his family.....each sent me a nice Turkey Text and was able to chat with Dad and a quick call to Mom for a "what do I do with the flappy skin where the turkey head use to be" question and missed my Sis and Bro. With Bro and family in India did not expect to connect and surely sis was as busy as us...all in good thoughts.

So much to be thankful for.....but the top of my list has to be family, wonderful kids, husband and my parents and siblings. Beyond that am blessed with great sis and bro in law and step parents. Being surrounded by my family is one my favorite things. Having a healthy body is another gift I appreciate, one that will take me through this journey of life and tolerate all the suffering of Ironman. And of course my friends...from long ago and now. The ones I talk with daily and the ones intermittently but keep close in my thoughts and memories.

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